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  • Selling items in the Do Not Sell List

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    Hi guys,

    I started botting on a Vanilla server recently as a NF hunter.

    Since the last update, the bot keeps selling stuff I put in the "Do not sell List". The item in question is "Haunch of Meat", which I need to feed my pet.

    I verified if the spelling was correct and it is. After launching the bot, I checked to see if the item still was on the "Do not set list", thinking that a plugin may have overrun it, and it is still present.

    I though that maybe the bot was using the food super fast and no, I actually saw him vendor the item.

    Any suggestion of what I can do? ?


    FYI, here's what I am using:

    Profile: Alliance Bambo's Vanilla Grinder

    FC: Ordush's Beastmastery


    - HMP (latest version)

    - VFM

    - AutoPetFeed (latest version)

    - Vanilla Clam Opener

    -Auto Decline

    - HighestSpellRank

    - iTalents

    - WhatsGoingOn


    Thanks for your help,


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    Hey @Droidz,

    Sorry for the delay, I had to wait for the bug to happen again.

    You can find my log attached.

    This time it happened with "Light Leather" which is both in my Do Not Sell Liste and Mail List to alts. 

    Quick question, in the Do Not Sell List, is it possible to put the Item ID instead of the item name? I mean, does it work?


    Thanks for your help,



    EDIT: I found the problem, I am using Bambo's Gold Making Plugin every now and then, you have to deactivate the plugin when you're not using it because it sells stuff even if the Force Selling option is set to False.

    13 déc. 2018 12H53.log.html

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    @luckystrike213 I do not think you need AutoPetFeed since I think Ordush's Beastmastery handles feeding. I think it respect pet diets also. I just ran into this once and was going to confirm another run if my pet's food was correctly blacklisted or not.

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