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Kamikaze's Warlock Affliction/Demonology Fight Class 1-60 1.2.1

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About This File

This is a work in progress but I am happy enough to share this version for free whilst i try and delve into learning C# coding and improve on this.

There is an issue with it only Summoning Imp and not Voidwalker so once you get Voidwalker, go into the fight class settings and disable Summon Imp, just make sure you change Drain Soul to get a few more shards in case you get caught in a chain death.

You will need to manually put skills onto Action Bars for now.

This Fight Class now works from level 1 and uses Summon Imp, it shadow bolts until you reach level 5 at which point get an enchanter to make you a Lesser Magic Wand as this will increase your DPS and save Mana!      



  • Demon Skin/Demon Armor.
  • Rotate's Immolate (Will only cast immolate once per target) > Corruption > Curse of Agony > Siphon Life (once learned) > Followed by Wanding until mob dies. (MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A WAND FROM LEVEL 5 ONWARD)
  • Amplify Curse / Shadow Trance work if you spec them.                                                                                                                                                                                                      
  • Uses Life Tap, Drain Soul (4 Shards default), Drain Life, Health Funnel and Death Coil at certain Health/Mana percentages. Dark Pact also there if you spec it.
  • Unending Breath if swimming.
  • Void Walker will auto attack when you target (Make sure you right click Torment, Consume Shadows and Suffering so it uses them automatically)  DO NOT RIGHT CLICK SACRIFICE THOUGH!!!    



  • Void Walker will Sacrifice itself when You or Void Walker are low health.
  • Health Stones/Soul Stones and Soul Stone Resurrection are working in a separate plugin, put UltimateWarlock.cs in the Plugins folder on wRobot and enable it.
  • Will Fear target when player on less than 50% Health
  • If multiple targets it will fear the second target. This is buggy at the moment but sometimes it switch back to kill the target on you, other times it kills the feared target. (Work In Progress)


         Pictures Attached to show Spec I use and also to help with a few other things!                 


Once you do the Fel Hunter Quest to get Box of Souls (Unless you buy one off the Auction House sooner) You can set up this handy macro which you will find at the bottom of the explanation.


As you can see I have it press the = key every 10 seconds which is the key I have my macro bound to, the macro will delete the Soul Shard in the bottom right hand corner of the bag.



For the Box of Souls I edit the Drain Soul item count to 15, for some reason it always creates one more than the number shown so if i set it at 15 it will make 16 shards, but the macro will delete number 16 so it will Drain Soul on every mob which gets you the Mana Regeneration Buff which will keep you going with a lot less down time. Edit the Drain Soul, Item Count Number according to your Soul Bag. Edit the Rank of Drain Soul in the Macro according to your skills Rank.


Bags Used in Macro:

Core Felcloth Bag, Felcloth Bag, Soul Pouch, Box of Souls or Small Soul Pouch

The Macro:

/cast Drain Soul(Rank 4)
/run local a=GetBagName(4); if a=="Core Felcloth Bag" or a=="Felcloth Bag" or a=="Soul Pouch" or a=="Box of Souls" or a=="Small Soul Pouch" then PickupContainerItem(4,GetContainerNumSlots(4)) DeleteCursorItem() else end


What's New in Version 1.2.1   See changelog


Updated Main Page Information for the class - 26/07/18

Newest Version uploaded - 26/07/18    18:14 GMT

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Works pretty good. Thanks

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ty so much 🤗

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