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  1. Version 1.0.5


    Welcome! This is my 60-70 TBC Alliance Quester + Grinder Launch. There are roughly 280 quests in the profile and i enjoyed making it so much that I'm going to release Horde next! I have included my 1-13 Draenei Demo as a demonstration of my work. Thoes who are interested and need 1-60 - Please check out my thread here (Includes 1-70) TROUBLESHOOTING: As with any profile, expect issues. Mainly issues i have seen come from Other plugins mixing with my code. 1) Enter ID Faster Error: This tends to happen, not your fault. You can do the Following to troubleshoot the issue, and if it continues contact me via discord. DELETE -- Wrobot/Settings/AndoidoAuth____.xml then Start profile, re-enter your rocketr ID 2) Invalid ID - Wait 30 Minutes: This is the most common type of error i see with any of my products. Troubleshooting: Did you re-buy, or change your Wrobot License key? YES? Contact me Asap. You will need a new rocketr Key. NO? Keep reading. Did you start Wrobot.exe with One ip, and then re-start it with Another IP? YES? Wait it out. If you need multiple licenses ive offered this to many others before who wish to say "Bot on 2 different computers. NO? Contact me for more help. 4) ComponentModel.Win32Exception: Easy fix. Restart your WRobot. This error happens because you changed an INGAME setting (windows mode. Screen size. etc) and did not restart wrobot. 5) Bot Failed To Start: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Quester.Bot.Bot.Pulse(Boolean loadSettingsProfile, String profile) Usually an indicator that you are trying to load a Quester profile as a Grinder. Or your profile was corrupted upon download. Re-download the profile. Your profile should be 39bytes, sometimes rocketr doesnt update Immediatly after an update and gives you a 0kb file. If the problem still presists, make sure you have "QUESTER" Selected as your " Bot Type ". If none of thoes work, contact @Andoido or a more complete troubleshooting. Steps 1 and 2 should fix it however. DISCORD (Profile Support) --- https://discord.gg/fudFNyc ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Buyers may only run up to 10 instances at one time per Computer. (You may run unlimited wow.exe's using different IP's by using a VPN or Proxifier) Using the same Rocketr ID on more than one Wrobot Key can result in a temp ban. If you need more than 10 instances of this profile running at any given time, send me an E-Mail and we can setup a special discount rate. All buyers must manually update by re-downloading the profile on Rocketr. The file will be updated/re-downloaded via the E-Mail sent upon purchase of the profile. Buyers should get on my Discord channel to see when I release an update. The bot will randomly select a grinding location each time the bot is started, and reaches the code where it selects. A new Timer was added to prevent bans - Average of 40 minutes in 1 location and the bot will re-select a new spot. Automatic Updates (Coming next patch) Randomized Grinding with a 40-60 minute timer when grinding. I have included a Timer that will start the moment the bot starts grinding. And when the timer is up it will Re-Select a new grinding location. This is to prevent bans, and bot trains, etc. You can expect great things from this new feature ! (Horde + Alliance 1-60 will be getting it soon.) Over 280 Quests in the profile. All hand done. "Interact with NPC or Object" Quests have their very own RunCode because TBC is odd when it comes to Wrobot. Dozens of custom codes to make sure each quest is done proper. Level Restrictions - To speed up load times. There are 4 level RunCodes that will be ran if the bot meets the specified requirements - he will do the following quests. You can turn this off by unchecking the code if you want the bot to do everything (green quests etc). Bot will automatically Remove quests from the Quest log due to Auto Pickup. Usage of Hearthstone, several times. Automatically bind you when you reach a new questing area. Bot will pickup key Flight Paths - Custom code. Zangermarsh Elevator - I implemented a special code just to get the Flight Path in Zangermarsh, And will do the same for Netherstorm Elevator next update. Bot will fly automatically. On-Screen Display to tell you what is happening at "KEY" points of the profile. In order to improve load times, i will not be placing this for each quest. Custom blacklisted Areas + Mobs. Detects if you have 300 skinning, and will automatically level up at the trainer. Do Not Sell List - I've implemented a custom code at the beginning of the profile to prevent the selling of several valuable items that could net you some awesome gold / Reputation. Profile is mostly questing. In the event that you must grind - There are 4+ grind spots the bot will choose from for each level range. Many private "Follow Path" codes to prevent the bot from dying. Human Master Plugin by Matenia - This is my #1 most recommended plugin for ANY bot user. This thing has so much functionality and usage i cant even list it. Paid Fight Classes by Matenia (All his FC's are Amazing.) Melee DPS should invest for Ranged Pulling. - https://rocketr.net/sellers/Schaka Move During Combat by Droidz - Absolutely required for ANY melee DPS (even Priests) Vanilla Flight Master - HORDE by FNV - Definitely one of the most important plugins one can get. (Read the post) Vanilla Flight Master - ALLIANCE by FNV - Again, highly recommended because it saves you so much time. Auto Pet Feeder (Hunters) - Requried for any hunter, will feed your pet. Vanilla Clam Opener by Bambo - Required if you are farming mobs that drop clams ( My profile does NOT. so this is not required.) iTalents by Jasabi - This addon is highly recommended for anybody who wants to bot 100% afk. It will auto train your talents for you so you dont have to. (Read the HOW TO on the post.) Download the Profile. Place the profile .xml inside of the " Wrobot / Profiles / Quester " Folder. Load up Wrobot. Select Quester Bot , in wrobot. Select the profile in the drop-down menu. Click Start. Enter Rocketr ID - Hit Enter Done! @Schaka - For helping with some of the Intereact with NPC code. QUESTER -- 60-70 Alliance TBC - Quester (250-300 Quests) https://rocketr.net/buy/54b44bd0ad40 GRINDER -- 60-70 Alliance TBC - Grinder Only https://rocketr.net/buy/9c3131e4ec0f Discord - https://discord.gg/fudFNyc [PAID] [Alliance] 1-60 AFK Quester / Grinder with Randomized Grinding + All Starting Zones - Quester - Vanilla - WRobot [PAID][Horde] 1-60 AFK Horde (RANDOMIZED) QUESTER - 300+ Quests || All Starting Zones | Mount Support | Weapon Upgrades | All Class Quests | Much More! - Quester - Vanilla - WRobot [PAID][HORDE] 1-300 Skinning 100% AFK - It does it all. - Quester - Vanilla - WRobot
  2. So i was looking into some of the Honorbuddy profiles and was wondering if it was possible to convert some of their questing profiles. I tried loading it up with Easy Quests Editor but it didnt work but I found a schema (.XSD) file that links to the profiles. I think this could be used to translate their profiles into usable ones for WRobot. I'm extremely new at this sort of thing so I may be completely wrong but figured it was worth a shot! Attached is the Schema file (along with the same file converted to a .txt for viewing purposes) and the quester profile I was looking into converting. Let me know if it is possible or if I'm a complete idiot for thinking this would be able to help in converting the two LOL Thanks!! QuestProfileSchema.txt QuestProfileSchema.xsd [A - Quest] EK 12-58 [Kick].xml
  3. Hey all Anyone got a profile example that demonstrates the use of "use item on opponent with less than 25% health"? I can get a bot to attempt to use an item on a mob before combat... but once the bot starts fighting it seems it will only kill the mob- not use the item. http://www.wowhead.com/quest=28000/do-the-imp-possible is a good example. He should prove easy pickings. Weaken him with combat, and then use this enchanted sack to capture him. Then I'll do the talking... I can see how i could use fight classes to use item at >25%, is there a way to put that sort of action in a quest profile though?
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This addon helps the bot quick up / hand in quests as well as interect / chat with NPC for quest objectives. Automatically picks up and accepts quests from items as well as auto-completes pop up quest dialog. Must have for anyone using quest profiles for levelling.
  5. Version 0.5.5


