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  1. reapler

    .xml file and .cs file

    Hello, .cs files are written in C# and allows the developer to take advantage of the full Wrobot API / Bot behavior. This means C# written routines are superior towards routines created by the fightclass editor because every action of the character can controlled by these C# routines. In case if you would like to develop yourself these fightclasses:
  2. reapler

    Can 2 wrobot speak together?

    Hello, you may take a look into memory mapped objects / remote procedure call(RPC). For example: These can be also installed via nuget packet manager on Visual Studio and can be binded with fody with your distributed library(fightclass / plugin). Note: RPC is rather for client / server communication but you may also exchange data via calls. If this may take abit too much effort, you can also save a file to disk(like fightclass settings) and read from another wrobot instance.
  3. reapler


    Hello for this problem i have added "Disable in Combat" to the settings. On true it should resolve the problem, atleast on my side. If you still got problems please describe detailed the steps to cause this bug and a log would be helpful.
  4. reapler


    I have uploaded a new version. If a problem encounters, please disable all other plugins, using a "xml" fightclass and try to reproduce it. Log, profile(if possible) and the exact & detailed steps about the occuring bug would be helpful to fix the problem.
  5. Hello, you can subscribe to the movement events to block the movement. It could look like this(not tested): //call at initialize public void SubscribeEvents() { MovementEvents.OnMovementPulse += MovementEventsOnOnMovementPulse; } //call at dispose public void UnSubscribeEvents() { MovementEvents.OnMovementPulse -= MovementEventsOnOnMovementPulse; } private void MovementEventsOnOnMovementPulse(List<Vector3> path, CancelEventArgs cancelEventArgs) { if (DestinationTmp != Vector3.Empty && path.LastOrDefault()?.Action != "custom" ) { cancelEventArgs.Cancel = true; } } public static Vector3 DestinationTmp = Vector3.Empty; public static void MoveTo(Vector3 destination) { List<Vector3> path = PathFinder.FindPath(ObjectManager.Me.Position, destination); var last = path.LastOrDefault(); if (last != null) last.Action = "custom"; DestinationTmp = MovementManager.CurrentPath.LastOrDefault() ?? ObjectManager.Me.Position; MovementManager.Go(path); } public static void GoBack() { List<Vector3> path = PathFinder.FindPath(ObjectManager.Me.Position, DestinationTmp); DestinationTmp = Vector3.Empty; MovementManager.Go(path); }
  6. reapler


    This part should be fixed now. But it seems like the profile doesn't perceive that it has reached the destination and stuck. Probably an unlucky condition i guess. There's nothing more what i could do since the profile is not accessible. @camelot10 may hopefully expose the condition on, dunno what's exactly wrong there.
  7. reapler


    @KnightRyder The catchup should be fixed now with this: CurrentMoveTo = SmoothMove.Utilities.Math.NextVector( MovementManager.CurrentPath.FindIndex(i => i.X == vector3.X && i.Y == vector3.Y), MovementManager.CurrentPath, 1.2f ) ?? vector3; The other problem with the stuck, i've added the end point so it should hopefully continue with the next step.
  8. reapler


    How high was your fps while it stutter? Very low values could cause this because it depends on the fps how fast the functions are executed in wow's main thread.
  9. reapler


    @KnightRyder Thank you for your logs and did this stuck happen only with flying?
  10. reapler


    Yes, it should work. Since it will just modify the path, nothing else on this version. But so far i can see, i guess the path is being altered somewhere and my mark disappears. This will result the path being smoothed a second, third or fourth time and causes stuttering movement: [D] 01:27:48 - [SmoothMove] Path count: 2284 [D] 01:27:48 - [SmoothMove] Stop Move @OnMovementStop [D] 01:27:48 - [SmoothMove] Stop Move @OnMovementStop [D] 01:27:48 - [SmoothMove] Stop Move @OnMoveToStop [D] 01:27:48 - [SmoothMove] Stop Move @OnMoveToStop [D] 01:27:49 - [SmoothMove] Stop Move @OnMoveToStop [D] 01:27:49 - [SmoothMove] Path count: 26304 [D] 01:27:49 - [SmoothMove] Stop Move @OnMovementStop [D] 01:27:49 - [SmoothMove] Stop Move @OnMovementStop [D] 01:27:49 - [SmoothMove] Stop Move @OnMoveToStop [D] 01:27:50 - [SmoothMove] Stop Move @OnMoveToStop [D] 01:27:50 - [SmoothMove] Stop Move @OnMoveToStop [D] 01:27:50 - [SmoothMove] Path count: 76292 [D] 01:27:50 - [SmoothMove] Stop Move @OnMovementStop [D] 01:27:50 - [SmoothMove] Stop Move @OnMovementStop [D] 01:27:50 - [SmoothMove] Stop Move @OnMoveToStop [D] 01:27:50 - [SmoothMove] Stop Move @OnMoveToStop [D] 01:27:51 - [SmoothMove] Stop Move @OnMoveToStop But i could need more information @KnightRyder, on how you reproduce this exactly and maybe monitor the debug log where this behavior happens. I uploaded a new version with a better logging for this.
  11. reapler


    With stuck do you mean also stutter movement, or it doesn't move at all?
  12. reapler


    I changed the behavior when to stop and start moving, maybe this will work now. If not please let me know and if possible a snippet from the profile would be helpful.
  13. reapler


    @Steffen Which plugins, fightclass and product was used? Additionally a log would be also helpful if possible.
  14. reapler


    Thanks for the feedback, i'll look later into it.
  15. reapler


    It should now support also other versions. But everything above wotlk is downgraded, since the needed information / knowledge isn't available for me. This means it still smooths the paths but keyboard moving and strafe will not work on these.