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  1. Even if they can scan thru process I doubt the can scan memory of each of the process so they cannot know what exactly each process is doing. So if you name your script as a notepad.exe or other random things they will never be able to find that you are cheating them. But well the best way is just to make some account and play some time. Or maybe they can detect if the key click is a hardware action or not but this is another kind of story.
  2. You can mod power auras to show result not as an icon but as a color then detect the color by reading pixel and send a key configured with that color. This is the basis of autoit/autohotkey some paid solutions ( or idea of that )
  3. In custom c# rotation. It was working few days ago and after that end of the year break - no reaction. Pasive lua functions are working but no reactive ones.
  4. Even the simplest command like Lua.RunMacroText("/cast Blessing of Might"); is not executed.
  5. Mykoplazma

    ban on northdale

    Abnormal mob status is always a problem. Maybe calculating an average time to kill a mob and then stopping the mob when the time of the fight is bigger than average time by 20% or something? Recently banned by 'super regen health mod' added to a mob.
  6. You should write the variables to array and create the function that iterates thru the array and check each condition one after another. And what is the reason to check that madness anyway? ;D
  7. Mykoplazma

    Unofficial WRobot API Documentation

    Yes adding ability to use http://ironpython.net if possible will be a great thing
  8. Mykoplazma

    WoW memory usage?

    Tool is only preventing to display the models on the screen they are still in memory. You must unpack mpq find all models replace them with something very small ( like model of error box that white and blue thing that appears sometimes where there is nothing to display a place holder ). You can search for all textures and make them 8 x 8 and solid color, replace all spells with empty spell etc etc then pack everything to mpq name it path-something.mpq and put it into game data folder with other mpqs. Of course if server allows mpq modification.
  9. Mykoplazma

    WoW memory usage?

    Because all textures sounds model and whole continent is in the memory? Do you see a loading anywhere except the ship travel? You can teleport anywhere and the things will be there without loading because they are already loaded. You can cut down the textures, remove frames, make sounds 1 second long , change all buildings in sw to 1 cm3 chest etc to reduce memory load. Maybe there is some hack to unload models from memory idk.
  10. Mykoplazma

    Streaming Horde 1-60 Creation

    Nice work.
  11. Mykoplazma

    Need Old Wrobot 3.3.5a

    Interaction between lua addons and wrobot it's a problem because wrobot gets detected that way. So is better to disable lua addons and write a plugins to do selected actions from wrobot side.
  12. Mykoplazma

    Dont see body and Spirit Healer on the map

    Server side bug or something with wdb cache files. One way is to record the spot where you get your last breath out in the variable ( some kind of thread running with check alive , record pos, alive record pos, not alive get the last pos etc quite easy logic to follow ) and just go there when you are in ghost mode.
  13. Mykoplazma

    Healer with WRotation

    You need to use c# and objectamanger and then you must iterate thru party or just players around and then add it to a directory type with health values and find the lowest health value and get the guid of that player and target him in norma way of hidden focus way etc etc. It's quite advanced stuff if you are new to programming if you are not new it's quite easy. You can look at that plugin It's quite nasty old outdated but it can should you a general idea how it can be done.
  14. They have quite skilled devs pity they don't upgrade game quality but some anticheat crap to prevent money leak.
  15. You must 'touch' the unit to get the info. For Development Tools: Lua.LuaDoString("DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(\"" + "-------------Start------------------" + "\")"); foreach (WoWUnit mob in wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.ObjectManager.GetObjectWoWUnit()) { var name = mob.Name; var baseAdress = mob.GetBaseAddress; wManager.Wow.Helpers.Interact.InteractGameObject(baseAdress,true,false); var type = mob.CreatureTypeTarget; Lua.LuaDoString("DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(\"" + name + " " + type + "\")"); } Lua.LuaDoString("DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(\"" + "-------------Stop------------------" + "\")"); There is another way to touch the unit ( without visible changing targets - nasty ye? ) You must use lua , focus and write the guid from scanning under focus then request the value. Lua.LuaDoString("DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(\"" + "-------------Start------------------" + "\")"); foreach (WoWUnit mob in wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.ObjectManager.GetObjectWoWUnit()) { var name = mob.Name; var tmp = wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.ObjectManager.Me.FocusGuid; wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.ObjectManager.Me.FocusGuid = mob.Guid; string type = Lua.LuaDoString<string>(@"creatureType = UnitCreatureType(""focus"")", "creatureType"); wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.ObjectManager.Me.FocusGuid = tmp; Lua.LuaDoString("DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(\"" + name + " " + type + "\")"); } Lua.LuaDoString("DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(\"" + "-------------Stop------------------" + "\")"); And this is working solution for that problem. Credits for @reapler for showing the method with guid replacement. Tested on 2.4.3 nightbane and works here.