    Hello all! ============================= New Information 4/9/2018 ------------------------------------------ The plugin has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. I am not including an updated version of the plugin directly on the site at this time. Reason - There are some new features in the current Settings section that may cause unexpected results to users changing without knowledge of what they do. I will continue to update the changelog here when I can, but I will be logging changes in more detail directly in my discord channel. If you are interested in testing the current updated Alpha version please refer to the link below, and send me a private message, I will get to you ASAP. Discord Channel ============================= Resize Ability New Settings section I am uploading a plugin with hopes that some people can try it out and tell me what they think, as well as test for errors/bugs. This plugin was and is being designed for Arcangelo's quester profiles (IN VANILLA), but will also work outside of vanilla. This is a very early version of the plugin, with less than a weeks worth of work put into it, so please be reasonable :D Currently this will close(the window, not your bot) after 2 hours of use for testing purposes. Current features of this product: Introduce a new more user friendly UI for navigation Allow you to gather more information with a glimpse at current status of running bot Color changes on certain events (Low HP, Close to Level, Death) Shrink window so minimum room is taken up to monitor Load profiles directly from plugin (Select step/quest is currently disabled) Start/Stop bot Track/Reset Statistics Quickly set up General settings from a preloaded list This product is going to be continuously developed until it meets all of the following: Remote API for control from Web/Mobile platforms Expand to beyond Vanilla Addition color changes such as (Whisper, Teleport, Low xp/hr) Monitor/control multiple bots in one interface Able to search and select quests from all profiles in your (Quester) directory Track completed quests and organize "steps" Manage plugins Allow users to quickly preload and edit lists of settings, or even download other users recommended settings More tools such as (Travel to town, Travel to Bank, Travel to Trainer, Travel to City, Travel to Dungeon) Depending on traction, I may expand beyond Quester profiles Current known issues: Color format upon death is incorrect Pause bot not functioning correctly Fightclass/Plugins/Tools disabled Allow profile to save General Settings && Skip Pickup quest timer not saving settings in certain scenarios Logging is limited to General at the moment (no debug,etc) Must go to plugins->settings to open Thank you for taking the time to test out this plugin, and I hope to provide you with regular updates -Enraged
  6. Version 1.1.0


