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    我是一个中国玩家,感觉这个脚本是我见过最棒的一个。作者非常耐心的解答了我很多问题,人品非常不错。经过测试1-30级,30个小时搞定。小号练级建议拿个1级的武器,附魔:生命偷取。法系的话附魔:+22智力。非常高效,总之无法形容的棒! I'm a Chinese player and I feel this script is the best I've ever seen. The author has patiently answered many of my questions, and his character is very good. After testing level 1-30, 30 hours to complete. The trumpet training level suggests taking a level 1 weapon, enchantment: life stealing. Enchantment of Family Words: +22 Intelligence. Very efficient, in short, indescribable stick!
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