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  1. I am getting an issue where WRobot gets in a state where is disconnected from the WoW process memory and references an invalid or inaccessible memory space. When I observed the behavior (and this seems to happen frequently enough where I could probably reproduce it) it seems to happen. Not sure if its an addon maybe.. but the same addons with different characters and it does not occur (even with doing 8 hour session). Only 2 characters it seems to be consistently occuring. Attaching the logs below. Any other info you need let me know. It's been happening maybe 1-2 weeks but finally annoying me enough to submit it as being a bug. 21:22:37 - [CombatRogueVanilla]: Force closing authentication thread 21:22:37 - [HumanMasterPlugin] Setting current food to: Freshly Baked Bread 21:22:37 - [HumanMasterPlugin] Setting current drink to: Ice Cold Milk [E] 21:22:52 - Error injection: Cannot launch it, skipped. [E] 21:22:52 - Error injection: Cannot launch it, skipped. [E] 21:22:52 - Error injection: Cannot launch it, skipped. [E] 21:22:52 - Error injection: Cannot launch it, skipped. [E] 21:22:52 - Error injection: Cannot launch it, skipped. [E] 21:22:52 - Error injection: Cannot launch it, skipped. [D] 21:22:52 - [Fight] Fight stopped [E] 21:22:52 - Error injection: Cannot launch it, skipped. [E] 21:22:53 - Error injection: Cannot launch it, skipped. [E] 21:22:57 - Error injection: Cannot launch it, skipped. [E] 21:22:57 - Error injection: Cannot launch it, skipped. [E] 21:22:58 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen [E] 21:22:58 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen [E] 21:22:58 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen 21:22:58 - [HumanMasterPlugin] Stopped. 21:22:58 - [RequestHandler]: Disposed. 21:22:58 - [Quester] Stopped [E] 21:22:58 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen 21:22:58 - [HumanMasterPlugin] [NpcFinder]: William Saldean not in this expansion, blacklisting! [E] 21:22:58 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen 21:22:58 - [HumanMasterPlugin]: Closing authentication thread [E] 21:22:58 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen [E] 21:22:58 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen [E] 21:22:58 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen [E] 21:22:58 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen [E] 21:22:58 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen [E] 21:22:58 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen [E] 21:22:59 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen 21:22:59 - [HumanMasterPlugin] Out of food, vendor Jason Lemieux found with nearest food: Red-speckled Mushroom 21:22:59 - [HumanMasterPlugin] We're out of food, go to town! [E] 21:22:59 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen [E] 21:22:59 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen 21:22:59 - [wDiscord]: Product started/stopped - attaching Events. [E] 21:22:59 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen [E] 21:22:59 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen [E] 21:22:59 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen [E] 21:22:59 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen 21:22:59 - Session statistics: Elapsed time: 01h:02m:51s XP/HR: 2931 - 41 min Kills: 37 (35/hr) Deaths: 0 (0/hr) Stucks: 0 (0/hr) Farms: 0 (0/hr) Loots: 31 (29/hr) Money/HR: 0 G 07 S 03 C (0 G 07 S 37 C) [E] 21:22:59 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen
  2. If you're interested in the virtualization option, you can use Hyper-V or VirtualBox w/ Windows 10 per this post: https://www.windowscentral.com/you-do-not-need-activate-windows-10
  3. Is there a wrobot hook for disease status effects (ie. 30 min diseases) that you could search for using Stoneform dwarven racial please? I seem to run into it pretty frequently when farming spiders or in duskwood lots of mobs that have disease effects. Seems maybe fairly simple as a fight class tweak or as its own plugin.
    Very good Matenia fight class as always. Continues to get updates. Good support. Good features / rotation.
