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  1. Easy Quests Editor ---> Quests order editor ----> RunMacroLua
  2. delete a item He's working thank you
  3. Hello, I need help any macro or code because i want to throw object out of the bag by namee or ID thank you
  4. Hi, Can you tell me how this code works ? , because I need code to train after interacting with the trainer
  5. You are right he's working thank you very much :)
  6. I didn't know how to write the code, and I got this error 😢
  7. Hello, I need code to sell items after interract to vendor (specific vendor) first step : I use interractwithnpc (X,Y,Z, ID) and next step need code to sell (ItemQuality.Poor and force sell list in advanced setting) because i need to sell items at a specific time in a quest profile I found some codes on the forum but I did not know how to write them
  8. Hello, Sometimes this problem comes to me, Is there a code C# or plugin to solve this problem
  9. yes I know that, but I want to create my own way , because wrobot Always repeats the same way I would like to create my own road, As you showed me in the morning
  10. Hello, I have completed a quest in my place (see picture ) and I want to go to another quest too far wrobot will create a profil for this way And he take me to this quest but I want create custom profil for this way, can i do that ?
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