    QA is done, however the start of this one is a bit... shakey CLEAR YOUR QUEST LOG BEFORE STARTING You can start on the inside of the HFP portal and let the profile go, however I would recommend starting once you take the flight to Thrallmar. You want to keep an eye on the profile till 60 and the bot has reached Falcon Watch- smooth sailing after that. massive profile tho- let me now if you see any bugs.
  7. Hey Leute, Ich habe seit gestern ein Quest Profile geschrieben was von 1-110 funktioniert und nicht am buggen ist.3 Accounts mit unterschiedlicher Fraktion testen diese Grade. Ich lasse mich Grade als seller eintragen da ich für wrobot über 50 Quest Profile habe von worldquests bis 1-110 ist alles dabei auch für BoA werde ich ein neues Questprofil schreiben damit man auch schnell auf 120 kommt meine Frage an euch für wie viel soll ich diese verkaufen und Rentiert sich das wenn ich meine Profile veröffentliche. Gruss rackmaster Es folgen noch von mir weitere Beiträge und werde gerne nun Leute helfen die Probleme beim Bot haben
  8. Hey, first of all, i would like to apologize for the doubel post but i just saw that the topic was posted in the wrong forum As much as i am enjoying the bot, i am having some serious problems with running a quest profile and occasionally harvesting herbs. The bot in general is behaving as promised. It keeps on grinding and questing and detecting herbs. It then runs to the herb and trys to pick it up. The only problem is: gathering herbs in vanilla takes 5 seconds and not 2.5 seconds. Thus i would have to increase the minimum lag up to 2500ms in order to get to a total time of ~5sec gathering. This is not acceptable for me, because the bot will become realy sluggish and decreasing its performance in combat and in general. And besides it isnt fun to watch. Is there any workaround or any "secret" settings that may fix this issue? gather_stop.html
  9. I was wondering if anyone was working on, or might be willing to make a Questing profile for lvl 1 Pandas taking them from the starting quest to the final choice to pick Alliance or Horde.
  10. Hello im using [Paid 1-60 HORDE Questing Profile] & [Paid Wrobot Warrior] The bot works so fine with relogger im at 97% AFK and was easy to setup but I got 3 problems 1) Can Wrobot auto detect vendor & food in my level - buy it - & slot it to action bar - use it & auto "dont sell" (From level 1 to 60)? ------ At the moment im botting without food & if i want food i have to buy it myself and log it in wrobot so it wont sell it 2) SpellToActionBar Plugin my issue here is that i have to drag new skills to my action bar before this addon worke. It will change rank 1 to 2 but if the skills is not on the bar it will just stay in spellbook and i have to take it to action bar manually 3) [Paid iequip] Im using main hand & shield. I have to disable equip main hand so the bot dont equip 2h. Is there a way to say (Use 2h - False) so i can set (Use mainhand - true) on again? I also like to ask if someone know a guide to setup multiple accounts to grp/raid and follow/assist each other and do quests 1-60 Thank you. Edit# Problem 4) If my wrobot crash & relog it wont start where it left. It will Run back to a quest giver far far away & try to retake quests sometimes in other zones then back to where it started"crashed/relog" and run properly
  11. So for ex on alliance rn happened on retail and rn it's happening on my vanilla server im on i do the first quest perfect! then i collect the second one and it just keeps going back to the same target where i picked up the quest...
  12. Okay so Ive been working on trying to find a fix for this quest for a while now, the quest is called "Whitebark's Memory" Iv'e literally tried almost every thing I first started by using the quest type "UseItemOn" and "UseSpellOn", these both call for a location to use the item, so i stand over the area and tell the bot to use the item on that space, that doesnt work. I have made sure to put the right item id where the bot asks to type it in. None of this works, so I then did a little research and found this post I then tried combining the "Quest without objective number count and with special objective" and the "Quest type use item on GameObjects/Unit" I do not actually know if this worked as im not good with code but after i executed the code I made to the bot, and run the bot. The bot just ran over to the spot I stated and the bot just sits there, it doesnt use the item or anything. After many hours of trying to find a way to solve this I cannot, if anyone could help me out that would be great
  13. I've tried looking through all information avalible and watched all the tutorial videos I could find on YouTube, and was unable to really be sure without asking, is this bot able to efficiently do the Brew Fest Daily Quest "There and Back Again" (http://www.wowhead.com/quest=11122/there-and-back-again)? I have 24 toons total and just cannot deal with 13-15 minutes of this tedious quest per toon per day, but the extra 34-40 tickets per toon per day is too much to not bother with. If it is capable of doing it, I'll happily buy a year subscription right now.
  14. After questing etc as moonkin and feral, feral is way easier and it tears through the world quests etc way after. I was banging my head with the moonkin with it getting stuck and dying lots etc, so I hope this thread saves other druids lots of time!
  15. Version 1.1.0


