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  1. Hi, you can check the forum if someone ever had the same problem before you make a new topic, and it's the case now :
  2. Problem solved, so easily ^^ Thanks alot @Droidz
  3. Hi, for me this only happens when i use that function (for friends), not at all when bot has been running for hours. But i think it could be the same problem. So the only way to solve this is to learn C# i guess.. However, thanks for answering 😄
  4. I have tested alot of fight classes and this only happens when i use the function "for friends". I dont understand
  5. Hello, whenever i try to use the function for friend in a fight class i have game freezes just before it starts casting. I tried with a simple fight class casting Flash Heal on party members if health < 100 and each time i use life tap on the party member the game always freezes for 1sec before it starts casting. Is there a way to get rid of that game freeze ? thanks in advance ! Heres a video to illustrate what i am saying. game freeze.mp4
  6. Hey, you need a plugin to change target during combat : https://wrobot.eu/files/file/414-multi-pull/ Set max mobs to 15 and min health to 0, blacklist all totems And add the part of code i sent you 🙂
  7. Hello, i tried this, if UnitBuffName("arena1", Shadow dance) then RunMacroText("/Cast [@arena1]Psychic horror") end But it doesnt work, if someone could help me with that it would be great. Thanks in advance
  8. Version 3.3.5


    Hello, here is the first fight class i share. This will do the basic rotation; heal himself, dispel and dispel friends. Perfect use of Dispersion, Shadowfiend, you'll never get oom. Perfect for battlegrounds, you will be in top damage for sure !! Waiting feedbacks :=) Fixed : was casting vampiric touch twice in a row sometimes
  9. This is one of the best profile i've ever seen edit: this is the best fight class i ever tried !! .
  10. only works when i target my focus.. so i tried anything i could even if im totally new to code : if ObjectManager.Me.FocusObj.IsCast { SpellManager.CastSpellByNameOn("Shadowstep", ObjectManager.Me.Focus); } But obviously it doesn't work 😄
  11. thanks, i just tried using it, but it doesn't work if i dont target my focus. What i want to do is that my character use spell "charge" on target=focus when my focus is casting, without targetting focus. Thanks for helping me
  12. Hello, i'm using the fight class editor and i really like it. Now i wonder if you will add more conditions for spells using. Especially for focus, "if focus is...", if you'd add it it would be really great ! Thanks in advance !
  13. problem still here xD, it does the same for dismount.mp4 me, if someone sees me doing that its instant ban
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