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  1. buy from camelot10 few profiles, plugin, and i use some of his free fightclasses. All works perfect. All shit was done superfast. A+++ You can trust him
  2. Problem with fly mount gather farming and this plugin. Tested without plugin no issues. On ground farming no issues too. Only with fly. Is there a chance to fix it?
  3. Another problem with relogger. Its try to change server (server name in settings entered correctly) and stuck at server list. Ru client wow. 16 окт 2017 05H52 - RVMQ.log.html UPD This happens only with servers that have a few words in the title.
  4. Это случается только с летающими профилями, рандомно бывает 5 часов всё норм, бывает сразу улетает, профиль делал сам, он просто летит в сторону, в рандомную, пока не остановишь вручную, может долбиться в препятствия, может улететь в море и умереть от усталости. Пробовал без аддонов, не помогает. На карте (или радаре) ничего не отображает, в логе тоже ничего нет. Плагины у меня на проковых мобов и ранк 3 руду, попробую потестить без них.
  5. Hello. Sometimes bot flies far away and stuck or die outside the continent in the ocean. It happens randomly. And if i manually stop character bot will continue to fly along the route. It happens with all my bots. This is not very safe to bot like this. Today i got reported because of this shit. I can try send video in PM if you a staff member. 12 окт 2017 10H06.log.html
  6. Try with this plugin (changed mobs) and addon Quest-o-matic, bot try to attack proc mob but dont take quest, how to force it to take quests?
  7. Wrobot 1.7.2 (2526) for wow ~23911 works with new wow path ~23937. We dont need an update?
  8. Plugin works super good with mob wich you need to attack, but you need to add http://www.wowhead.com/npc=98233/withered-hungerer for Suramar proc. If you farm Foxflower and you have a few enemies near spot bot try to attack fox and after few fail attack bot switch to another target. But if you dont have enemies and agro bot try to attack only fox and follow gather :) For fox need anorher good solution (follow the fox before it disappears for example) i am sorry for my bad english
  9. Hello, i use sky golem with ignore fighting during farm, and my bot ignore proc mobs from herb (Withered Hungerer and another) How can i force my bot to attack them? i use ru client wow (If it means something) Thx. Edit: Looks like works fine with GatheringMobSpawns.cs plugin. How to do plugin to follow frenzied-fox? :)
  10. Hello! Every time I run the bot, it change fps limit to 50, how can i lock fps to 20? thx
  11. Sorry for second topic. But i cant answer in firs topic. UPD: Oh sorry. My bad. I found a solution in "Enter advanced settings" pls dellete my post :)
  12. How to not use mount sea turtle? In Suraman bot often running around the earth on sea turtle. Sorry for my english. I use Google translator. I dont know how to answer (no button) so i edit first post. And forum lagg hard... In General settings i pointed Cindermane Charger. On earth bot use this mount, but then toon in water bot use sea tuttle and when bot run out of the water it sometimes immediately uses Cindermane Charger but more often continues to run on Sea turttle. It so slow and people report me becouse not one person will not be sane to use sea turtle on the earth.
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