    Quest profile for Undead 1-20. This profile was built for bots with no heirlooms and no guild XP bonus's. The quest rewards are geared towards leather wearers, everyone can use the XP tho =). no class quests. From 1 to level 8/9 is clean. The bot will get stuck at lvl 8 ( approx 80 minutes in) when at the bulwark as the next quest is in Fairbreeze village in Eversong woods and sometimes it wont take the flight path( i need to fix this part).. until then keep an eye out. Once your in Eversong woods it smooth sailing. to about 19-20 (approx 8 hours). There are some phasing issues around Dethknell which are causing me some grief so you may need to babysit first hour or so, if the bot is trying to pick up a quest from thin air /reload and you should be moving again. unfortunately not much i can do there. Settings! You need to enable selling white items otherwise the bot will just stop as it wont be able to pick up quest items. I also advise getting additional bags asap as the constant running to town to sell can really mess up the exp rate. Put the search radius to 35/40 Allow attack target already in fight Do no Sell list Rotting Heart Spinal Dust Linen Cloth Wool Cloth first 2 are actually important... second two are just for gold The bot may collect some quests that it wont attempt to complete...you need to abandon them manually at the end. I'm looking to start a new profile for 20-30, just need to find the time to do them... If you have anything constructive to add let me know and i will add it to the profile.
  16. I usually like to run party and carry several alts but tabbing and pausing all profiles to turn in quests is super annoying. Anyway to do what I want on not specific quest. I suggest, Auto turn in nearby quests. You should add a /follow especially when mounted or out of combat. If Party Leader it follows mounts it should mount instead of waiting distance.
  17. Greetings. Searching for the way of travel from Northrend to Eastern Kingdoms I found theme, named as "Snippets codes for quest profiles". This theme is contains a sample of ship travel profile. I tried to modify it in proposed way, but there was nothing that I can do with result of modification. After ship is arrived, my character just flying away in opposite direction. I tryed to ask this question directly to autor of sample (Droidz), but I think he is ignoring me. Hope someone will help me to edit this profile in appropriate way. P.S. If reason of ignoring - account that have no linked wrobot key, I can post same question from account with unlimited subscription ._. Result of my modification:
  18. Hello! I'm pretty new at this bot, I'm using the paid 1-60 questing profile, and a paid mage fightclass (1-60) aswell, But once i start it, it just keeps standing at the same Npc, and then he talks with it... nothing Else... any help? :) EDIT: nvm, i figured out i chose the wrong zone... so it wasn't "high enough level" to achieve the quest... i've just tried to make a fresh toon, and it runs smooth.... so far i really like this bot :)
  19. Version 1.0.0


    STILL IN QA MODE Work in progress need some people to do some QA. If you hit an issue let me know where / what.. dont just say "its broken" Need to be lvl 58 and take portal from Org to HFP. Profile starts once your inside the HFP portal and (from what i have seen) its all AFK from there. will take a few hours and i did trim some problem quests but its free EXP. Got some free time coming up so il add some more- want to get this one tested as a solid profile as a start.
  20. Version 1.0.0


