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  • Adding an "Immune" check (for both melee and casters)

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    Hello, I was wondering If you could implement somehow an "immune check" on fight class.

    For example, on my Warlock I need to add condition for every spell "Target Buff: Deterrence/Divine Shield/Anti-Magic Shell/Ice-Block/Cloak of Shadows: FALSE), same for melee classes abilities (target buff: divine shield, ice block,deterrence: FALSE).

    My idea was putting an ability on top priority named for example "stop rotation" so when target has one of those debuffs (that you add in conditions maybe). the character will stop any action and goes only melee-white mode, kinda like a "return" loop in LUA.

    Maybe I can do with a LUA code, I can try that, but still a switch button or something kinda universal for all classes would be awesome. Like "Don't attack magic-immune target" and "Don't attack melee-immune target". Do you think you can work on that? Just a suggestion to make fight classes easier. Thanks for reading :)



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