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  1. Scanning ah non stop whole day and buying things ( no movement - no ban ) added move to mailbox - ban. Movement detection? CTM?
  2. Hello we just added mod to the server combat activity monitor. If your char is in combat more that 45 minutes without breaks longer than 5 min we check it for botting.
  3. But they can monitor who is disconnecting when they enable some shite. Dangerous to use bot right now imho,
  4. Don't bot for now pitorek is trying to put his dick into wrobot thats why is crashing.
  5. Each admin have hack alarm and can teleport to the event. That can be piotrek or other sasha.
  6. Anyway that whole thing is somewhat seneless when any dev/admin from sunwell can enter the site download bot and sit on it any period of time and find how to detect bot , read the forum enter discord anything. With that level of security it's only matter of days that it will be detectable again. I can make shit post fake post real post it's not changing anything anybody can enter get the trial or even 3 day test run a debugger check what had to be done and all job of antidetection is in vain.
  7. It was on a support somebody written that wrobot fixed and vanished after 30 sec with the answer.
  8. Yes no detection or rare chance to detect - rather user report / bored gms. Actually running bot in the ally ah runing in one line from left to right and waving to random people and nothing after one hour. And don't do that what is stated on the screen ^^ And yes watched some guy doing sw elvyn starting quests gosh it's so visible like for example there is a tree before me I will not go near the tree I will go at the tree and then strafe when stuck.
  9. Yeah admin write turn that off ? to me too ? I said I have nothing so he said restart the client. So I did.
  10. So detection but with check not insta ban. Or somebody can see that wonky pathing and insta turning and reported.
  11. Don't stay in one spot longer than 5 minutes bot is so visible to the trainded eye ( whole movement is so fckin wonky and unnatural like hell + strange pathing aroung the world ) that no wonder is getting banned. I'm not sure they don't have detection already but instead of insta ban they check the bot first. I got banned without anybody around in the middle of nowhere without any kind of conversation, nothing in friends just random loner bot with good rotation not wonky at all. And they even will check you with private conversation if you grind not quest too long like 3 hours without breaks ... ( don't use pqr, is detected teleport is safe if you teleport with 5 sec intervals )
  12. Depends where you use it. If the server have properly working warden wrobot is detecable. There is no protection it's only good when server don't have protection/poor protection. It's detectable on Tauri and it's detectable on antlatiss tbc. The rest? The rest don't have warden. For example Frosthold have only anti speed and anti teleport protection and that too is not working good ( 5 second delay with tp and you can tp everywhere without detection etc )
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