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Found 32 results

  1. Version 1.0.1


    Borean Tundra 130 quests Alliance Made on Dragonblight File is not encrypted Please report any Bugs you find Added Demo Quests that should be done yourself due to bad server scripts or complicated mechanics Kaw The Mammoth Destroyer The Assassination of Harold Lane Last Rites https://rocketr.net/buy/5517b8277d0c
  2. Version 1.0.61


    RoboXecute allows for commands / messages to be sent from Discord into WoW through WRobot. This plugin will also send Whispers that are sent to your WoW character into Discord so that you can see them. This also means that you can install the Discord app on your phone and send commands from your phone. RoboXecute About this File RoboXecute allows for commands / messages to be sent from Discord into WoW through WRobot. This plugin will also send Whispers that are sent to your WoW character into Discord so that you can see them. This also means that you can install the Discord app on your phone and send commands from your phone.. This Plugin allows full integration with Discord. Send Commands from Discord! Game Versions I have tested RoboXecute on the below game versions. I am sure it works in other versions, but below are what I have tested. Legion (Retail) WoTLK Burning Crusade Vanilla I have not tested all versions of the game. If you would like to test the plugin on a version of the game that I have not tested listed above, message me and I'll give you a free copy! Current Executions/Actions that can be sent to Discord and then sent to WoW: Whisper other players Message in the Say Channel Exit / Logout of Game. Pause WRobot Resume WRobot Cast Hearthstone I will be adding more in future updates. Send Screenshots Current events that are sent to Discord from WoW: Any time any of the below things happen in WoW, a message will be sent to Discord with details. Whisper Received Say message Received Pair this Plugin with RoboAlert to receive more alerts to Discord. Performing current supported actions from Discord: Whisper: /w <playerName> <message> for example: /w shenzul Hi how is it going? Say: /s <message> for example: /s Hi How is it going? Exit Game: /exit Hearthstone: /hs Pause WRobot /pause <seconds> for example: /pause 30 this will pause WRobot for 30 seconds for example: /pause this will pause WRobot indefinitely (or until resume command is received). Resume WRobot /resume Get Status of WRobot Pause State /pausestatus this will return back the current pause state of WRobot to discord. Pause And Resume WRobot Receive Whisper and Say Notification from WoW Message sent to bot character from other player. Message received in discord. Send Whisper and Say Notification to WoW From Discord Whisper is sent from Discord: Whisper gets pushed to WoW and sent to player Shenzul: Say Message is sent from Discord: Say message forwarded to WoW from Discord. Configuring Whispers and Says to be sent to Discord from WoW. Configuring Discord to send Actions to WoW Purchase RoboXecute on Sellfy - €3.99 Any user that purchases RoboAlert can send me a message for a discount code on RoboXecute. If you would like to purchase RoboAlert and own RoboXecute send me a message for a Discount code for RoboAlert :). For Support or any assistance, please message me through private message or on in the comments. I check WRobot website multiple times a day, and will do my best to respond within 24 hours. My Other Plugins: .In accordance to the rules, I am required to state that I am not associated with WRobot company. I am not associated with the WRobot Company - Avvi
  3. Hi all, I just downloaded the Trial version of WRobot and i am trying to start WoW with it. I do select the exe but i just does not start. No Error or anything. I have wow running on 32 bit and in window mode. Because of no error or any information, i really don't know what the problem is. I have to say, i try to get this startet on Firestorm Legion. May this be the problem? I hope someone know what to do.
  4. Hello, I just found this bot and want to use at Elysium Vanilla but can't load trial time and dunno why. I never used or even download this bot so can I get help about that?
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Awesome warrior Leveling FightClass. Encourage you to leave feedback on how it works for you! Spec improved heroic strike then follow the Protection tree into Last stand. TO ENABLE CHARGE CLICK THE COGWHEEL NEXT TO FIGHTCLASS IN WROBOT AND CHANGE FALSE UNDER CHARGE TO TRUE Order of skills being used are as follows. Charge Bloodrage Rend Demoralizing Shout Battle Shout Heroic Strike Executes at 20% enemy Health Uses Retaliation when 3 enemies are within 10 yards of you and your in combat. Uses Last Stand when you hit 30% Health Pops Defensive Stance when 3 enemies are within 10 yards of you and your in combat.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This profile is for priests starting off before you get a wand. Spell order. Fortitude Power Word: Shield Shadow Word Pain Smite Keep plenty of water in your inventory to maximize killing! Priest Fightclass for after lvl 10 is on forums under the name "10-60 Leveling Priest Vanilla"
