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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Greetings, This was originally created as a paid profile, but due to work and life I was never able to perfect it and clean up the various issues it had. I am posting this as I saw the Project Wholesome thing, and I wanted to at least contribute since I have been away for quite some time. This is certainly not as high quality as other PAID options out there, and I fully recommend purchasing those options for a complete and viable solution. I would recommend starting from Durotar with this profile. I have not touched the files in a year, nor have I had a chance to see if they are still able to run. They were originally using auto-updater along with encryption, so there could be an issue with it trying to pull a version that may not exist. If there is an issue you can remove the updater line at the beginning of the file. Please let me know if there are problems and I will get it back in a running state. -Enraged
  2. robotManager.Helpful.Keyboard.PressKey(wManager.Wow.Memory.WowMemory.Memory.WindowHandle, System.Windows.Forms.Keys.D1)
  3. Hey guys, Just wanted to make a post to show my gratitude for the community and for the patience around my content. I had a business trip come up followed by an immediate family emergency that ended up lasting longer than expected across the country and the laptop I took to work on fried on me with my content. I apologize for the delay, and for any disappointment in the current state of my work. I will have some updates out shortly for the old items to fix bugs and optimize, along with new content that I am very excited to work on and share. Love you all ❤️ -Enraged
  4. Yeah, it appears that way. Will attempt to update tonight.
  5. To add to this, I haven't even been a member of Wrobot for 2 months at this point, and have been developing content for it for even less than that. I think you have the wrong guy. Maybe you purchased Matenia's class?
  6. Yeah, this is just wrobot thinking you are "Stuck" because you were casting while it was trying to move, meaning it wasn't allowed to move. So when the cast stops it tries to avoid the object you are stuck on (nothing). Haven't updated this in awhile to try to make a workaround. Will get to it one of these days, have a lot of other projects going on.
  7. That is less to do with the fight class, and more to do with wrobot/ plugins/ profiles. Wrobot will walk through an entire group of mobs to get to a particular mob if the profile says that's the one it needs. Fightclass kicks in when wrobot starts the pull by targeting something, or gets attacked.
  8. @kyle908 I have attached a alpha test version of my plugin for you to try. Just place in your plugins folder, load wrobot, and select Plugins > Settings for selected plugin. This plugin does not need to be set to "ON", it also does not need to remain open after you configure what you want. Of course, you can leave it open if you like the monitoring / quick configuration of profile/fightclass. (Resize bottom right) You can go ahead and adjust the section "Flying Mount Above Ground Height" section and let me know if that works for you. This thing is a new and untested version that is still in alpha stages, so other features may not fully function, but it should resolve your issue. -Enraged **This file has been encrypted to only work for kyle908 OmniBot.dll
  9. You are looking for public float FlyAboveGroundHeight { get; set; } This option will be included in my next plugin update, should be out very soon.
  10. Look at your logs next time it happens, It is a feature of the anti-stuck, and its something that generally happens when a plugin/fightclass conflict with the natural movement of the bot. As well as if you are actually stuck on an object of course.
  11. Yeah, that is due to wrobot starting the next task while fightclass is still trying to do its thing. I didn't want to put a manual timer in to prevent it, but I have some other solutions. I haven't updated this in a bit, but I will resolve next update.
  12. It honestly depends if he plans on running retail or not. If you are looking private server id say go ahead.
  13. Cheers, Can anyone tell me if they know of a way to get the following methods to work? wManager.Plugin.PluginsManager.LoadAllPlugins(); wManager.Plugin.PluginsManager.DisposeAllPlugins(); Or of a way to individually activate plugins? I suppose create a iPlugin/iProduct? Thanks, Enraged
  14. I've tried everything I could think of. The only time the settings remain correct is when you save changes, then immediately shut down wrobot. When it starts up again it reads from XML, which has the correct settings.
  15. Fix should be uploaded shortly, sorry about that.
  16. Version 0.5.5


    Hello all! ============================= New Information 4/9/2018 ------------------------------------------ The plugin has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. I am not including an updated version of the plugin directly on the site at this time. Reason - There are some new features in the current Settings section that may cause unexpected results to users changing without knowledge of what they do. I will continue to update the changelog here when I can, but I will be logging changes in more detail directly in my discord channel. If you are interested in testing the current updated Alpha version please refer to the link below, and send me a private message, I will get to you ASAP. Discord Channel ============================= Resize Ability New Settings section I am uploading a plugin with hopes that some people can try it out and tell me what they think, as well as test for errors/bugs. This plugin was and is being designed for Arcangelo's quester profiles (IN VANILLA), but will also work outside of vanilla. This is a very early version of the plugin, with less than a weeks worth of work put into it, so please be reasonable :D Currently this will close(the window, not your bot) after 2 hours of use for testing purposes. Current features of this product: Introduce a new more user friendly UI for navigation Allow you to gather more information with a glimpse at current status of running bot Color changes on certain events (Low HP, Close to Level, Death) Shrink window so minimum room is taken up to monitor Load profiles directly from plugin (Select step/quest is currently disabled) Start/Stop bot Track/Reset Statistics Quickly set up General settings from a preloaded list This product is going to be continuously developed until it meets all of the following: Remote API for control from Web/Mobile platforms Expand to beyond Vanilla Addition color changes such as (Whisper, Teleport, Low xp/hr) Monitor/control multiple bots in one interface Able to search and select quests from all profiles in your (Quester) directory Track completed quests and organize "steps" Manage plugins Allow users to quickly preload and edit lists of settings, or even download other users recommended settings More tools such as (Travel to town, Travel to Bank, Travel to Trainer, Travel to City, Travel to Dungeon) Depending on traction, I may expand beyond Quester profiles Current known issues: Color format upon death is incorrect Pause bot not functioning correctly Fightclass/Plugins/Tools disabled Allow profile to save General Settings && Skip Pickup quest timer not saving settings in certain scenarios Logging is limited to General at the moment (no debug,etc) Must go to plugins->settings to open Thank you for taking the time to test out this plugin, and I hope to provide you with regular updates -Enraged
