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  1. Regarding Garrote/Cheap Shot/Ambush whatever needs to be to do in Stealth, the Bot as far as I know, is designed basically to spam right click on the mouse to engage combat, so it may happen that you miss the opening and get out of stealth. This is not a problem of the fight class, it's just the Bot behaviour. Maybe in future updates this will be fixed.
  2. (I don't remember if I opened already a similar topic, in that case please delete this one, thanks and sorry) So I'm kinda bored and I want to finish some Wotlk pqr rotations that I've created before the banwave and the new sentinel anti-cheat on w4rmane. I saw in arena some suspicious kicks/pummels at high ratings but I can't say 100% if they were script or not, so I thought that maybe players got a new pqr version that isnt't detected. I don't care about pvp scripts, also because they are useless since the combat log is delayed, they are good only for kicks which I don't have since I play healer. But I want the pqr anyway, is someone able to give me a modified version that doesn't make me instant banned? I can pay, I don't spread it to other people/sell it, so it would be only for me. There is no way it can go popular. Send me a message if you have any tip! Thanks greetings!
  3. I read somewhere else (maybe in blizz official forum) that is a common issue, I don't know what to do honestly.
  4. Hello, I want to implement in my addon an announce that writes in party when I get interrupted in the Holy school, so I created a frame, registered event "COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED" and checked for the "SPELL_INTERRUPT" firing. Works good, nothing to complain. Problem is Penance, not only is a channeled spell, but also it belongs to "Discipline" school, which doesn't exists in the wow school database (only Holy/Nature/Shadow, etc) but I think this is not a real problem. The main problem is with Penance (didn't test with other channeled spell but I believe it's the same), in the /eventtrace, I don't see the "SPELL_INTERRUPT" firing, when kicked. I see only something like "SPELL_FAILED" but that fires even if you stop the spell manually (for example 1 tick penance fake cast). So how can I keep trace of the Penance (and other channeled spells) being interrupted? I found only this and of course it has no replies or solutions: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/1622868793 Thanks for reading
  5. That is something in WRobot, even if you pick another fight class and another class (like Rogue) you will see the same behaviour. Maybe contact the admins for more informations, this is something that has nothing to do with the class fight. Cheers!
  6. My profiles are/were good. Though, I got banned after 2min in battleground some months ago, using my Paladin rotation (public) and my Arathi Basin rotation (public). So I would suggest you to create your own profile and fight class because there is a high chance that all my public stuff is detected by the warden.
  7. So I would like to use some AutoIt bots I made by myself, but I'm not completely sure, do you think admins/gms can scan your computer and see the processes running if they want to check you?
  8. Trust me you can do everything, just make some macros, pick some coordinates on the screen and you are ready to bot 😄
  9. Is Autoit detected? Or similar programs that auto click/auto press keys?
  10. I believe I got a ban for using AutoIt aswell. Can't confirm it was because of it 100%, but I wouldn't be surprised.
  11. There are false positives I even opened a thread on forum and GM/Moderator confirmed this, after I got banned twice and then unbanned immediately while I was using only the Auction House and the panel to mass craft Glyphs. They say it might be the warden or a GM "miss-clicking" ban. So yeah, automatic auctions, even allowed by Blizzard such as "Create All" on profession panel, may trigger a false positive. I don't know exactly in detail how it works but well I got banned twice and unbanned immediately, and accounts are still "in good standing" so they fuck up sometimes. Also I forgot regarding bans with wrobot, if they found a way to detect it 100%, for sure it's only a flag, and when let's say the situation is out of control, they mass ban everyone. If they ban one single bot every week, the developers of wrobot have time to figure out new mechanism to stay safe. By mass banning in waves and faking they "don't know where to look at" or faking GM inspecting you may be a tactic to cover the fact they already spotted wrobot 100% and they are only waiting for mass "idiots" to caught, and also to improve their warden by keep tracking wrobot updates.
  12. The fact alone a guy has been banned IN ISTANCE means it's detected, or flagged and then banned, but definitely not a safe product. I believe it has been flagged then the gm "reads" the log and somehow see the injection in the game, and procede with ban. They can't ban you instant like PQR because there might be a false positive, thats why it needs some time to get you banned, they need to check with their eyes the log and the injections made on the game. As already said, I myself abused for 2 years+ straight Battlegrounder (got more than 100k HKs on different char, 24/7 spamming BGs) and not a single report on 6 character (I got good fight classes and profiles), then some weeks ago i botted for 1-2 hours radomly and got banned. A guy got banned for using WRotation, another guy for using it in Instance..too many signs that something is not right. Every person with at least 2 brain cells would understand this concept, everyone saying the opposite and defending wrobot has serious problems sorry.
  13. By the way it's not GMs, it's an automatic ban from the warden that detects wrobot. The product isn't safe anymore and I won't use it again. Enough looses, time to stop.
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