  7. So i play on a server thats heavy pvp and i want the bot to auto focus players if they are within 10 yards. my bot keeps attacking mobs while he is getting destroyed by players
  8. Hey guys i set up my paths and set my npcs for vendor and repair then my guy will pick one further away or a different one entirely. i want him to go to specific vendor.
  9. Hey all. Was wondering how I can control the movement, facing and direction of my Guardian Druid Tank, but once I target a mob, he pulls / kills? What specific bot should I be using? What profiles? If any?
  10. Hallo liebe wrobot zocker, mir ist aufgefallen das nach neusten Updates man über der Blizzard App "WoW" nicht mehr als 32Bit starten kann. Die einstellung wurde entfernt. Ich habe mich mit dem Support in verbindung gesetzt. Dort teilte man mir mit das World of Warcraft Zukünftig eine Vorraussetzung von 64Bit besitzt und 32Bit nicht mehr unterstützen soll. Der Gamemaster hat mir jedoch folgenden Tipp mitgeteilt: Funktioniert wirklich. Man kann danach 32Bit wieder anwählen, jedoch nach einem Neustart vom Spiel ist es von alleine wieder auf 64Bit und man muss es wiederholen sprich ständig den Ordner löschen. Auf dauer sehr nervig. Hat jemand das selbe Problem und zufällig Alternative lösung? Sollte Blizzard es wirklich bald so machen das es nur noch so geht ist es ja nötig Wrobot auf 64Bit zu stellen. Sonst würde der Bot nicht mehr funktionieren.
  11. Hello there. When trying to log in with Relogger, with 5 accounts, and run BG bot, Relogger keeps closing 2 windows (out of 5, 3 work perfectly, 2 keep closing right after logging in). I would appreciate any kind of help.
  12. I always get stucked at Cenarion Hold in Silithus when i need repair, my servers is TBC. Who knows how to solve this?
  13. Droidz, can you make possible set different wow directory for each session in relogger?
  14. Hello i am trying to run wrobot with relogger, but whenever wrobot starts it pops up a window asking me to select a xml profile. and it wont load the gathering profile i selected on relogger, same with class fight profile
  15. Hello, i was wondering if it's possible to make my bots send the farmed mats to my main account once bot's bag gets full. so i don't need to go back to city, empty my bag and go back to the farming place. So it's always farming on it's own If it's possible, how can i do it?
  16. Sooo I just bought the bot, and I'm trying to get used to how it works. As I can see, for each use I have to download a profile, or make one of my own. So, are there any available sentinax farm bot profiles that I can download? If not, is it easy to make my own profile?
  17. Hallöchen, leider klappt die Archäologie im bot nicht. Ich klicke auf start mit meinem Dudu und dann kommt ein Fehlercode und beendet den bot von alleine. Was muss ich tun damit es funktioniert? Und die Fight Class kann ich auch nicht auswählen, alles ist in der Farbe Weiß. Was muss ich tun damit es funktioniert? Danke im voraus!
  18. Hi, For some reason i can't start the bot. Im currently doing Wrobot on Vanilla Client, Im using the paid grind profiles from I have a Profile in Product Settings set to Alliance25-60.xml And my Fight Class to arms by thejm.xml Basicly nothing at all happens when i press the "START" button. Hope someone can help, thanks.
  19. ok so i have a relogger running on my old PC without any problems, but on my new PC it crashes when i run the relogger, it logs into the game and then crashes immediately. why is this happening? i have everything updated..
  20. this is so annoying, if i try to start wrobot through relogger the game gets to the loading screen and after a few seconds it will crash and re-open the wow client again. But it works fine if i open it through WRobot. i've tried to install net framework, directX disable blizzard streaming run pre-installed wrobot change operating system but none of them worked. how can i fix this?
  21. Hi, I play on private server ( MoP 5.4.8 ), i use bot only for get point on bgs i got wRobot update (1.7.2) with private server license. So i launch the bot he work perfectly but some times wow crash with this error : I have instal the plugin for " /reload " but the bug is still here and i have try to change in the memory but the bug is still here again... I don't know how to fix that And there is no logic for me i'm not really sure if it's about the memory ... How can i fix the crash ? I would like it work all day, when i'm working :/
  22. So am trying to play on Heroes Wow 5.4.8 18414 pserver, but... wrobot keeps telling me it's incorrect game version? what am i doing wrong? - Dequality.
  23. hy i updatet wrobot , now it starts slowly and my charakters dont move. and version number is -1.7.2. is there a problem?
  24. bot isnt working for me, i start relogger, it opens the game but it doesnt login, opens the wrobotbsaying game version incorrect and its updated. wut? i double checked my details and everything was right any fix for this?
  25. hello i'm having a problem while trying to update wrobot. i do the regular update, but when i try to open the game it says the wrobot isn't updated and if i would like to update again, no matter how many times i update, it tells me to update over and over again
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