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  1. shaded

    WRobot Order ID/Key Error

    Oops sorry.
  2. shaded

    WRobot Order ID/Key Error

    Can someone verify on the auth server again? I'm seeing the same for the past 2 days. I give it 15-20 mins and it still complains/crashes due to HumanMasterPlugin auth issue.
    I like that it uses all the starting zones. However, I noticed that it wants to travel to Menethil Harbor on my 12 Dwarf Warrior and I don't understand why. The travel through Wetlands is brutal and I think this seems like a bug.
  3. I bought a 1x license and then picked up a 3x license (so 4 total). I was thinking if its licensed by IP address it would work with both. My mistake then.
  4. Is it possible to use 2x WRobot licenses with this? I ran into a blocker that it thinks I'm using multiple IPs even though its on the same box.
  5. shaded

    [PAID] Shadowpriest 1-60

    Very good profile from what I've seen so far. I like the customization options provided. I was using Eeny's profile first and this seems much more robust. I like it. Thanks!
  6. shaded


    Ok I'll give ImprovedErrorFrame a shot per your suggestion. Thanks.
  7. shaded

    [Product] Traveller

    Any way Ironforge and Stormwind could be added? My workaround has been doing DM and Elwynn and doing it that way. Having a direct drop-down would be hella nice.
  8. shaded


    I'm thinking it's maybe weird caching from Addons hanging around... maybe? I was poking at Dev tools and saw the below (if this helps). Note that GetMoney doesn't seem to be shown below when I did a ctrl+f on the output. .. InvSlots = System.Collections.Generic.List`1[System.UInt64] IsMounted = False MapPositionLua = System.String[] GetMoneyCopper = 586 Gender = Female GetHonorPoint = 0 PlayerUsingVehicle = False .. I also forced it to do a ReloadUI() but this still seems to return the same.
  9. shaded


    I'm seeing the same. Can you switch the tags, or are plugin bugs not tracked here?
  10. This seems bugged for me at the moment. It keeps trying to grab a new quest in the human starter area and can't figure out that I already have took all the quests. Indefinitely loops.