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  2. 你的wb版本好像不是26822的 我看你写的2.0.1 你要下载对应的版本
  3. 你要先查看当前游戏版本是不是对应的7.3.5 (26822) 今天游戏版本升级到26899了 估计是你游戏更新了引起 要等WB更新
  4. public static void PressKey(System.Windows.Forms.Keys keys, int timeMs = 10) { Keyboard.DownKey(wManager.Wow.Memory.WowMemory.Memory.WindowHandle, keys); Thread.Sleep(timeMs); Keyboard.UpKey(wManager.Wow.Memory.WowMemory.Memory.WindowHandle, keys); } if (delta > 0) PressKey(System.Windows.Forms.Keys.Insert, timeMs); else if (delta < 0) PressKey(System.Windows.Forms.Keys.Delete, timeMs); But the user must use the default key configuration
  5. Thank you, camelot10 I already know The use of can be solved Quest.HasQuest (40014) & & Quest.IsObjectiveComplete (1, 40014)
  6. The above file doesn't work, and must be set <MinTargetLevel>0</MinTargetLevel> <MaxTargetLevel>999</MaxTargetLevel> can work
  7. hi all <MinTargetLevel> Inoperative For example, I just want to fight the target level 4 <MinTargetLevel>4</MinTargetLevel> It doesn't work, it must be set as <MinTargetLevel>0</MinTargetLevel> But it would be a battle with level 1test.xml
  8. I use <QuestsSorted Action="If" NameClass="Quest.HasQuest(40014) " /> He can do it but <QuestsSorted Action="If" NameClass="(Quest.HasQuest(40014) &amp;&amp; Quest.GetQuestCompleted(40014))" /> Not recognize I need to judge that there is a task and a task to be accomplished.. Sorry, Google translate. I don't know. Can you understand that?
  9. Hello Not recognize <QuestsSorted Action="If" NameClass="(Quest.HasQuest(40014) &amp;&amp; Quest.GetQuestCompleted(40014))" /> How can I execute it?
  10. sycs

    Not execute TurnIn

    Not execute TurnIn Can you help me see what's wrong? 安瑟瑞尔花A 1-3星任务.xml
  11. Thank you camelot10, why can't I see "File Encryptor"?
  12. Hello, how can I encrypt my profile?
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