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    Garub got a reaction from maraisz in Future of wrobot?   
    Hello Droidz, I am a former Wrobot user, I always had several ideas for Wrobot (I even told you a few years ago, I don't want to create a topic just to expose my ideas, because there are very toxic people here in the forum ^^ .
    Here are some ideas:
    1 - Reformulation of the forum, because the template we use is outdated and there are confusing sessions with several sessions created unnecessarily.
    2 - A page with the rank of all combat routines (paid and free) organized by DPS or by damage not suffered (tanks), a page with graphics and statistics.
    3 - Professional and categorized videos of tutorials on how to use Wrobot (Can be hosted on Youtube placed as unlisted).

    4 - Here the most important suggestion of all, I already gave some of these suggestions to Droidz years ago he told me that he didn't have time to implement. So I suggest creating a fund of donations in cash with a graph of progress of the process and goals to be achieved, so that a professional or a company is paid to carry out these implementations, Droidz would only have the job of finding these professionals and outsourcing the service.

    5 - I would have other suggestions, but I expect Droidz's answer if he wants to listen ...
    Droidz has long seen the Wrobot forum dead without life, without major updates, without reinventing itself, I'm a fan of your Droidz, how a guy alone managed to build such a complete program and yet being human meets our needs, answer our silly questions and etc ... But the shock is past time to build something big in Wrobot.
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    Garub reacted to sidalibns in need tutorial for auction worobt   
    i have a  question for auction wrobot.
    Is it still working ? 
    need tutorial for auction  please
    thank you
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    Garub got a reaction from guarts in PVP rotations?   
    This is my humble opinion, I don't want to offend anyone:
    How can I buy a script without being sure that it works or if it is really good?
    Few developers prove the effectiveness of their products here on the forum, there is no photo, video, no graphic / interactive index proving it is good, I don't see any developer investing in advertising here, (at least I didn't see anything very clear ).
    Regarding the price, $30 can correspond to 16% of the minimum wage in my country, so it is not a low value, I am not saying that I do not have this money, if the script is good I buy it, I pay even more than that, but no I will pay in the dark.
    I really wanted to find a script that was like TuanHAWarrior, simply the best, it didn't give enemies rest in the arena, it followed the enemy and had the best damage I've ever seen.
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    Garub got a reaction from Talamin in Fightclass Framework for 2.4.3/3.3.5a and more   
    If @Matenia could make a video tutorial detailing the process of creating a combat routine it would be very good. I would even pay for a course (udemy).
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    Garub reacted to Ordush in WRobot player detector   
    I made a similar plugin some time ago.
    Hostile Player Checker.dll
    You can write names in the settings and it will whisper that name if you are being targeted by a player or if alliance gets too close.
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    Garub got a reaction from justakeenz in PvP FightClasses for 3.3.5? Any class, paid or free   
    This time was good ^^

