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  1. While using Gatherer the bot will stuck after a few minutes. Seems like he's just trying to navigate to the point where he already is. Had that issue with three different profiles Stop/Start the Bot will solve that problem, so it would be great if someone could create a plugin which Stop/Starts the bot after he wont leave a radius of 40yds for 3 minutes, which would also solve this problem Log is attached Tyvm yustandstillbro.html
  2. You should probably note somewhere, that its only working as intended if you use the english client 🙂 Edit: i dont know if this was intentional, but it seems like you're turning off "Use Mount" without turning it on again
    Just bought it and i'm at 29/130 quests. So far i'm pleasantly surprised, didn't expect it to perform that good. Will definitely buy Jensens other questing profiles.
  3. Bot will move facing away from the water which results in being unable to fish. Kinda annoying. Any idea how to fix this? Just fishing - no pools, no profile Log attached Meliketofishbutmenolikewater.html
  4. Turning off "Detect stuck nodes" actually helped a bit. Thank you A Plugin which Stop/Starts the bot if he wont leave a radius of 30yd for 4 minutes or something like that would solve it 😄
  5. With fly mode gatherer has huge movement issues. in 2 out of 3 cases when i watch the bot he is just flying in small circles. Stop-Start the bot always solves the issue. Any idea how to fix this? Log is attached Druidmuchcirclenotmuchfun.html
  6. Using it on 3.3.5a, works fine except the fact that you cant make it ignore the weapon slot. butler seems to have a weird fetish with equipping shield on classes which technically can wear a shield but wont do it (Ret Paladin, Enh Shaman) and there is no way to fix this with the stat multiplier
  7. Dont wanna be rude, but if it would work there would be no reason for this thread 😄
  8. Is there any way to turn that off? Its unchecked in the settings but the bot keeps pausing everytime someone is near him. Its the most bottish behavior to stand still and do nothing everytime someone is near, looks just ridiculous
  9. Bot get stuck in the mountain after a while, tried it three times, always the same.
  10. Hey, is there a way to make a Honorbuddy Plugin work with WRobot? There is a really useful one for people like me, who are too stupid to click on a certain area. (If you dont trust the file i uploaded check https://www.thebuddyforum.com/threads/bot-base-hunter-trapbuddy.118597/ , 5th or 6th post should be the plugin) TrapBuddy 3.0.zip
  11. Is it possible to add the purchased food/drink to the vendor whitelist?
  12. Why would you need a VPN for private servers? I dont know a single private server that flags IPs.
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