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  1. Is there any way to turn that off? Its unchecked in the settings but the bot keeps pausing everytime someone is near him. Its the most bottish behavior to stand still and do nothing everytime someone is near, looks just ridiculous
  2. Bot get stuck in the mountain after a while, tried it three times, always the same.
  3. Hey, is there a way to make a Honorbuddy Plugin work with WRobot? There is a really useful one for people like me, who are too stupid to click on a certain area. (If you dont trust the file i uploaded check https://www.thebuddyforum.com/threads/bot-base-hunter-trapbuddy.118597/ , 5th or 6th post should be the plugin) TrapBuddy 3.0.zip
  4. Is it possible to add the purchased food/drink to the vendor whitelist?
  5. Why would you need a VPN for private servers? I dont know a single private server that flags IPs.
    Great FC, only thing i dont get is why you cant set HoJ and SoC Judgement to use on cooldown. But it works very well,
  6. A few updates ago it worked fine and now he wont do anything beside opening WoW+WRobot. No login in wow at all. Accountname+BnetEmail are set to the accountname Patch is 2.4.3 Log is attached (the stop of the profile was initiated by myself, tried to reinstall relogger and deleted his settings but didnt change anything) Log Relogger.html EDIT1: Reinstalled whole Wrobot in a new folder. Relogger works now but the bot wont. No navigation at all, he just tries to climb a wall he obviously cant climb, facing doesnt work at all. Tried to delete meshes but didnt help. EDIT2: Had to restart WoW and open it by hand, navigation works now.. So it seems like i can use the Relogger or i can use a working WRobot, not both :<
  7. Set Timer to 15100 (i guess the UA duration should be 15sec) this will fix it. Seems like the bot recognizes too late if certain buffs are up or not.
  8. NPC have repair option and i have money for repair. If i click the repair button by hand bot is done with the vendor and continues the profile. EDIT: Deleted any settings for the character, didnt help.
  9. Seems like it only happens when he wants to repair. Instead of repairing he spams selling
  10. I got two issues. First one is that my Mage (and only the mage) gets stuck at vendorruns. He just keeps selling and selling and selling... He doesnt care that his inventory is empty he just keeps selling and tries it over and over again till i stop the bot. Free bag slots were about ~50 so this shouldnt be the problem (min free bagslots is set to 2) and every item left in his inventory was whitelisted. Log is attached. Second issue is that i wanted to know if there is a way to avoid pulling mobs if the bot is infight or the mob is surrounded by more mobs which results in a multipull and death. Bugged Sell.html
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