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  1. Unfortunately I don't know how to answer the first question. Regarding pvp scripts, I believe that there is nothing that is really good to use, the focus of Wrobot developers is PVE. I see my people wanting scripts for PVP, I don't know why they haven't done it yet.
  2. In my random searches on the topic, I came across this BOT, I never used it, however out of curiosity, I'm showing the community, it seems to be open source. https://github.com/Jnnshschl/AmeisenBotX I hope this is allowed here, and I'm sorry if this post violates the forum rules.
    I would like to make a suggestion: I am studying data analysis / machine learning, I have searched all over the internet for a dataset that has a combat log of version 3.3.5a (wow), but I was not successful. If the "Project Wholesome" development team is willing to develop a code that extracts the players' combat log (anonymously). We could analyze and improve the performance of combat routines, and may even use them in the future for PVP. Other players could use it for many other purposes.
  3. Are we in the newest version?
  4. "You can like bug report or post comment." - I am not the author in this post, kkkkkk. "I didn't use phpbb since more than 10 years, but it is very simple forum compared to invisionpower (used here)" - It was just an idea of how it could be, the organization and layout more intuitive and organized.
  5. Forum: https://themeforest.net/item/h2o-action-gaming-responsive-phpbb-32-theme/21290777 https://themeforest.net/item/milk-multipurpose-responsive-phpbb-31-theme/16119149 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is an idea that I noticed in a podcast forum. A user creates the topic asking for a function to be created in the application and other users can vote on this topic if they approve or not, if they have many votes, the developer makes the implementation (obviously, if it is also possible).
  6. I would like @Droidz to outsource (hire a company to make the forum) the creation of a forum, because @Droidz already told me that he doesn't have time to make big changes. A Crowdfunding could be created to create improvements in Wrobot products. Example: 1 - $ 400 == New forum 2 - $ 300 == Creating a new Wrobot layout using UX 3 - $ 500 == Optimizing and polishing the Wrobot documentation 4 - $ 300 == Creation of APIs to provide statistical information to developers. 5 - (Among other things ....) Crowdfunding sites: https://www.crowdfunding.com/ https://www.catarse.me/ Or a donation session can be made on the forum, informing the goals achieved. Sites that do freelance services: https://www.peopleperhour.com/ https://www.upwork.com/ https://www.workana.com/ That was just my suggestion, everything I said was in order to help, I hope I helped in some way, Wrobot is a project that I really like.☺️
  7. You have a good point. I hope @Droidz will watch these comments carefully.
  8. Brother, maybe you are looking through the eyes of a programmer, but Wrobot marketing needs to be in focus, or new players and new developers, these improvements would focus on product visibility. Wrobot has a 90's program face (no offense). Hear more than once from private users who don't like the Wrobot interface and other things. But ok, that is my humble opinion, it can be disagreed. ^^
  9. Hello Droidz, I am a former Wrobot user, I always had several ideas for Wrobot (I even told you a few years ago, I don't want to create a topic just to expose my ideas, because there are very toxic people here in the forum ^^ . Here are some ideas: 1 - Reformulation of the forum, because the template we use is outdated and there are confusing sessions with several sessions created unnecessarily. 2 - A page with the rank of all combat routines (paid and free) organized by DPS or by damage not suffered (tanks), a page with graphics and statistics. 3 - Professional and categorized videos of tutorials on how to use Wrobot (Can be hosted on Youtube placed as unlisted). 4 - Here the most important suggestion of all, I already gave some of these suggestions to Droidz years ago he told me that he didn't have time to implement. So I suggest creating a fund of donations in cash with a graph of progress of the process and goals to be achieved, so that a professional or a company is paid to carry out these implementations, Droidz would only have the job of finding these professionals and outsourcing the service. 5 - I would have other suggestions, but I expect Droidz's answer if he wants to listen ... Droidz has long seen the Wrobot forum dead without life, without major updates, without reinventing itself, I'm a fan of your Droidz, how a guy alone managed to build such a complete program and yet being human meets our needs, answer our silly questions and etc ... But the shock is past time to build something big in Wrobot.
  10. I've been using Wrobot for a few years and I've never seen such a mess here on the forum, kkkkkkkk I found it hilarious. I learned a few things from the confusion I read. 1 - Always send my questions in French to @Droidz, kkkkkkk because I know now that he is France ^^. 2 - If one day I create a Bot, I will never post here kkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  11. Hello everyone, I'm sorry for the ignorance, but I was doing some research on the forum and I came across a word that I don't know what it means, I even put it on the Google translate, but I was even more confused. What does the word MESH mean? There's even a file inside the Wrobot folder called OffMeshConnections.xml There are several topics created in the forum related to that word.
  12. Hello, I really liked what I read about your product so far, but before buying I would like to know some information, and if possible put this information in the initial post of the product, it would make it easier for future buyers. Is this product still up to date? If he is 100% AFK, how long does he reach lvl80? Why is the Log not being updated? What is available are XML files or is it an add-on for Wrobot?
  13. I was recently using Project Wholesome, in Toravon the Ice Watcher, and I had a sharp drop in fps when starting the fight, from 60fps to 2fps (I have a GTX2070 SUPER, 32GB of RAM, AMD Ryzen 7 3700X). I was about 20s unable to use the computer, the screen was frozen. I would like to know if this type of situation happens to more people or I just have this difficulty. I'm sending my log for possible analysis. 19 mar 2020 16H25.log.html
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