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  1. Hello everyone, such a question, is it possible to specify the grinding time, after which the bot proceeds to the next step ?? Thx
  2. Here are all my settings in the reloger, everything is the same today. I have two reloger 1 for the horde faction and 1 for the alliance. That's how many windows they opened for me and did not close them. with the same error in the reloger as I wrote at the beginning. At the end, the last task in the reloger list, these windows all remained open I don't know what else to add ...
  3. I have already checked everything more than once, all settings are correct.
  4. It seems to me that maybe this is due to the update of Windows, there were some security updates, maybe this somehow influenced Windows 10 version 1909 18363.1171
  5. I tried installing to a different location, but the problem remained the same ...
  6. No, I have not tried reinstalling to another location, today I will try and write the result in this thread. The problem appeared on its own, I don't even know the approximate reasons, nothing changed, everything worked well before that.
  7. Hello, recently such an error started to pop up when starting a task, before this was not the case translation error: there is no application associated with this file to perform this action. Install the app or, if already installed, create a link from the default app settings page The reloger itself still contained entries ReloggerProfile > KillWowProcess(): System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): Отказано в доступе в System.Diagnostics.Process.Kill() в Relogger.Classes.ReloggerProfile.KillWowProcess() @Droidz
  8. Hi, everyone, tell me please, what action type and action parameter you need to write in the quester, so that after the completion of the last quest the bot and the wow window are closed and stop process in the relogger. thanks for the help
  9. M4k5P0w3r

    submitted tasks

    No, I mean the list of tasks for launching accounts @Droidz for example, I visually need to swap OR1 with OR3 in the list, without changing the launch profile settings themselves
  10. M4k5P0w3r

    submitted tasks

    Hi, I have a suggestion to make in the relogger buttons for moving the task through the list, as it was done in the quaiter. thank
  11. can anyone explain to me why in the quests the bot runs along its route to the goal of the quest, and not by the hotspots that I indicate ??? How to make the bot choose the goals that I specify? Thx
  12. I started using the bot and I had this problem right away
  13. Is it possible to automatically download the settings data, without manually clicking ? So when loading the bot, the settings themselves are loaded. @Droidz
  14. Hi everyone, I have such a question, the Close Wow and bot function when one of the two is closed is set in the reloger, but when the Run Time function time is over, only the bot window is closed. How to fix this so that the bot window and the game window are closed after the expiration of the working time ? @Droidz I attach a screenshot of the settings of the relogger to the post. Thank.
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