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  1. Its a new chinese gold farmer tactic, now that they can't talk until level 15. They have a script that invites people from the world into a raid so they can spam gold sites.
  2. gotcha, I already went ahead and rented a proxy for $2/month, not bad
  3. Weirdly enough, back before Northdale came out I was botting both my main account and a dummy account at the same time and the dummy account got banned as I was watching. I somehow didn't get banned on my main account, same IP no proxy too. I took a look at proxifier, how big is the risk when using free proxies instead of private?
  4. Specific to Lights Hope moderation: If I bot on a completely separate account while not having my main account online, and the bot account gets banned, what are the chances my main account can be banned at the same time? Assuming I do not bot on my main account... Any ideas? Not sure how the IP detection works for bot bans.
  5. Is it the same guy who is posting a ton of "bot evidence" threads over at the light's hope subreddit?
  6. That worked... I swear I had that set to true originally, and it wasn't working. Anyway, thanks! edit- also, in the same script it seems Death Wish is never being activated. I changed it to true in the settings.
  7. Made a custom fight class using the fight class creator, but it won't use Overpower no matter what I try. Any thoughts? mywarriorfightclass.xml
  8. an easy fix is to use a tank pet that has charge, that way most of the time you'll start the fight at ranged distance
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