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    shaded reacted to Droidz in Is it possible to make a condition for stopping the bot if it is in the GM room or on the GM Island?   
    Hello, try plugin like (no tested, and you need to check if the position of the island is correct. 
    Stop bot GM Island.cs
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    shaded reacted to celticfrost23 in How does the Rotation Bot work?   
    The whole getting good arguement on a botting forum is a little contradictory. But to stay on topic with my post, I find it hard to believe that none of the scripters making the best fight classes (I'm well aware you are one of them, I am a customer of yours, so keep that in mind) don't feel like their is a need for optimal end game rotation be it pve or pvp. It wasn't even that long ago that SBR one of the best combat routines for retail wow even made vanilla routines for end game raiding and that community was bigger than the on here until they pulled the plug.
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    shaded reacted to Marsbar in Turn off /say   
    You're probably using this:
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    shaded reacted to Droidz in Disable regeneration while swimming   
    Hello, try this plugin:
    Disable Regen while swimming.cs
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