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  1. Would really appreciate if someone look into this, since Im stuck with it. And today is my day off from job so have time for everything.
  2. Im running Party bot, and everything is smooth till level 50 where dungeons are harder and where my team needs to stick to tank target or will die very quick!! My question: Is there any plugin, script or way to get this done? I tried some things in fightclass but can't force characters to attack or switch to tank target. Also tried with assist function etc.. but seems like wrobot only works to attack nearest target. Maybe to write some script for wrobot to target lowest health mob in 15 yd range that can be used in normal fightclass? So we can put it there and set fightclass to spam it every 5 seconds, so my team will be syncronized and will attack same target most of the time then. Any suggestions?
  3. Cant cuz its paid profile, so I dont knoe if owner would be happy with it. I will repost if once more face this problem. For example, today is all okey
  4. I got error when I try to rewrite "is complete condition" in quester profile. error is: "Controls created on one thread cannot be parented to a control on a different thread." prolly is something stupid, but I dont understand what couses it. sometimes I can rewrite it without problem. but today, I cant do anything..
  5. Yes, because of fightclass! Even when I put "only in combat" to cast spells, he sometimes cast after target is dead, so he target another near creature and starts attack... Everything is solwed with this macro " RunMacroText("/cast [@target, exists, harm, nodead] spell name"); So by pressing spell, character wont target anything. He can spam it like crazy but wont target enemy, unless he has enough hp %
  6. As stated in title, bot eats and drink normally, but sometimes it just avoid it and rush toward next target which is 100yd away. why is this happening? how to prevent. so when it happens, character usually dies because of low hp obviously there is some bug in wrobot order which force character to attack instead of check health and eat.
  7. Just stop arguing and try harder to fix this bot. Its detected on warmane, and anything beside testing and finding solution wont help here. We have paid subscription for something that is detected last two weeks. I will support your work again Drooidz without doubt, because you're very good programmer so dont let others stop you
  8. Any other bot for wotlk? Seems like this one is detected from top to the bottom.
  9. Then why my Proxycap shows result in sending and recieveing internet for my wow windows. Also when I forgot to pay proxies for next month, i couldnt even log into accounts because proxies were replaced, but when paid instantly could log again into accounts. If you want I can send you one or two proxies so you can try it all.
  10. Im having HTTPS proxies and they also cover my game preety good. When I log into realm website it says "last online from Sweeden for example" that means https also should be good for wow.
  11. Are you developters of Wrobot working on this case? Would be amazing if you can inform a little about how its going, good or bad.
  12. I saw @Droidz find solution for tauri and need just new update, hope this will be fixed soon and let us know when its fixed.
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