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  1. Version 1


    Overview Hi guys. After weeks of development and testing, I’m proud to present to you my All-In-One TBC FightClasses. 9 classes are included in one single file: Z.E. Beast Master Hunter Z.E. Retribution Paladin Z.E. Frost Mage Z.E. Enhancement Shaman Z.E. Fury Warrior Z.E. Feral Druid Z.E. Affliction Warlock Z.E. Shadow Priest Z.E. Combat Rogue This file only works with the English client of the game. Those fight classes are meant for leveling/grinding purpose (1-70). I do not recommend you use them for dungeons/raids or PvP. They a
  2. Version 1.5


    Free C# fight class for Vanilla Aff / Demonology Warlock's. Built towards working with my vanilla levelling profiles The idea behind this was to make a FC's that will go 1-60 where you dont need to populate the action bars with spells after training. This FC is about when you would expect from a levelling lock FC. Works best with instant cast corruption + improved voidwalker torment. Once you have the Voidwalker spell at lvl 10- you NEED a wand. Upon targeting an NPC it will send the pet in. The rotation will keep immolate / Curse of Agony / Coruption on the targ
  3. Version 12.14


    Based on https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/affliction-warlock-pve-dps-rotation-cooldowns-abilities Tryed to cover all spells/talents/artifact powers. My profiles
  4. Hellow guys.i am trying to write a FC for my little warlock.Unfortunately, I met a problem.i add soulstone into my FC,but i dont know how to judge and how to revive by using soulstone.if anyone knows,please tell me, thank u for reading my poor English !
  5. Version 1.0.0


    I feel this rotation is good enough for a release at this time. I will update it if I find errors, things that need to be tweaked out better, or if I find time to add more spells. If you find problems let me know and I’ll get to them when I can. Fear is used as an Interrupt and can be toggled on or off and is set to interrupt right before the end of cast. There are several spells to use for survivability and set to act when your health % drops below a certain level. These are fully adjustable by you. At this time the spells implemented are the Talents shown and Grimoire of Service, Grimoire of
  6. Hi Guys, i´m looking for a strong FC for my warlock should be useable for all levels. i am ofcourse willing to pay, if anyone have some good stuff. /Hit me!
  7. Hello, i don't know how to solve my problem with warlock buffs, when im testing this rotation with no other warlock attacking these same target as me everything works fine. Problem appears when im not the only one affliction warlock casting these same spells on target. I think condition "Buff time left target" check only if any of buff for example Agony time is correct. It doesnt check if this buff is casted by me, it can be casted by any warlock attacking this same target. How to solve this problem. Do u have any ideas? Affliction Warlock.xml
  8. Having some problems with the below chunk of code... I'm trying to make a dot rotation that will tab between each target and apply my dots (This part works!). My problem is that no matter what I do it seems to want to double cast Immolate... I've tried adding a timer for it, !ObjectManager.Me.IsCast and various sleeps. I'm kind of a C# noob... so excuse any obvious mistakes. Thanks,
  9. Hi everyone, Just wanted to know if there is any skilled members who are able to create a vanilla warlock fightclass profile? All the ones in the downloads page do not work with vanilla servers for patch 1.12.1 I would create it myself, but I'm hopeless at programming :( Thank you and kind regards, Paper
  10. willi1105

    Hexer Rota

    Hi zusammen, ich bräuchte eure Hilfe. Bei meiner Hexer Rota greift mein Char in Myt + allle anderen grp an die nicht im Kampf sind. Kann ich es irgenwie einstellen das er nur auf die grp castet, die auch angegriffen werden? Möchte mich jetzt schon mal Bedanken.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    The file i use when my warlocks are ~ lvl 13. The mobs in the cave hit pretty hard so a lvl 10 lock may chain die. Starts in razor hill and will do the quests and finish in org. Its a very simple profile- let me know if you see a bug / see how to improve.
  12. I was looking for a plugin or a code snippet that would alternate tagets. I found MultiPull plugin which is great but it's pretty limited. It will pull a number of targets but then still tunnel vision the last one it pulled I play a warlock and even though I wrote my script in a way that each new dot will make the voidwalker attack that target (to hold aggro), sometimes with multipull what happens is that I will cast the dot, but before voidwalker reaches the target to taunt it MultiPull pulls another target so the voidwalker switches targets before it can taunt the first one which result
  13. Version 1.0


    Hello friends! I downloaded all of the demolock fight classes but never found something I liked. I have used this one in PvP for a little while now, so let me know what you think. If you have any changes to it, let me know! TheBlo0d.
  14. Version 1.0.0