    CLEAR YOUR QUEST LOG OF ALL QUESTS BEFORE STARTING!! Once the bot hits Nagrand it will pick up 17 quests in a row and it will hang with a full quest log. Seriously, have 0 quests before starting. You can start the profile at the shattrath flight master and let the profile go, there are some mesh issue in shattrath so watch the bot leave the city and then its fine. otherwise you may get some blockages early on Profile does Terokkar and Nagrand, you want to disable using taxis and define a ground mount- this is not a flying profile. Quests dry up around 67, so there is a grind portion close to Garadar that will pull you to 68. The grind will allow you to go to 70, however i recommend turning the bot off before that as running a bot for 12+ hours will get you a ban. Let me know if you see any issues so i can fix it
  21. Version 1.0.0


    Horde profile for Gorgrond quests. Hasn't gone through full QA just yet so until further notice keep an eye on the profile. Starts with Durotan on the gorgrond / frostfire border. its 99% AFK, the only issue is the base selection about 15 minutes into the profile which you will have to do manually at this time. it should pop up with a messagebox. CHOOSE THE LUMBERYARD! I didn't script the final quest "strike while the iron is hot" so i think you end up with 3/4 chapters completed, you can do that manually if you wish. Added a filler on the end so once its done all the quests it will go do a grind until you stop it.
  22. Version 1.0.4


    **QA DONE!!- any issues like me know** Continuation from the other 3 questing profiles I made for Horde. http://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/quickquest < addon is almost a must if you dont have it This profile does quests in both zones of Plagelands. Start the profile in the Bulwark and its AFK from there. you should end up ~43-44. you need to turn on relogger! Gear is starting to become important.. Quest Loot favours warriors / paladins in this... if your not that class do a dungeon or two and start this profile at 36/37 with some passable gear =) I cant fix it if i dont know it broken so if you hit an issue with the profile let me know.
  23. Version 1.0.1


    QA is done- report any bugs to me / comment below http://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/quickquest < addon is almost a must if you dont have it Start in Felwood/Ashenvale boarder. The profile starts with a grinder to get the bot to 45 before questing. If you finished the previous profile and landed at ~43 its a long AFK grind to 45. recommend doing an instance to top up your gear. fairly smooth sailing through Felwood / Winterspring. This is the biggest profile i have done- let me know if you see issues wit it so i can fix + make 100% AFK If your struggling for gold make sure you set the bot to not sell cloth... it will collect a tonne of it. Some range classes have problems with some squirrel cleaning quest around lvl 47 in felwood- il look into this later. you will need to give the bot a had here hunters / casters (sry)
  24. Version 1.0.1


    **QA done- any issues like me know** Continuation from the other 2 questing profiles I made for Horde. This profile does quests in both zones of STV. Start the profile in Grom Gol (off the zepplin) and its AFK from there. Had some tough and annoying pathing issues getting the bots into booty bay, so unfortunately i had to skip those quests...meaning 33-35 is a grind portion. If you see this starting up i would recommend queuing for an instance and getting some new gear if possible. 28-35 will take about 4-5 hours assuming all goes well. I cant fix it if i dont know it broken so if you hit an issue with the profile let me know.
  25. Version 1.0.1


    First release quest profile for Horde 20-28. This profile was built tor bots with no heirlooms and no guild XP bonus's. This should pick up from the 1-20 quester profile http://wrobot.eu/files/file/571-undead-quester-1-20/ . If you completed that profile I highly recommend completing some random dungeons to pick up some gear as it will help a lot with this profile. most of the bots I used for QA on this profile started at 21-22 and the ones with instance gear faired much better. There are some grinder portions to the profile so starting at 20 wont be an issue if you have the gear to survive (you will be fine if your running heirloom'd bots). You need to start this profile in the Northern Barrens at kadrak... get there yourself. Settings! You need to enable selling white items otherwise the bot will just stop as it wont be able to pick up quest items. I also advise getting additional bags asap as the constant running to town to sell can really mess up the exp rate. Put the search radius to 35/40 Allow attack target already in fight Define a ground mount... YOU NEED YOUR OWN FIGHT CLASS ...or one of mine The bot may collect some quests that it wont attempt to complete...you need to abandon them manually at the end. I'm looking to start a new profile for 28-35, just need to find the time to do them... If you have anything constructive to add let me know and i will add it to the profile.
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