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  1. What code should I run to check condition if a recipe is known (for example in cooking) ? Also What code should I run to force the quester profile to craft/cook something ?
  2. Thank You. Does its job very well.
  3. Hi Is there any way to implement fishing task in a quester profile ? Example. Fish until x amount of skill points in fishing or Fish until x amount of item y is in the inventory. If it isn't possible with quester profile, what could be the work around that could actualy check for the example conditions above ?
  4. Lastest updated version for WOTLK. Tried installing it again in new folder and nothing.
  5. I'm trying to run Relogger for wotlk while connected remotely to my pc with moonlight (NVIDIA streaming) or TeamViewer but the window is blank (all White) and unresponsive. It works fine using directly on the pc. I've already the screenshot protection turned to false in robotglobalsettings. Wrobot works fine with remote access but not the Relogger. Please help!
  6. So to make it work fine I have to add Type="Flying" to EVERY vector3 ? Even in quests that are in profile but I'd want them to be executed by ground ?
  7. Just in case noone peeks in the wotlk section please take a look at this thread:
  8. The topic has been touched here several times and I did not find solution. The bot while using my questing profiles flyes just above the ground. I dont take "dont use flying mount" for an awser. Did not work Did not work, the bot flyes up and gets stuck in air ... doesnt change the problem Hope hearing from anyone soon.
  9. SOLVED add lua code as a spell name: Move attack spell to slot 36 Switch lua code instead of spell to true, switch once per target to true, set additional conditions of your preferance. Works fine ?
  10. As in title I'm having a problem with bot trying to attack friendly NPC's after interacting with them (for example picking up a quest or vendoiring). The bot tries to harmful spells as it turns its back and tries to walk away from NPC. It then stutter steps and sometimes even use unstuck "trying something funny" thing. Fragment of the log: It seemes that the bot jumps to other target but it doesnt in the client after all. I dont know... I'm also attaching my simple fightclass for a druid. I also still need help with another problem described here: Hope hearing from You people out there soon ! DRUID Q.xml
  11. Should I have Attack spell in the rotation ? If yes what conditions should i give and what should be the priority in your opinion?
  12. The log does not provide anything worth while. Bot just doesnt autoattack the second mob after killing 1st one, it just casts spells which looks suspicious because the bot is stuck on low mana and keeps regening enough mana for a heal and then takes the beating again and again.
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