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  1. i've try but not opti for raiding anyone know why cr doesn't woerk ?
  2. Hello thx for this work but on i've DL it yesterday but when i laucnh wrotation nothing is running exept overlay .. can you fix this 🙂 ❤️
  3. i've try but this one no working with new version of wrobot
  4. Hello, Does anyone know if i can find a mage pve CR for Raiding ? Thx a lot
  5. thx the smokie for your asnwer @Matenia let's go to make this paid product ^^
  6. i ask before paid ^^ quester can running dungeon to farm emblem right ?
  7. Hello, There is a plugin or product to make my toon farm Heroic dugeon ? Thx for your answer 🙂 see you
  8. yes but it"s an unlimited subscription lol
  9. Hello i have buy unlimited subscription but at the moment i can't use this program Admin can you help me ?
  10. no they don't ELYSIUM WOW new name
  11. Hello, in few weeks Nostalrius will reborn (private wow server 1.12.1) and Wrobot doesn't support 1.12.1 It's possible to add vanilla version to your bot ?
  12. PS: ya un discord pour le bot ?
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