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  1. Be aware that Tauri is detecting that bot long time and wrobot is unusable there.
  2. As @Droidz is on-line and is ignoring the subject completely - well good customer service. Can you behave as a grown up and answer to the simple question?
  3. Can I get some kind of official statement? It will be fixed or not? I may buy other product from other programmer but I don't wanna spend more money that is necessary.
  4. Ok I'm sorry for making assumptions. If it's impossible for other servers but tauri we will wait.
  5. "You can use our product during the subscription time without one month of break in the middle caused by server side protection that we cannot manage to fix at our side".
  6. Well the learning for the future - never buy products without any kind of guarantee. Good it's only tauri. But what if atlantiss tbc will take tauri dev and ask him to implement the same kind of protection there? Tbc will be cut out? Interesting.
  7. Maybe they are reading HWID of computer or they can detect wrobot but don't speak about it just ban the users after some time ...
  8. It's fixed or they disabled the warden after reading that forum? Ok after botting 2 hours the ban come without any chat warning just sudden and unexpected. They push it to silence mode with random on/off times perhaps. This account () is currently banned from our server until 2019-03-02 22:18:37. Reason: WRobot #3 (Evermoon, 0x63b5af0, 0x3635540, 0x364b200 : 726 1549.5 347.0 1.3)
  9. Dear droidz even if you remove any plugin and push play it will get detected ( customplugin.dll only in plugins dir in customplugin script is big doing nothing loop ) . Even if you get fresh wrobot and just select wrotation and even don't donload any it will get detected. They are simply detecting injection itself.
  10. Fresh wrobot even not downloaded any kind of fight class just empty selection - push play button move somewhere else - 30 seconds later you will get a detection infromation - also on tauri discrod main dev stated that any bot will be detected after 20 seconds of running.
  11. They are reading this forum. Now even without any files in directory ( except wow.exe ) wrobot is detected. Can that be fixed? Good that other servers don't have real computer gurus 😄
  12. ahh so each wow client is returning the same time value in the same moment in epoch time? that's so clever. So virtual machine will solve it.
  13. The option - Launch multiple wow clients with random delay (set random time spread ( like 5-10 min etc ) in seprate option window ) should be added to a launcher.
  14. SendKeys.Send("{ENTER}"); not SendKeys(("{ENTER}"); for starters.You are not using microsoft c# compiling env? Or some other kind of c# thing with intelisense?
  15. If you need to send a key to game you can use many methods like Sendkeys (C# api ) , runing autohotkey or autoit exe or autoit dll and many other.
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