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  1. luckystrike213

    The proxy and you

    I guess you can put your navigator in the "Rules" section of ProxyCap so it uses the proxy, register the account on Warmane then uncheck the box on ProxyCap.
  2. luckystrike213

    [Product] Traveller

    I've been using this tool for the past weeks and I must admit it simply rocks. It's way better than what WRobot offers and overall the ability to defend yourself during travel is really appreciated. The plugin hasn't been updated since August so I don't know if it's still a work in progress but as of it is now it is very good. I just have a minor suggestion. Although implementing the change of continent is, I can imagine, pretty hard, it could be possible to add the "Boat" or "Zeppelin" options for Theramore, Auberdine, Ratchet... The objective would be to find your toon just in front of the boat/zeppelin entrance so that you just have to wait a couple of minutes to manually get in. I don't consider this as mandatory but I think it would be a nice adjustment. Overall, great job, 5/5 😉 EDIT: My mistake concerning the "not updated" thing, I read too fast, August is the release date, my bad! 😄
  3. luckystrike213

    The proxy and you

    How do you identify the port of WoW.exe plz? Using WRobot? If so, should it not change everytime you launch WoW.exe? Cheers
  4. luckystrike213

    The proxy and you

    Ok great, thanks I'll try setting up a proxy during the week. I don't know if it's the right topic but regarding in-game behavior, I imagine you would suggest to avoid any contact between the botted chars and the "real" chars? What I mean by contact is sending gold, killing a few elites etc. The underlying question is: do you know of any GMs who would ban the accounts the bot had exchanges with? Cheers
  5. luckystrike213

    The proxy and you

    Thanks for the reply Ordush, So if I understand correctly, by geeting a Socks5 proxy, I can use it to create an account on the website AND use it for the WoW.exe? Or do I have to get a HTTP proxy to create the account and a different Socks5 proxy to play? Sorry if it sounds dumb I'm kinda new with all this haha. Cheers
  6. luckystrike213

    Grinderbot blacklists everything

    EDIT : I updated Human Master Plugin and it seems that everything came back to normal. I guess there was some conflict because of the recent WRobot update
  7. luckystrike213

    Grinderbot blacklists everything

    I put in on Grinder but I also created a Quester profile and it bugged too. Anyway, I tried to make a basic gridning profile, my hunter just goes to the mob and doesn't attack, it says "[Fight] Can't reach Snow Tracker Wolf, blacklisting it." while he's like next to the mob. What can cause this? Thanks,
    Okay so I’ve been using this profile for a month now and I have to say it rocks. I only encountered a few bugs and instantly talked to Bambo using his Discord and he answered directly and guided me through the fixes. As much for the quality of the profile as for the quality of the seller, I have to put 5/5. Great job.
  8. Great profile so far! Just have a minor question, I'm currently at the Wetlands part (24-27) and I don't know if it's because i use the humanize plugin but my character keeps going to Arathi to sell/repair which causes a great loss of time and many deaths. I'm new to this program so I was wondering if it was possible to force him to go back to Menethil Harbor? Thanks for your help! Cheers
  9. luckystrike213

    Please enter your ID faster, restart the bot now

    Hi, I have been using the bot for a few days now and every once in a while a pop up appears with the following sentence : "Please enter your ID faster, restart the bot now". I have absolutely no clue what it means and unfortunately it stops the bug. Since I paid for a profile, a paid class and the Humanize plugin, I imagine that the "ID" thing corresponds to one of them. Anyway, if you could enlighten me it would be great! Cheers,