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  1. robotManager.Helpful.Keyboard.PressKey(wManager.Wow.Memory.WowMemory.Memory.WindowHandle, System.Windows.Forms.Keys.D1)
  2. Hey guys, Just wanted to make a post to show my gratitude for the community and for the patience around my content. I had a business trip come up followed by an immediate family emergency that ended up lasting longer than expected across the country and the laptop I took to work on fried on me with my content. I apologize for the delay, and for any disappointment in the current state of my work. I will have some updates out shortly for the old items to fix bugs and optimize, along with new content that I am very excited to work on and share. Love you all ❤️ -Enraged
  3. Yeah, it appears that way. Will attempt to update tonight.
  4. To add to this, I haven't even been a member of Wrobot for 2 months at this point, and have been developing content for it for even less than that. I think you have the wrong guy. Maybe you purchased Matenia's class?
  5. Yeah, this is just wrobot thinking you are "Stuck" because you were casting while it was trying to move, meaning it wasn't allowed to move. So when the cast stops it tries to avoid the object you are stuck on (nothing). Haven't updated this in awhile to try to make a workaround. Will get to it one of these days, have a lot of other projects going on.
  6. That is less to do with the fight class, and more to do with wrobot/ plugins/ profiles. Wrobot will walk through an entire group of mobs to get to a particular mob if the profile says that's the one it needs. Fightclass kicks in when wrobot starts the pull by targeting something, or gets attacked.
  7. @kyle908 I have attached a alpha test version of my plugin for you to try. Just place in your plugins folder, load wrobot, and select Plugins > Settings for selected plugin. This plugin does not need to be set to "ON", it also does not need to remain open after you configure what you want. Of course, you can leave it open if you like the monitoring / quick configuration of profile/fightclass. (Resize bottom right) You can go ahead and adjust the section "Flying Mount Above Ground Height" section and let me know if that works for you. This thing is a new and untested version that is still in alpha stages, so other features may not fully function, but it should resolve your issue. -Enraged **This file has been encrypted to only work for kyle908 OmniBot.dll
  8. You are looking for public float FlyAboveGroundHeight { get; set; } This option will be included in my next plugin update, should be out very soon.
  9. Look at your logs next time it happens, It is a feature of the anti-stuck, and its something that generally happens when a plugin/fightclass conflict with the natural movement of the bot. As well as if you are actually stuck on an object of course.
  10. Yeah, that is due to wrobot starting the next task while fightclass is still trying to do its thing. I didn't want to put a manual timer in to prevent it, but I have some other solutions. I haven't updated this in a bit, but I will resolve next update.
  11. Enraged

    Need some Info interested to buy

    It honestly depends if he plans on running retail or not. If you are looking private server id say go ahead.
  12. Cheers, Can anyone tell me if they know of a way to get the following methods to work? wManager.Plugin.PluginsManager.LoadAllPlugins(); wManager.Plugin.PluginsManager.DisposeAllPlugins(); Or of a way to individually activate plugins? I suppose create a iPlugin/iProduct? Thanks, Enraged
  13. Enraged

    Change free bag spac in a profile Problem.

    Did that work for you?
  14. Enraged

    Change free bag spac in a profile Problem.

    Looking for wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.MinFreeBagSlotsToGoToTown = 46; or if trying to compare for a return value wManager.Wow.Helpers.Bag.GetContainerNumFreeSlots ?
  15. Enraged

    Quester settings saving

    I've tried everything I could think of. The only time the settings remain correct is when you save changes, then immediately shut down wrobot. When it starts up again it reads from XML, which has the correct settings.