    This profile is for dwarves and gnomes starting zone and is separated into two sections (because of vendor/repair and class trainer locations). The first section is for levels 1-6 in Coldridge valley. It includes the imp quest for gnome warlocks. If you are NOT a warlock, you need to disable the steps to pickup, pulse and turnin for the quest Beginnings. Like so: The second section is for levels 6-10. Trainers and repair are in Kharanos. You NEED TO RUN THESE AS QUESTER. P.S. If you are a gnome warlock, your voidwalker quest is in the Slaughtered Lamb in Stormwind (Mag
  15. Hey, I'm having a problem on my warlock fight class using life tap. Current spell conditions: Mana percent SmallerOrEqual 60 Is spell usable: True Health percent BiggerOrEqual 40 The bot only life taps only once even though he should tap more since he is under 60% mana and over 40% HP Any Ideas?
  16. Version 1.0.0


    Here is a FC for Warlock. As i've seen a lot of people who wanted a FC for warlock I decide to put it here. do : -immolate -Corruption -Agony -drain life if Health% < 50 -drain soul if targetHealth% < 25 && soulstone < 2 -cast Sahdow Bolt if targetHealt% > 10 -Create Healthstone (rank 2) -use Healthstone (rank 2) if Health% < 30 -Fear : once per target && TargetDistance < 9 -Send Pet attack -Invoke VoidWalker
  17. Version 1.0.0


    Hey, This is a basic warlock destruction fight class. It handle the basic spell and work with the basic grinder/gatherer profile, the battleground work fine too. What does it do: Apply Fel armor Use Demon soul on cooldown Use Soul fire whenever it's overlayed and keep the "improved soul fire" buff on yourself Keep Bane of doom on target Keep corruption on target Use conflagrate whenever it's possible Keep immolate on the target Use chaos bolt when no dots refresh are needed Use Incinerate when no dots refresh are needed and when c
  18. Version 1.0.8


    This is an affliction warlock fight profile that can truly be used from level 1 - 110. I am using it right now along with Eeny's 1-80 Horde Quester. I started using it at level 1 and within 3 days of careful botting my warlock was level 61. By careful I mean I wasn't botting 24 hours a day. I would use the quester profile for no more than 60 minutes unattended and then have a wait period before working on another character. I have also tested it on level 70 and 100 warlocks on different accounts. It's different than some of the other warlock profiles in that it starts working at level 1
  19. I have created a Fight Class for my Demonology Warlock and it works great. Now I have a problem though. Since my Life Tap now gives me a buff called Life Tap, it will not cast Life Tap on low mana when that buff is active. I cannot find a way to disable the check for if the buff is already active. I tried setting "Is Buff" to false, but no luck. I also tried making a second spell and set it to only cast when the buff is on, but that does not work either.
  20. Version 1.0.0


    Aqui os dejo un profile de combate para Brujo aflicción, tanto para para farmeo como para PVP. Talentos PVP 1-2-3-3-2-1 Talentos PVE 2-2-1-1-3-3-3 Es bastante bueno.
  21. Hello guys, I'm trying to load a warlock profile which I downloaded from this forum. Since it does not work, I creat a own one but it does not work either. It should cast a simple shadow bolt for e.g. grinding or questing up to level 10 (ally). But the warlock stays in range to the mob and trys to attack with the auto attack?! (I put the shadow bolt at action bar slot "1" and disabled all addon) Cast the shadow bolt manually is working properly. Edit: I tried it with a warrior plofile and it happend the same with the attacks. The Debug shows at Spell: know = false and usabl
  22. I've been trying to automate creating healthstones and use them, with no luck... The bot simply wont create them. Has anyone managed this? [D] 11.03.07 - [FightClass] Create Healthstone (Minor) - NeedToRun = false - timer[D] 11.03.07 - [FightClass] Create Healthstone (Minor) - NeedToRun time to execute: 0[D] 11.03.07 - [FightClass] Create Healthstone (Minor) - NeedToRun = false - timer[D] 11.03.07 - [FightClass] Create Healthstone (Minor) - NeedToRun time to execute: 0[D] 11.03.07 - [FightClass] Create Healthstone (Minor) - NeedToRun = false - timer[D] 11.03.07 - [FightClass] Create H
  23. RunMacroText("/Cast Unending Resolve")\r\nRunMacroText("/Cast Dark Soul: Instability")\r\nRunMacroText("/Use 13")\r\nRunMacroText("/Cast Chaos Bolt")\r\n Condition: Burning Embers Equal or greater than 1 It doesn't work, it just keeps trying to cast it when i have no burning ember
  24. who can help me have a rotation for warlock destruction? for legion
  25. Version 2.0.0


    Please give me some feedback on this, it seems to be working pretty well as it stands but would love to get some advice on how well this works for you. Required talents: 3,2,1,1,2,2,2
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