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  • Wrobot stopped working, and it was possible to drop FPS

    • Version: All Product: WRotation Type: Bug Status: Not a Bug

    Muradin Bronzebeard:
    I don't know why, Wrobot while on the boat stops working.

    Deathbringer Saurfang:
    In this boss Wrobot locks the screen (sometimes I get 5 fps), returning the game minutes later.


    Note: I have already disabled most of the addons I use so that there is no interference.
    I have also used another combat routine made by me at other times, but the same problems happen.

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    8 hours ago, Droidz said:


    try to disable your addons, if problem is not resolved try to contact fightclass creator, hi has a lot of error maybe it is know issue or bad installation.

    I had already used it with a combat routine that I did (and the same thing happened), the Wrobot settings were not changed. Please do not close the topic, I will go to icc next week when my CD ends and I post the results here. I will disable all addons to be completely sure.

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