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  1. recreated with same link https://t.me/wrobot_eu telegramm have different options for groups and channels. in groups everyone can write, in channels only admins
  2. main problem is there is mob in void who can agro your character and required fightclass. if load fc on fightstart then it start summoning pet, void kill pet, repeat summoning pet. wManager.Wow.Helpers.CustomClass.LoadCustomClass();
  3. is it possible? coz some quests required no pets at all. as example this quest http://bfa.wowhead.com/quest=47203 kill pet in void and fc keep spamming pet summoning
  4. you take quest for needed zone, new zone quest appear only on +2 level or at 110
  5. discord banned our channel. lets move to telegram. here link: https://t.me/wrobot_eu
  6. was completly banned on last banwave. whole developing and testing was ruined. just level one toon to test and fix profiles. anyway: i pushed update on gumroad for 7.3.5 probably can stuck coz i have atm only one character capable to clear Black Temple. i will test profile on next cooldown and update it if needed
  7. ban that npc in blacklist settings. need to levelup some chars. i got banned on all accounts
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