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Found 24 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Hey fellow Companions, just a farm spot for Sumptuos Fur in the South of Nagrand [Draenor]. It got 400 Loots / hr without skinning. So its around 600 to 800 Fur / hr. Enjoy Grinding
  2. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Just a simple profile to farm WoP Leather and Meat from the Wyrmhorn Turtle at the northern lake at the Valley of the Four Winds in Pandaria.
  3. Version


    BoB's Starlight Rose Premium Profile for Wrobot w/ Custom settings and plugins Version 2.0 Has been release 12/04/2017 - (People who have already purchased will be emailed updated version) Hey there! This is a profile I have been working on for some time now, it cover's a very large area of Suramar for herbing Starlight Rose & mining Felslate and Leystone. My best bot which is a Blood DK iLVL 868 currently averages 145-150 nodes per hour, where as my lower ilvl bots average 125-135 nodes per hour. Since this profile is so large the chance of anyone reporting is extremely low. I have been running four accounts with this profile for 2 months now and not one has been banned or reported. Happy botting everyone! Credits for plugins: Droidz Purchase Link: *Minimum 825+ iLVL* You will also receive plugins and optimized settings for Wrobot that will help you farm more efficiently.
  4. foriuSGreetings Wrobot. I have a profile for farming an instance with locked chests. My issue is that i am not a rogue, and therefor i use Seaforium Charge to open the locked chests. Currently Wrobot just try and open it without using the item, and thereby saying it is locked and then the bot moves on. How would i go about perhaps making a plugin or a modification to my profile to fix this issue? What i want the bot to do is. Check if the char has any Small seaforium charge, if yes then try and open the chest with the item, if not then just ignore it, and contiue with the profile. Hope somebody out there can help me. Looting normal chests works just fine.
  5. I've been using a grinder profile up til L27 now, and I have'nt had any problems with it taking herb nodes as it goes, but now it goes to the nodes starts to harvest but 1 second in to harvesting it just goes away and keep on grinding, it says farm successful in the log.
  6. Hey, TBC Motes of FIre, Mana, Shadow etc still sell really good these days and most common farm spots arent that safe anymore due to overpopulation. Since i have no clue how to create my own plugin i want to request one for the engineering device( Zapthrottle Mote Extractor ) which collects motes from the elemental clouds all over Outlands. IF anyone's interested, let me know! Greetings!
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Hydraxian rep farm. Simple farm, easy terrain so bot wont get stuck. My first creation i hope you all enjoy it. Remember to untick the "loot mobs" box so the rep farming will be faster.
  8. I'm looking for a private starlight rose profile. The ones out there right now are good profiles but they have stuff that can be improved (especially after blizzard added more mobs). Is there someone sitting on a really smooth starlight rose profile that one would like to sell? Pm me
  9. Version 1.1


    Good day fellas! This is my first release of a profile i made. Its about farming the Alani-Mount, either for yourself, or for selling it to group-members. First let me tell you a little bit about the idea: Since the pre-patch for WoW:Legion, Blizzard introduced us to "Perso-Loot". This means every player will have his own loot - no seperations anymore. You remember when you were playing with a buddy in a group and you got to loot only every second mob? Those times are over. Everyone loots always his own stuff. Now we take a look at Alani. Alani is a big red dragon flying across the valley of eternal blossoms. She has a respawn-time for about seven hours. Unfortunately you cant just attack her, due to her stormshield. You will need a skycrystal to remove this shield to attack her. A skycrystal is made out of 10 skyshards, which drop from every mob in the valley of eternal blossoms, with about 0,1 -1,00% droprate. If you kill Alani - she will drop herself to 100% as mount. Now, because of perso-loot you can form a party with 4 people and EVERYONE will get to loot Alani. Since you will be the only one with the skycrystal - able to remove her shield, you are the VIP and can start to sell Alanikills for gold! Note: I did not try this when in a raid! If that was possible you could sell Alani to 39 People! About the Profile: You will start in front of the shrine of two moons at the ground (under the flying master) and start the profile. Many people try to farm for skyshards nowadays. My profile will bring the bot to two hotspots farming Guo-Lai Mobs where you rarely find any other players, but with a lots of fast respawning mobs there. Its a little camp. There your character will grind all day looking for skyshards, getting a lot of items, gold and more important Guo-Lai-Chest keys! If he needs to sell or repair there is a vendor in the profile also. Good side-effects: -You will get a lot of Guo-Lai-Chest keys. You can use them in the halls of Guo-Lai. There is a high chance you will find skyshards in the chests. Also everytime you open a chest 22-40 gold is yours! (After a few hours i always have 60-80 keys!!!) -Alot of items you farm there go away in the AH for good gold! Check you AH on your realm! -I sell Alani kills to 15-25K gold per person (x4 thats a total of max. 100k gold per kill) -Lots of cloth! NOTES: -Dont use flying-mount (I did not test it) Ground-mount is fine though. -I have search-radius to 70 -Sometimes (very rarely) the bot can get stuck in one of the tents standing around there. Bot always manages to get outthere safely after a few seconds, but i also had logouts due to too much blockages. I dont know how to fix it, because it happens so rarely and as i am using relogger i dont mind it much. -I recommend using relogger for logouts after a few hours. The farmspot is not that big and i find it to obvious farming 8 hours nonstop in this area. I use it for 2 hours farming and 30 minutes break. -I know the Screenshot i loaded up shows my map in german - get over it, or use google! Tried my best to use english names in this description. Since this is my first profile, and in my eyes it is nothing big or special, please report any bugs to me, i will try to take care of. Have Fun! KevinVapes
  10. Hallo ich bin noch neu beim "Botte", könnt ihr mir sagen, was man machen muss um ein Profil zu machen, welches alle Spots von Poseidus abklappert und diesen killt. Ich wäre euch sehr dankbar für eure Hilfe
  11. Hi, sorry for my bad english. I´m new at botting and I am looking for a profil for farm Poseidus. He should run between the spots an kill it as soon he spawns. Could someone tell me important informations for such an profil? Thank you :)
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Gaining Reputation Reputation is primarily earned through killing Yaungol and fire Elementals on the Timeless Isle. There are essentially three different places to farm reputation. This profile will take you to the least used area to avoid detection. This profile will kill roughly 3,000 rep an hour.
  13. Version 1.0