  4. @Lbniese I am wondering, do you know why both your instructions and Ordush recommend copying the WoW.exe? I was looking at the screenshots for his and saw your note recommending this. However, it always gives me the same destination IP address regardless of using multiple Exe's or a single Exe. Unless the Proxy server provides a list of different IPs for you to proxy through and you manually assign a different one for each Exe I don't see any benefit to making copies of the Wow Exe. Note also that for my proxy I am using a DNS name (proxy-nl.privateinternetaccess.com) rather than IP addresses. For PrivateInternetAccess if you lookup the hostname they have a list of IPs, but I wouldn't assume the IPs stay necessarily static. I spose I could experiment and try going down the list and pointing to IPs directly and see what happens but I haven't investigated. Name: proxy-nl.privateinternetaccess.com Addresses: So creating copies of the WoW the Executable doesn't maybe by itself give you multiple different IPs. Granted, it could be possible that the proxy service if it allows COULD add a hop or two from itself to the WoW endpoint server, so the destination you see on your end doesn't necessarily tell you if that is the IP that WoW sees (since its proxying you). Someone could probably test and verify using a few instances of chrome or some other app through a proxy and look on their endpoint server logs if on some endpoint server logs multiple IPs that come from your proxy. Just thinking out loud, lol. Anyhow, given your experience (and if you wanna ignore that last paragraph that's fine lol) do you find it assigning you multiple destination IPs via your proxy with your multiple WoW executables? I would kind of just rather run it all through one WoW.exe without renaming since ProxyCap seems happy using that as well. Thanks.
  5. Just a quick note - I got it working fine using ProxyCap following Ordush's thread: .
  6. I am having an issue with the Proxifier config with Private Internet Access. The error I am getting is "Proxy server cannot establish a connection with the target - connection not allowed by ruleset." Doing a search on this string with the SOCKS5 protocol I found: https://github.com/Anorov/PySocks turns me to believe it lines up with the error code: 0x02 - connection not allowed by ruleset - If the address you're trying to connect to is blacklisted on the server or requires authentication. Continuing my search, I found: https://community.oracle.com/thread/1694749 saying: ""Connection not allowed by ruleset" means you are successfully connecting to the SOCKS server but that the SOCKS server is disallowing an outbound connection to the host (in this case ftp.uni-paderborn.de:21). I would suggest that you contact the administrator that your SOCKS server to find out more." I am going to dig some more into it tonight and also submitted a support ticket open with Private Internet Access but they have not yet responded. Per the above it sounds like maybe PIA has disabled on their server, but if others have got it working with them let me know. I was going to maybe give a shot with ProxyCap or WideCap before otherwise trying some other proxy provider for SOCKS5 and seeing if its a provider disallowing it issue. Any suggestions are welcome.
  7. Should look something like this. Maybe the ones you are testing don't have any configs avail for them. Assuming they do, should look like the below. FWIW, paid fightclasses tend to be more advanced and really worth it imo. Some of the (paid) fightclasses have support on discord if you run into issues using them.
  8. Just a comment - not a fault of the addon really. If you try and move the bot locally on the pc while this is running it seems to think it's a GM moving your character or something and says "Wtf???" or "What is this???" to /say. User error / working as designed, but figured this is more a pain to use for the (small?) protection it provides. Appreciate though in providing the addon @Mateniaand looking out for folks.
  9. You're too smart.. lol. I'll disable that since its a more a pain in the ass - I'm a dope and try to move my guy then it spams something into /say. Thanks for finding this - appreciate it.
  10. Is there a setting to turn off the weird /say responses it gives? I have no idea what triggers them but usually it just ends up being rude or bot-like to other players from what I've seen (on accident). Examples "What is this???" or "wtf???"
  11. @luckystrike213 I do not think you need AutoPetFeed since I think Ordush's Beastmastery handles feeding. I think it respect pet diets also. I just ran into this once and was going to confirm another run if my pet's food was correctly blacklisted or not.
  12. Any idea on "Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Exception" on the .setup command? - nm got it by creating a new server for the bot to live on.
    I like this profile a bit better than the Eeny profile. I appreciate how it uses Sacrifice intelligently when the voidwalker is about to die off. Nice job.
  13. Okay - that makes sense. Thanks guys for the above responses. I'll try manual blacklisting for now. Also appreciate the time and effort Matenia.
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