  17. Alright @Mike-Mail hit up my inbox if you want to test where it's at right now.
  18. I did not include cone for mana cost reasons, and that I haven't yet implemented Multitarget/AOE handling. I do want to look into utilizing shatter in the future, but at the moment I am working on a few other projects so may be a week or more. I would like to include all abilities eventually with customized choices. Hopefully this also include preset recommended settings for burst or mana efficient rotations. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it!
  19. @Droidz I found the problem of why this wasn't producing a value.. because my plugin has quester in the name obviously, and its the last thing running so "Contains("Quester")" was pointing to my plugin. So I changed it to a.FullName.StartsWith("Quester"); I am getting "OK" output now, and in my plugin I am seeing the current selected profile update to the “test.xml”, and starting the bot does attempt to run that profile. Still, upon navigating to the built in quester, there is no change. ==================================== Okay, so I think I figured out what is causing this... I think you have the Quester/Product settings screen memory in two different places? Or you are overriding elsewhere by mistake? Clearly I am updating the Quester settings, and the XML and questersetting currentsetting is reflecting that change. Yet when any interaction occurs with the quester/product screen, click to or click away, it resets back to previous setting, and save those settings in XML. This is what the test button am clicking in the video is Logging.WriteDebug($"Save Modified?: { Quester.Bot.QuesterSetting.CurrentSetting.SaveModifiedGeneralSettings}"); Logging.WriteDebug($"Skip Pickup Time: { Quester.Bot.QuesterSetting.CurrentSetting.SkipPickUpQuestAfterXSecondes}"); Please take a look at this brief video for an example 2018-03-19 22-30-44.mp4 Thank you for your support, -Enraged
  20. @Grizzler Give it another try for me and see if the problem is fixed :D *Noticed that because its prioritizing Armor / Int buff to start it may wait for regen for the first time loading, Ill change this in next version. ** Also may need to make sure that Food/Water is unchecked for HMP!
  21. Hmm it certainly should be, although I only set the threshold to stay above 1 so it makes it as it needs, which could slow things down. Let me take a look at some settings and adjust or see if I can replicate.
  22. Let me finish this bit of the Quest Skip option handling, rename a few things and clean it up, then I will let ya try it out. Its fully functional right now, but I do not like having to call the bot to start and stop to update the quest list. That, and hopefully with Droidz help I can figure out why my plugin is updating instantly and running with correct settings, but the built in quester is not recognizing the Save. (Maybe I just need to call a load) I will get back to you shortly @Mike-Mail
  23. I am not sure what you mean, this is a plugin I am going to release once I get the final detail finished. Going to release it likely as a standalone, as well as restricted item with Arcangelo's questing profiles.
  24. This isn't much of an issue honestly if it is just a UI not updating, because the settings and profile is changing as expected. My bigger issue is that I am accessing Quest.QuesterCurrentContext.QuestsClasses; to get .Values so I can populate my Quest list to be able to check/uncheck. Although because of this UI not changing, the QuestClasses do not seem to update either until robotManager.Products.Products.ProductRestart(); happens. So for a workaround I am using robotManager.Products.Products.ProductRestart(); robotManager.Products.Products.ProductStop(); To quickly update the list, which I can then use to select Quest Values options... This feels like bad practise, and I think I must be doing something wrong for this to not update until Product Restart. From what I saw in the Quester dll, it seems that the methods that would make this simpler are protected. I used my own file checking as you did to populate the profile list public static string ProfilePathFolder { get { return Application.StartupPath + @"\Profiles\Quester\"; } } public void getProfiles() { FullProfileList.Clear(); foreach (string file in Directory.EnumerateFiles(ProfilePathFolder, "*.xml")) { if (File.Exists(file) && File.ReadAllText(file).Contains("</EasyQuestProfile>")) { FullProfileList.Add(Path.GetFileName(file)); } } } should I just be Deserializing the XML file myself as well to build the Quest.QuesterCurrentContext.QuestsClasses.Values ? Thank you for continued support, - Enraged
  25. So it looks like it is finding the assembly, but it doesn't seem to be getting past the GetType assembly.GetType("Quester.Bot.QuesterSetting") I used to catch assembly.GetType("Quester.Bot.QuesterSetting", true) and get System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type 'Quester.Bot.QuesterSetting' from assembly 'QuesterPlugin, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'. at System.Reflection.RuntimeAssembly.GetType(RuntimeAssembly assembly, String name, Boolean throwOnError, Boolean ignoreCase, ObjectHandleOnStack type) at System.Reflection.RuntimeAssembly.GetType(String name, Boolean throwOnError, Boolean ignoreCase) at System.Reflection.Assembly.GetType(String name, Boolean throwOnError) at QuesterPlugin.UpdateSettings.SaveUpdateSettings() Am I missing something? Thanks again, -Enraged
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