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  1. Really good profile ! Considering this is for Free it's 10/10
  2. Hello, i sometimes use the party tool to just follow the tank and go afk. It usually works well, but sometimes the tank range pulls (especially on big groups) and waits for the mobs to come. This is where to bot runs straight into the group and pulls everything on sight. As you might imagine this not just once caused a wipe and confusion amongst the other players, since a normal player wouldn't do that. Is there a work around or option for solving this ? maybe something like just engage the mob if the hp is less than 99% or something like that ?
  3. When i test it on Sunwell it works just fine with ms but on Warmane i get this numbers
  4. After A LOT of testing i got this numbers : bigger than 130000 = will cast it non stop whenever possible smaller than 100000 = will never cast it At 120000 it will actually cast it at 12 seconds and at 110000 it will cast it at 2 seconds left of buff. 109000 = 1sec 115000=7sec Maybe i miss something but this is what i got ..
  5. Last Tuesday for having Rotation bot only active during raiding used it all the time before
  6. I cant make it work… tried everything but it just wont let me do this! Trying to have it in my DPS wotlk warrior Rotation so it applies the sunders at x time left but i cant make it work. Warrior test.xml
  7. Icvrewq

    Grinder profiles

    I recently started playing wow again and Grinder still dont work for me. I reinstalled everything basically WoW WRobot and my Windows in this time. I mentioned that i not only cant create new ones but also not open downloaded ones! I get no coordinates at all while trying to create a profile or open one. On the other side all this works flawlessly with gatherer i can creat profiles and the coordinates get saved as they should. No idea what to do at this point.
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