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  1. My own method was to open the xml file manually and write the proper ids there. You will find the list on the bottom in the gather part. Something like this. <GatherEntry> <int>202738</int> <int>202736</int> <int>202741</int> <int>202739</int> </GatherEntry> So fly around record the path the edit the file and add the ids and remove anything else. Ids can be found on wowhead for example if you look for tryllium ore you will find the id in the link https://www.wowhead.com/item=72103/white-trillium-ore that item part is ore id 72103 ... etc
  2. You must write proper id of the herb in the profile ore too. Only id not names are working.
  3. It looks like two working modules are sending different kind of orders to the player toon. Maybe you should suspend one and let other do the job. Now one is stating go left the other go right and well it looks like wrobot in action ^^.
  4. You can write custom product and create your own 'grinder' module. And is better to do that because standard one is well standard and if everybody use it well it's quite visible to gms because of well 'wrobot' quirks.
  5. If it's readable you can copy the logic from one system to another but the rest is up to you and your programming skills.
  6. Yeah got banned when grinding bears in winterspring gm added super regen mob to the mob before I noticed it I got banned.
  7. If you have Nvidia card you can use global fps limit for any directx game using program called NVIDIA Inspector. You can find how to do it on google.
  8. Yeah tricking bots and pushing them to impossible to detect conditions ( unless script will detect that madness ) is standard procedure on netherwing. Like you have flying mount they will take it off but they will let you fly without mount. Guess what.
  9. Be aware that Tauri is detecting that bot long time and wrobot is unusable there.
  10. As @Droidz is on-line and is ignoring the subject completely - well good customer service. Can you behave as a grown up and answer to the simple question?
  11. Can I get some kind of official statement? It will be fixed or not? I may buy other product from other programmer but I don't wanna spend more money that is necessary.
  12. Ok I'm sorry for making assumptions. If it's impossible for other servers but tauri we will wait.
  13. "You can use our product during the subscription time without one month of break in the middle caused by server side protection that we cannot manage to fix at our side".
  14. Well the learning for the future - never buy products without any kind of guarantee. Good it's only tauri. But what if atlantiss tbc will take tauri dev and ask him to implement the same kind of protection there? Tbc will be cut out? Interesting.
  15. Maybe they are reading HWID of computer or they can detect wrobot but don't speak about it just ban the users after some time ...
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