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    Garub reacted to srazdokunebil in [Solved] Target Switching using Grinder in Vanilla 1.12.1 5785   
    I have put together a few vanilla fightclasses which are working well with the Party and WRotation addons.  I've stitched them in C# using Matenia's framework and a patchwork of other code gleaned from this site.
    I have a tank class, a healing class and a dps class.  They are configured thusly:
    tank - uses Grinder product to follow a path, pick targets and murder things.
    healer - uses Party product to follow and heal tank
    dps - uses Party product to follow and assist tank
    While using the Grinder product, I need to give the tank the ability to switch from its current target to taunt units that are attacking/targeting partymembers in mid-fight.  Currently the behavior is
    Acquire target Kill target Attack & kill remaining adds Goto 1. When I am manually driving the tank using WRotation, I can manually pick targets at will.  I am able to switch from my current target to another without any constraints.  The healer follows and heals, the dps follows and assists.  The tank even rushes to assist partymembers AFTER the current target dies thanks to the Party product.
    The problem is that when I use the Grinder product, I am unable to get my tank fightclass to switch targets DURING the fight to taunt adds off the others.  I am currently attempting this from the fightclass .DLL.
    I have a series of functions inside the TANK FIGHTCLASS to ascertain if there are targets that need to be taunted off partymembers.
    public static void CMD_Priotarg() { WoWUnit target = GetHighPriorityUnit(25); // Returns GUID of 1st mob within 25 yds that is targeting a partymember if (target != null && target.Guid >= 0UL && target.IsAlive && target.GetDistance <= 25) { LuaPrint(target.Name + " is attacking a partymember. Switching!"); CombatUtil.TargetUnit(target); MovementManager.Face(target); } }    
    If there's a mob that is targeting party members and needs to be taunted off them, GetHighPriorityUnit() spits out the mob's WoWUnit GUID and I use Matenia's CombatUtil.TargetUnit() function to switch to it.  I have the CMD_Priotarg() function bound to a hotkey defined by the fightclass.  It is currently working with WRotation.
    I followed these two threads for guidance.
    This does not work if I am using the Grinder product.  The issue is that Grinder owns the targeting.  I've put the function above in a subroutine that ticks alongside the rotation in Matenia's framework.  When it is triggered and GetHighPriorityUnit() returns a valid WoWUnit GUID, the tank will switch targets to that mob's GUID for a second, then immediately snap back to the original target.
    So I found this thread
    "OK, that probably means that I should be doing this via a fightloop event," I thought.
    That thread referenced a few event driven fightloop code examples that are much more elegant than my CMD_Priotarg() example.  But they all yield the same unwanted behavior.  WRobot still acquires the new target and immediately switches back to the original target:
    public void Initialize() { try { ... FightEvents.OnFightLoop += new FightEvents.FightTargetHandler(Methods.FightEvents_OnFightLoop_Taunt); ... } } ... private static void FightEvents_OnFightLoop_Taunt(WoWUnit unit, CancelEventArgs cancelable) { // If running Grinder, Gatherer or Automaton, switch to targets that are targeting partymembers if ((OffensiveWarrior.productCategory == "Grinder" || OffensiveWarrior.productCategory == "Automaton" || OffensiveWarrior.productCategory == "Gatherer") && woWPlayer.IsPartyMember) { unit = Methods.GetHighPriorityUnit(8); // gets all units attacking you // if a mob is attacking a partymember and we haven't switched targets in the last 5sec if (unit != null && unit.Guid > 0UL && Methods.LastTargetSwitch.AddSeconds(5) < DateTime.Now) { Methods.LuaPrint("FightEvents_OnFightLoop: switchTarget"); CombatUtil.TargetUnit(attacker); Methods.LastTargetSwitch = DateTime.Now; } } } This results in the same snap back targeting behavior while running Grinder.  Works fine when using the WRotation product.
    I can reliably get a fightclass to switch targets after combat has been initiated when using the WRotation product.  Can the same be done with the Grinder product?  If not, is a workaround possible?
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    Garub reacted to Ordush in Future of wrobot?   
    That is because there are some people on here that are trying to make more money by adding their stuff to all channels.
    That is not a bug in the forum or bad setup. It's simply the greed and misuse of some users.
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    Garub reacted to Marsbar in C# Fightclass development - video tutorial   
    People often attempt to get into making stuff in C# for wrobot but often don't know where to begin. In this video tutorial I attempt to explain some of the basics of fightclass development in visual studio.
    I've attached the solution I was showing in the video to this post.
    ps. Sorry about my voice and my coughing, I'm currently a bit ill ? watching it back I also didn't touch on quite a few points. Let me know if you have questions and I can either do another video or just write out the answers.
    I'll do a video on plugin creation (which I find more interesting) soon™
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    Garub reacted to Ordush in Future of wrobot?   
    Sorting fightclasses based on dps, is just silly. I mean, I would any day want utility over dps for botting.
    The very best way to compare products is by review. (Yes reviews could be extended though, like adding factors instead of just 1-5 stars).
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    Garub got a reaction from Yakub in Need a bot for wow classic official servers   
    I've been using Wrobot for a few years and I've never seen such a mess here on the forum, kkkkkkkk I found it hilarious.
    I learned a few things from the confusion I read.
    1 - Always send my questions in French to @Droidz, kkkkkkk because I know now that he is France ^^.
    2 - If one day I create a Bot, I will never post here kkkkkkkkkkkkkk
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    Garub reacted to Droidz in Happy new year 2020 ?   
    View full article
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    Garub reacted to TheSmokie in Sunder Armor   
    Try this, it should work. put into your fightclass editor and enable C# code.
    if (Target.HaveBuff("Sunder Armor") && Player.RagePercentage >= 30 && Target.BuffStack("Sunder armor") <= 4 && Target.HealthPercent >= 30 && SpellManager.KnowSpell("Sunder Armor")) { SpellManager.CastSpellByNameLUA("Sunder Armor"); Thread.Sleep(150); }  
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    Garub reacted to Marsbar in Unofficial WRobot API Documentation   
    There are often questions regarding the wrobot api and what functions it has, generally you're told to either decompile the dlls or reference them in your visual studio project and use the object browser.
    Some people only want to know a certain function name and don't wish to go into the deeper realms of development. There isn't a resource they can use to obtain that info without some effort on their part, that's hopefully where this site I generated will come in handy:

    Unofficial WRobot API Docs
    It was created by decompiling the vanilla wmanager and robotmanager dlls and generating an api web template using docfx.
    Currently it doesn't give you anything more than you'd have by decompiling the dlls yourself but I'm hoping to update this with method, property, constructer etc. descriptions and potentially basic code snippets for a better understanding of the wrobot api.
    If you're interested in contributing let me know and I can add you to the gitlab project (sorry if you don't like gitlab but it was quick and easy with free private repos).
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    Garub reacted to Paultimate in [Documentation] WRobot api   
    Any developer worth his salt could also be thought by some (not myself just an example) to include api docs.
    The sheer amount of questions he has answered and code examples he has written are far more work than a rough API document (or a wiki here). Self explanatory items don't need a huge amount of documentation, but other parts do. He doesn't even have to do it, but If the community if provided a wiki to start editing we sure as hell would start filling it out and brining in more people. Creating a wiki offsite/without mainpage link to it would just stagnate.
    This is a prime example of teach a man to fish vs. give a man a fish. 
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    Garub reacted to Zer0 in Calling for developers and testers   
    Due to the lack of free available third party products in the store (plugins, fight classes, grinders, questers), I have decided to gather developers and testers under an umbrella project called "Project Wholesome".
    The goal of Project Wholesome is to develop, test, and freely share wRobot products. All the code created under the project will be transparent, open-source, and then released in the store for free. I insist on the fact that not a single line of code released under Project Wholesome  will be sold for profit. We already have a few people working together on fight classes and on profile creation.
    Developers : You want to help the community grow and participate in providing quality products or you want to learn how to create plugins, fight classes and profiles. You are willing to share your knowledge and your code to others. You are aware that you are not in for the money. You will take testers' feedback into account to polish your product. Once you finish a product, you will release it for free in the store, although you can call for donations on the product page. 
    Testers : You will have access to unfinished/beta products from our team under the condition that you provide active feedback through bug reports in the discord channel. You are willing to treat developers with respect and patience, keeping in mind that they are providing a service for free.
    Project Wholesome is all about trust, and keeping wRobot alive. We start small, setting realistic goals, but we intend to create a momentum and keep it growing as much as possible. If you are interested, feel free to join our channel.

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    Garub reacted to Droidz in [Wotlk] Looking for WoW API   
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    Garub reacted to reapler in More questions from a novice programmer.   
    It depends, if you compile yourself any framework version should work. If you let for example WRobot compile your C# files(.cs) it will be on C# 4.0 / net framework 4.0. Prefered would be a higher version. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/247621/what-are-the-correct-version-numbers-for-c
    At first a small project like a plugin for WRobot is good enough to start off, later you may take other sources as reference and improve your code style, structure & performance preferably with C# projects on github or here at the download section.
    If the goal is to create a bot, you can also just start your own project and take other bot sources as reference.
    It is also advisable to google as much you can to follow the best practices and apply it to the code.
    Recommend tools:
    Visual Studio(IDE)
     DotPeek(Decompiler) - if you would like to view the API
    Recommend links:
    https://github.com/ - Many open source projects to explore
    http://stackoverflow.com - For me a good a resource on things like how to do X
    https://www.dotnetperls.com - Good & small code examples for handling different tasks
    https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/framework/index - C# / Net framework reference
    https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/framework/wpf/getting-started/walkthrough-my-first-wpf-desktop-application - Create your own app with Wpf
    Bot sources:
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    Garub reacted to Mykoplazma in Unofficial WRobot API Documentation   
    Yes adding ability to use http://ironpython.net if possible will be a great thing
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    Garub got a reaction from Ordush in Learning C#   
    I will study Python another time, let my knowledge become more consolidated. And I'm going to C #
    Friend's voice: I do not know how to express myself well in a language that I do not speak (English) @Ordush, but I want you to know that I consider you the best player of this forum, at least I am sine to myself, always giving relevant information to my questions. Thank you brother.
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    Garub reacted to Ordush in Learning C#   
    Thank you for the kind words Garub. Luckily for all of us, there are some bright souls on this forum. Glad i can help you out. ?
    As @Mateniasaid check out https://mooc.fi/en/
    Or https://mva.microsoft.com/en-us/training-courses/c-fundamentals-for-absolute-beginners-16169?l=Lvld4EQIC_2706218949
    Bob Tabor, Matenia, Droidz, my brother and a few others on this forum is who taught me all i know about C#. ?
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    Garub reacted to Ordush in Sunder Armor   
    You are completely right, i totally overlooked that lol.
    I just saw Bambo mentioning me, and i instantly thought it was Vanilla, because that is what my FC is.
    But, yeah wotlk is easy. You can even set the conditions in the FC editor.
    Just add two conditions. one being 1-5 stacks. and another that reapply based on 5 stacks and x time left. ?
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    Garub reacted to Matenia in Library in Python   
    wRobot is written in C# and C++ (for the pathfinder). You'd have to learn those and then learn to reverse engineer binaries and how to do memory reading/writing.
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    Garub reacted to Droidz in Library in Python   
    Hello, I don't planned to add python support, but look IronPython
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    Garub reacted to Naiters in Intercept Macro - Arms PvP 3.3.5a - question   
    I'm trying to write a simple lua for warrior arms 3.3.5a fightclass that uses intercept when charge is on cooldown. 
    The code is:
    1. For berserker stance - 
    intercepting = "no"
    if GetSpellCooldown("Charge") ~= 0
            intercepting = "yes"
    Return value research: yes
    Return value var: intercepting
    Rage greater than 20 and Distance bigger than 8.
    2. For Intercept: Buff Berserker Stance, same code as above and disance greater than 8.
    It doesn't work at all, any suggestions? ?
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