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  1. i always use a fresh wow client to start botting, with a different install location. Also, new accounts, no connection with previous accounts. i bot 2-3 hours per day, but i dont leave the computer unattended at all. im always watching, lookin around for people tryin to report etc. I make my own fightclasses, i got 1 for each class type, and same goes for profiles.
  2. Respected fellow members and admins, I have been using wrobot for a long time now, never had issues, using custom profiles (self made only). My profiles were perfect in all regards. But recently, 1st week February onwards, 3 accounts got banned, at different occasions, 1st account was banned while herbing where only 12 people were there and reporting was next to impossible, and during this occasion, i was multiboxed and the other account which wasnt botting didnt receive a ban. 2nd attempt, Made a new profile in a new location, and banned within 7 minutes. Was usin
  3. some people say using old profiles causes a ban too, is that right? I wish to farm herbs and minerals, i can multibox and use one of the clients to bot and other client i can play on, please advise is that ok?
  4. so do you suggest to use wrobot while watching the bot ourselves ? will that be of any use?
  5. Thanks for a quick reply, also, can attentive botting be a solution from getting banned?
  6. Im back to WOW WOTLK, and ive heard people are getting banned for using wrobot.. Please guide accordingly how to avoid ban and what all causes ban? Specially fishing, i need to fish
  7. Hey Droidz, i tried installing Framework 4.6, it gave me an error that it cannot be installed on the current operating system, when i read about this error online, it told me that im missing a service pack for windows 7, installed a 900 mb SP1 for windows 7, then installed Framework 4.6. Its working fine now, thanks for all your help and support :) God bless ^_^
  8. Hey Droidz I already had Visual Studio installed, but i reinstalled it
  9. I'm unable to settle down, sorry for posting multiple threads :(( Help me someone, tried all the repair / reinstalling ways, checked everything with the framework / direct x / Visual C++ / SlimDX [D] 11:40:02 - [Info] Log file created: 6 Jan 2018 11H40.log.html[E] 11:40:02 - Compilator Error : error CS0006: Metadata file 'System.Runtime.dll' could not be found [D] 11:40:02 - [Info] Offical website: https://wrobot.eu/[D] 11:40:02 - [Info] Operating System Details: Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7600.0[D] 11:40:02 - [Info] Lang: English (United States)[D] 11:40:03 - [Info] WRobot Ver
  10. sorry for late information, i dont really know how the forums work exactly, and i guess i posted in the wrong section, im using wrobot on WOTLK Private server 3.3.5a.
  11. Sounds like a reasonable plan !! <3 thanks, looking forward to it..
  12. Tried closing team viewer, and starting it, no difference, still the same problem.
  13. I remotly access my home PC for multiple WOW clients, i'll try though :(( It has never been a problem..
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