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Found 37 results

  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has tested the private server version on the new Warmane 2.4.3 TBC Server? I'm willing to fork over the 20 if it works well since I was so happy with the retail version of wrobot. Honestly, I don't even need questing, grinding, or gathering profiles. Just looking for a reliable fish bot because fuck fishing. Also, do I need to download a different wrobot version? Or can I use the most up to date version and just type in the new product key after I purchase the private server edition?? Thank you.
  2. hello, i'm needing some help on RMT since i'm new at it. currently i have 3 WoW bots running on official servers farming herbs and mining. roughly i make like 30-40k per day running the 3 of them 24/7. the Thing is, the best buyer i found is giving $0.04/k which is like $20 per 500k. So i really wonder if real RMT players still sell to those buyers or sell directly at other players, also won't that increase the chance of your account getting banned, since you would write in chat looking for buyers. And for a living i would have to make 500k everyday, and it does take some time to get 500k, 2 weeks probably. to get at least $500 monthly. am i missing something here? or is WoW RMT really that hard? sorry for the long thread but really needing some advice from RMT pros
  3. hello, i'm running a bot in stormheim but it keeps going back to vendor for some reason and it has the gear fully repaired so i don't get it why he keeps going back to vendor. any fix for this?
  4. I dont get it, i am trying to get rank 2 slr since 2 days ago and still got nothing with almost 300 slr caught, do i need to get the rank manually? Wont it work if im botting for the rank?
  5. Hello, i'm looking for a partner that has many wow accounts, i have a server running 24/7 and we can bot there. hit me up if you're interested PM me or skype: robert.snow76
  6. hi i am having this issue where i start relogger and wrobot windows keep popping up without stopping, unless i stop relogger they keep opening 1 by 1. how can i fix this?
  7. ok so i have a relogger running on my old PC without any problems, but on my new PC it crashes when i run the relogger, it logs into the game and then crashes immediately. why is this happening? i have everything updated..
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This is a quest profile for the Bastion of Twilight Raid instance. Start the profile at the dungeon entrance and let it go. You can only really run this for 20 mins before you get instance locked. Good for enchanting mats / embersilk... gold rate is a bit Meh Keep embersilk in your do not sell list. Also found a high rate of lockboxes getting dropped with some substantial gold in them so if you have a rogue handy put them in the do not sell list as well.
  9. So I have 2 different issues the first being I am having issues with my bot going through periods of not being able to mount. When it goes through this period it will mount then dismount and just run around on foot to farm. It's really annoying and effecting the amount I can farm I have been trying to run multiple sessions but it is not working for some reason. I tried running multiple session on the same PC but when that didn't work I tried running multiple sessions on different PCs but same IP network. What typical happens is they will both will run for a while then one will stop working randomly. any suggestions? If you need any more info let me know and I will update the post
  10. Hi, for some reason the bot keeps skipping waypoints every now and then. I'm using the Quester and set up a FollowPath. I have recorded a path and also turned of is hotspot and turned on force start from first and is complete when reaching the last. Now sometimes the bot just goes to the very last waypoint in the list and uses the auto pathfinding system instead of the waypoints that i defined in the list. I tested it with different set ups and different profiles. It doesnt always happen but alot of times. How can i force the bot to walk the path and not use the hotspot/autopathing system on the very last point in the list? I'm trying to make my firelands farm work 100% perfectly but alot of times it just doesnt follow the path and doesnt pull all the mobs, it just skips them and goes to the last waypoint. I also made a bug report. Can anyone else confirm this issue ? I have seen others describing a similiar behaviour, that the bot skips waypoints. Thanks in advance! //Additionally while the bot sometimes doesnt follow the path at all and just stands still, he keeps switching into Quester > FollowPath state and then into Battle Pet state every few seconds. Maybe this is connected to the issue too ?
  11. hello i'm having a problem while trying to update wrobot. i do the regular update, but when i try to open the game it says the wrobot isn't updated and if i would like to update again, no matter how many times i update, it tells me to update over and over again
  12. Hello there ! First, english is not my natural language and as I learnt it out of school I can sometimes sounds maybe rude or I do not got the idea ! Let's go ! I have few problems about Wrobot battlegrounder, (which is a very good and usefull bot) In warmane there are sometimes quiet a few Wrobot users connected at the same time in the same BG, people that have the same Wrobot setup as me, I mean the basic Waypoint/Pathfinding so the result is very weird we have few PlayersBots running after each others taking the exact same strange turning angles (sometimes the path is a straigh line and every bots turns 2 times for nothing at the exact same place with the exact same angle, during that kind of moment I feel very bad for our characters safety. As im botting with 4 differents accounts (all are in battlegrounder mode) I do not need the other Wrobot user to, sometimes, meet this "Strange following and turning" situation. Other problem related to waypoints : -Bots get often stuck for 10-20 sec in the Alterac's bunkers.... -Bots are spending far too much time in water in arathi bassin (this is very unsafe, every normal player avoid water 90% of the time) They also get stuck in some stupid skinny stick in warsong. In eye of the storm, sometimes the bot is suiciding, jumping from the rock to the ground, then to the ground it jumps to a lower level (which is under the rock where we spawn) and die or get stuck for a moment with 5% HP So here is my question (I took a look and did not find) Can I set up my own check points ? (of course depending on the BG my bot is doing).and if I can do it where the hell is it hiding xD And the last problem, which is a big one, sometimes the bot in alterac go back to the beginning spawn for no reason, it unmount then go to the spawn then come back and them sometimes come back AGAIN to the spawn before leaving this cavern. I would have want to know if I can do something here ? I hope all this question have not already been asked 1000 times, I tried to take a look here and there and found nothing. Thank you for reading !!
  13. Hallo Zusammen! Ich bin der Botter-Szene in WoW nicht fremd, habe allerdings in WoW selbst noch nie gebottet. Ich habe großen Respekt vor dem Bannhammer und würde nie meinen Main-Account (den ich seit über 10 Jahren habe!) in Gefahr bringen. Aktuell stirbt der Honorbuddy ja wohl aus. Enorm viele gemeldete Bans und immer wiederkehrende Bannwellen. Zu Erfahrungen mit WRobot konnte ich leider nicht viel finden, wie sieht es denn hier momentan aus? Wird er aktiv genutzt? Ich habe vor mir einen zweiten Acc zuzulegen (10€ Battlechest ist ja ein Witz) und mit diesem evtl. zu botten. Wie lässt sich der Bot denn handhaben? Sind stundenlange Profilvorbereitungen nötig? Würde den Bot hauptsächlich gerne zum leveln nutzen wollen und um alte Raids (FL, PSA etc.) abzufarmen. Dritter Punkt ist die Frage was sicherer ist im Zuge um seinen Mainacc zu schützen. Lieber die zweite WoW-Lizenz separat auf einem neuen BNet-Acc laufen lassen, oder ist das zu übertrieben und man kann die zweite Lizenz ruhig auf dem gleichen Bnet-Acc laufen lassen, da ohnehin nur diese Lizenz gebannt wird? Herzliche Grüße!
  14. First off, thanks so much for implementing Vanilla support for this bot. I have a sort of request/suggestion for the Fisherbot for Private Servers: A profile that fishes specifically for Deviate Fish in The Barrens (1.12.1). When using the fishing bot my bags get quite cluttered with the other fish/items caught that are not Deviate Fish. They're generally only caught about 40% of the time. I saw that there was a profile in 2013 for a Deviate Fish route, but this was post Cata, and I assume wouldn't work properly for Vanilla use. If anyone could develop or point me in the direction for something this, it'd be immensely helpful! Thanks. P.S. Not entirely sure if bait works with the bot on Vanilla servers. I tried with Nightcrawlers & it didn't seem to work
  15. So i just started my bot and saw this... is anyone else having this on the game? and for some reason doesn't let me login when i enter the correct captcha.
  16. hello i made a thread but no one answered, so i will try to make a thread here. i'm trying to pay for this bot 10 years subscription, but it's not accepting my card. is anyone else having problems with stripe payment?
  17. Are there any bots to open the mail/inbox and recover the items from it? i couldn't find any inbox bots.
  18. well, i read many people getting their bots banned, although they don't mention wrobot. but probably honorbuddy. is there a way to know if blizzard is already suspecting/investigating my account? i wanted to have enough time to transfer my gold to other char and not risk all my farm.
  19. Version 1.0.0


