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  1. yea HTTP is not hiding us, but SOCKS is hiding us, also your right mostly, but warmane DO detect Wrobot now, i'm pretty sure, got 5 acc banned, with 5 different ip's, at the same time(never happened before), also tested with quester 1-5 level, got banned after ~4 hrs of questing, there were no people around me.
  2. Why da fak you spam things like, "Any updates", "still waiting for a fix", its not like your not gonna make it come faster if you spam, just gonna annoy the developer.... be patient FFS
  3. @Droidz Ive tested with No DX Wrobot and without plugins, got BANNED after 4-5 hrs of botting(Questing), 3 hrs yesterday and like 1 hr today. So its still detectable.
  4. Okay, gonna try to run Wrobot no dx without plugins and see if character will survive, i'm leaving the char to quest and will check in the morning if still active, they will not ban it instantly tho, maybe in a few days, we will see.
  5. Hey guys, just now i got all my bots(5) banned, so i just want to let you know that warmane is maybe detecting Wrobot now, because it never happened before, usually 1-2 bots got banned after a report, but all of them at once is unusual. Also one of them was in a zone where there were no people at all, still got banned.
  6. Hey guys, thank you for the awesome profile! I have a question about Sunwell Angranthar realm, i've tried to grind my level up to 80, but i got banned several times, so do you have any idea if questing may get me banned, do they detect it somehow? Thank you!
  7. I have some experience as a GM, and i don't thing its a GM Command or custom for warmane or w/e, there is most likely system that detects something that is sent to the server, if it was a GM, he would be permanent banned most-likely, but happily Warmane doesn't have GM's to track hackers/botters, etc. Even most GM's doesn't have much in-game power, instead answering to tickets, so its most-likely a system 😄
  8. hey @reapler i have an idea, is it possible to make option: disable while dead ? Because if causes my char to stuck sometimes when he dies, Thanks!
  9. Hey i'm using teamviewer, maybe instead adding new features, @Droidz may reduce interaction between apps(wrobot and teamviewer) because when i was using it with 8 sessions running, it caused vendor repair /sell items issue, but it was OK overall.
  10. Hey guys, as the title said, i'm looking for this plugin, i know there is one(somewhere in the forum) i saw it once, but now i can't find it, so ill be glad someone to post it, thanks!
  11. toolwiz.com is down, btw do you use FrameRateSurfer plugin, it helped me a lot?
  12. https://toolwiz-game-boost.soft112.com/ this maybe?
  13. After i ran it for over 3 hours, still can't reach the Moonkin Stone, maybe coordinates are different for vanilla/wotlk?
    Even working in WOTLK with a small problem(trying to go through felwood to TB on level 10)
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