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  1. Trying this on a lvl 80 boomkin spec, for some reason the wrobot program just stops responding. I even went through and downloaded a new clean version of wrobot and all i did was download a new version of this fighting profile and started BG's. It plays for about a minute or two then WRobot stops responding and doesn't do anything else and have to force it to close through task manager.
  2. using it on a lvl 29 ice mage and it seems to keep spamming Mana Shield. <On IceCrown Server>
  3. Would this be a great profile for a fury warrior in 5 mains and raids?
  4. Would this be a good dungeon/raid furry warrior fight class?
  5. Seems to spam VT Twice before continuing rotation..
  6. I have a quick question about this. This profile only seems to work (do what it's supposed to do) in raid groups, outside of raid groups all it does is basic attacks, no skills, nothing. Is there a setting somewhere on the profile to disable this? It's a great profile and i would like to use it in dungeon groups, currently doing a bunch of badge farming and this would help immensely!
  7. Would you say this profile is good for PVP? I'm not great at creating profiles and am looking around for a PVP one, would even pay for it if needed!
  8. The same way you select other profiles. Make sure when looking for it you are viewer "All files" so you can select it.
  9. Correct! I'm on warmane. I went ahead and deleted all of the shards, it started playing fine now. It's at 5 shards now and seems to be working fine. It's crazy that something as little as these shards can cause the program to log out.. hmm..
  10. Yes, I just tried using my paladin with the same AIO file, works perfectly fine.
  11. By Wrotation do you mean removing the FC completely and leaving it blank? If so, I did that, the bot seems to be navigating fine to its location based on the grinding profile. The moment I select the FC and turn the bot back on, it moves for a moment, then disconnects from the server. @Talamin I noticed the Framelock setting is disabled by default so I didn't mess with that setting. I was only playing with that setting last night while troubleshooting the problem.
  12. I didn't delete any talcent codes. Yes i'm using the English Client. I just downloaded a fresh version of wrobot (didn't change any of the settings), removed all addons from the game and tried again. Same problem, as soon as I start wrobot, it calls for the mount, starts moving then disconnects from the server. Attaching fresh logs. 9 Jun 2020 09H41.log.html
  13. Sorry, it was late last night and the game was pissing me off lol. So this profile causes the game to log off when starting it. I believe it may have something to do with the pet. I'm inserting the log files for it, thanks Talamin! 8 Jun 2020 23H47.log.html
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