    Hydraxian rep farm. Simple farm, easy terrain so bot wont get stuck. My first creation i hope you all enjoy it. Remember to untick the "loot mobs" box so the rep farming will be faster.
  20. accidentally i choosed america from the bot, how can i change it to europe now?
  21. Hey guys, I have runned HB for a while and was wondering if HB was the best. So I googled it and people seems to be happier using WRobot. So is WRobot "safer" than HB and why should i choose this bot? Cheers
  22. quest

    Hi, I have a question. Don't the bot support questing from 100-110? I can't find any profiles Cheers
  23. Version 2.0


    I have modified that good profile of OHREN, i added to atack mobs with distance because on some profiles he didn't atack fine. and added more health abilitys. Sorry for bad english
  24. Hey, yesterday i tried the relogger for the first time, i added 3 Accounts (WoW1,WoW2 and WoW3) but if i start he open 3 times wow and only try to login in with my WoW1 with satrt checked. if i make the hack out of WoW1 and try to start the other two he open again WoW1 on both. I dont Understand where is the problem, someone got the same problem?
  25. Hello all! I just wanted to take a moment to ask if anyone has any input on the success of the Battlegrounder portion of the Bot? So far I have just been using it to gather leather mats from Legion as I am hesitant to attempt too much too fast. So, if you have been using the Battlegrounder are you just using the default Profiles? Is there anything I should know/do going into it to ensure I have the greatest amount of success? I appreciate any tips/tricks anyone can offer. Thank you!