    THIS PROFILE IS WALKING MOUNT (MORE PEOPLE WILL CAN USE IT) here a profile to farm your garrison base for horde! Start from base, take your shipments(look screenshot), herbs and mine, after that go back to base see the pictures to more detaills. now working. not completed COMENT! AND LIKE IT!
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Hi guys. This profile is awesome for farming Essence of Water and some green Transmogitems. I already used it for more hours than I can count and it works flawless. In 1 hour you can expect to farm up to: (Prices are EU Avg.) 24 Essence of Water x 89,28g = 2142,72g + green Transmogitems = 1000g Total Gold per Hour = 3142,72g I hope you like the profile and if you have any suggestions, just let me know
  15. Version 1.0.0


    This bot runs in the Burning Blade Ruins. It's been going for a few hours. No sticks, and seems to loot and move just fine. Start at Lantressor of the Blade and the bot will do the rest. Enable "Attack before being attacked" and "Loot Mobs".
  16. Hello all, hello Droidz, I have same problem, I create grinder profile like in you instruction, but when bot exit from dungeon, he run in unreachable point and dont back. How this fix ?? Because I not found solution of problem in the previous topic. And second request, how to make bot paused at the exit of dungeon at a certain pull ???
  17. Version 1.0.0


    This is a simple warlock demonology fight class which I'm currently using in my firelands gold farm profile. It's just for farming trash by using Hellfire, Hand of Gul'Dan, and for single mobs it uses corruption and soul fire. The pet it uses is the Voidlord, make sure you turn off it's damaging attacks(only activate taunts and put it on assist). So it wont steal your kills, but still absorbs damage, by taunting them. If the mobs you are farming are too weak and die by autoattacks from the voidlord, then you should turn it into passive mode. Also added an option to turn on/off Shadowfury(Mobs might be immune in dungeons to stuns) and Dark regeneration. Cheers!
  18. Version 1.0.0


    How to Gain Reputation Gaining reputation with Laughing Skull Orcs is relatively simple--build a Level 1 Trading Post and upgrade it to level 2. There are no quests associated with this faction, but killing level 100 mobs in The Pit in Gorgrond, as well as the wildlife in the Everbloom Wilds, rewards reputation this profile will take you to Everbloom Wilds. Important - Ensure mounts are turned off - Turn on pause is player nearby ( Means you can run until Exalted without being spotted out )
  19. Version 1.0.0


    Must start at location provided. Works best with Multi Pull Plugin. Very Simple Grinder, No vendors. Enjoy :) Silk Cloth Farm.xml Multi Pull.cs
  20. Version 1.0.0


    This bot runs a loop through the area just west of the Argent Tournament. Most of the mobs in this area drop 1-3 pieces each. Turn flying off, and set "Attack before being attacked" on. Best to use a lvl 85-91 character for this as my 100 had to stand on them to get any aggro. A lvl 80 DK would be ideal.
  21. Hello, i hope everyone is doing good :) would please someone teach me how to make a lvl 3 Garrison profile to farm mines and herbs or just teach me the first steps of making it and i can make my way around, i tried with Grinder and Gatherer but the character just keeps running into walls and doesn't really farm anything thanks in advance and wish you all a great day ^_^
  22. Version 1


    This route loops Mt. Neverest in Kun Lai summit. I stays pretty low to the ground. Good for Alliance or Horde. No city or mailbox added. After just a couple hours I had almost 2 full bags of snow lilys and a dozen Golden Lotus. Spawn rates are still RNG, but it is a simple gathering path and there is seldom anyone up there.
  23. Hi guys i am a new mumber of this forum, and i have one question: its possible to create profiles to farm a rar mobs to get a mount like tlpd and Aeonaxx thank you, and good job for this BOT
  24. After my bags is full, the bot had successfully mailed all the items. (bot fly to mailbox as premise, and the zone is flyable) the next act bot will do is: 1, Dismount, if i enabled "Use ground mount" and mount up ground one, then ofc RUN to farm zone. 2. Use flying mount but RUN to the farm zone. This is annoying as there is huge altitude difference between my farm zone and mailbox. So i end up suicide a lot by falling. There is a much longer path on the map between mailbox and farm zone VIA GROUND (bot sometime will run this path as it is THE GROUND PATCH, but took ages to get the destination) this is what i want it to be: 1, if this is a flyable map the bot will always travel in air in long distance movement ( i would say over 100 yards). 2, make the bot act like Gatherer traveling between Mailbox and farming zone. (just like travel between herb to herb). i really cant solve this problem thus goes this post xD PS: ask me to post a video if you dont know what i mean.