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  1. Oh okay no problem. I will do the string.match, I just wanted to make the code more compact and easier, but I guess I have no choice! Thanks for the help as always @Matenia 🙂
  2. I was thinking, instead of writing something like if UnitBuff("player","Seal of Light") or UnitBuff("player","Seal of Wisdom") and so on.. Is it possible to do something like if UnitBuff("player","Seal of"*) ? I did some google search and the "." is used to match any character (like when comparing some strings), but I don't see it working with string concatenation For example, in my case I should write something like if UnitBuff("player","Seal of"...) because ".." separates text from variables, and "." should be the "any character", but clearly this isn't the
  3. @MateniaYeah the fact is I had that API page in my bookmarks since years and I always used it, I never thought it was so outdated since I never encountered any problems, again I apologize... kind feel stupid relying on a TBC page while experts here are telling me some LUA basics... /facepalm
  4. UPDATE: I just tried the command and I am still confused because 1) It actually shows the duration 10/5/2.5, not always 10 as I was insisting, so I messed up there somehow 2) That being said, I was expecting to not get any duration result if the debuff was NOT casted by me, so I logged a 3rd char and used the command to see the duration of the poly casted from my mage towards my paladin, and well, it was still saying the duration, despite the debuff being NOT applied by me (I was on Priest, and not even in a group with them) So first of all I apologize for the confusion, second,
  5. Duration is always a fixed number (dont recall if 10 seconds for pvp, or 2min for pve), it doesnt change based on DR Thats the first thing I tested and I clearly remembered that it was always showing the "ideal duration", despite the debuff being full, dr, or even immune. Thats why its written "full duration" But even in the case I am completely wrong and I have a bad memory (I dont have time now to test the command again), it clearly says "nil if the debuff was NOT cast by the player", means that if arena1/2/3 cast Polymoprh, "duration" will always return nil. So ag
  6. Wait sorry Im doing confusion again. The LUA Api of UnitDebuff doesn't provide itself when the debuff has been applied, it only gives duration "10" which is the static default duration of the debuff (Polymorph, no matter if Full or DR), and expiration, which (combined to GetTime()) gives the remaining seconds when the debuff has been applied. So basically I have a static 10 seconds that tells me that the Poly is supposed to last max 10 seconds. This duration doesnt tell me where or when or how, its just a static number, kinda like a SpellID. This 10 will NEVER change. And then a
  7. I dont get this code. Where is supposed to be located the starting duration of the debuff applied by arena1/2/3 (example: Polymorph) As far as I know, the only way is listening to combat log events and grab the start duration from there. And then eventually do the maths. EDIT: Strikethrough because it was not correct, see posts below.
  8. I just figured out why it doesnt work my way: doing if expiration < 8 a normal poly would be dispelled with a 2 seconds delay doing if expiration <= expiration - GetTime() - 2 won't work, because its like writing if 5 <= 3 so thats why it doesnt dispel...Simple maths.. Sometimes I trip over banal things and I think this is one of them. You are correct the only way is getting the start duration and substract the expiration! Later I do some tests
  9. Yes it changes, but why do you think it matters exactly? Look: if X = X - 2 I don't care if X (expiration - GetTime()) changes, because the offset (-2) doesnt change if 10 = 10-2 the result witll be 8 if 25 = 25-2 the result witll be 23 This is what I had in my head. I had to read the combat log to get the time applied, there is no other way as far as I know, not with LUA at least. EDIT: Strikethrough because it was not correct, see posts below.
  10. @Matenia No lua error, the condition is never met. GetTime() changes, that's why instead of putting a number like if expiration - GetTime() <= 6 I want a number that can change so if expiration - GetTime() <= expiration - GetTime() - 2 Should do the trick? As already said, I don't think I'm mixing apples with bananas, in fact if I just ignore the rotation, and apply a debuff on myself, and then print a expiration - GetTime() - 2 I get the exact second remaining of that Debuff, but with -2 offset: expiration - GetTime() would print ou
  11. Hello, it's been a while since I don't post here. But I'm kinda back, so I'm working again on some profiles. One is at a good point, but the rotation program (you know the name I dont need to write it so it appears on google and stuff), is too fast, even if I put max delay, I want to set my "reaction" in a more human way and less suspicious. So let's assume someone in Arena/BG gets a Polymorph, I can dispel it, but that can be istant if I'm not on GCD, or max 1sec delay. Either way it raises some suspects if someone keeps watching me. So I was thinking about dispel only after X
  12. Regarding Garrote/Cheap Shot/Ambush whatever needs to be to do in Stealth, the Bot as far as I know, is designed basically to spam right click on the mouse to engage combat, so it may happen that you miss the opening and get out of stealth. This is not a problem of the fight class, it's just the Bot behaviour. Maybe in future updates this will be fixed.
  13. (I don't remember if I opened already a similar topic, in that case please delete this one, thanks and sorry) So I'm kinda bored and I want to finish some Wotlk pqr rotations that I've created before the banwave and the new sentinel anti-cheat on w4rmane. I saw in arena some suspicious kicks/pummels at high ratings but I can't say 100% if they were script or not, so I thought that maybe players got a new pqr version that isnt't detected. I don't care about pvp scripts, also because they are useless since the combat log is delayed, they are good only for kicks which I don't hav
  14. I read somewhere else (maybe in blizz official forum) that is a common issue, I don't know what to do honestly.
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