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    I wanted to give this plugin some love! I like to fish in WoW probably as much as you do, so this product is a must-have for any other fisherman out there! I went to add in the "Curious Crate" object to the "Auto open container" list, and it was already in there. Very thorough and I enjoy it very much, so Thank you!
  1. It seems to me, it sounds like it is time to find a new server to enjoy WRobot on. That is obnoxiously intrusive on gameplay even if I was not botting, that would get annoying real quick!
  2. Hi, In General Settings -> Enter Advanced Settings -> Class/Fight Class tab -> is "Start fighting with Elite" checked?
  3. @loose You are most welcome! Be sure to check out the newest version 0.3. It has new features.
  4. Version 0.0.3


    A simple plugin to destroy items from your bags using a collection that you specify as well as a quantity of that item to keep. C O N T R O L S + => Add a new item row. - => Remove selected row(s). Delete Timer (sec) => The count-down timer will start and reset while not in combat. Once the timer reaches 0, it will scan you bags for items. Delay Time (MS) => Adjusting this value will wait the desired (millisecond) delay between each deletion. Adjust higher if you are ejected from the server. Export => Save your collection to the \Plugins\ directory. Donate (If you like the product, please consider a small donation.)
  5. You did not mention which game version, but I made this: You can give it a try to see if it works out for you! Destroy Items
  6. Yes this has been mentioned a few times. The best thing to do is re-record your flight path to avoid the area or possibly blacklisting the area where it happens.
  7. I only use Fisherbot when I manually fly to pools, land around a nice area, and then use the shortcut keys to pause/unpause the WRobot. I refuse to allow WRobot to manually fly, move to any point in the game due to many issues with navigation imo. I also make some changes to the Fisherbot settings: I have never had any realy problems with fishing, though.
  8. Version 0.0.10


    A Discipline priest healing "fight class" for WotLK 3.3.5 game version. Use WRotation or HealBot Products for this fight class. Donate (If you like the product, please consider a small donation.) Started 8/10/2021 Disclaimer: This if my second attempt scripting a healing class. This fight class is not yet finished. It is work in progress with limited testing. T A L E N T S Updated 8/24/2021 G L Y P H S Major => Glyph of Power Word: Shield // Glyph of Penance // Glyph of Flash Heal Minor => Glyph of Shadowfiend // Glyph of Fortitude // Glyph of Levitate S P E L L S (Green = Tested and working / Red = Not yet implemented / Orange - May need more testing) K N O W N I S S U E S May try to heal local players that have disconnected and the character is still seen in game. May try to heal local players who are dueling. Will not heal pets at this time. (possible future update) Will not heal while mounted on siege vehicles (yet). F E E D B A C K I would like feedback if you any. I worked from a few guides online, and tried to match the behavior. If there is any problems, or changes that you would like to see, please send me a message, and I will see what I can do. Thanks! Virus Total
  9. I don't know you, don't care to know you.. you seem to be a really nice guy though.. I have posted several times of issues. no one is throwing a tantrum, lol. If you don't want to accept my ideas to help improve AIO, don't, but it's kinda garbage tbh. I have something in the works.. I will share it for the community to see... just wait.
  10. I have an entire framework for all my fight classes I have scripted over the course of 4 years.. I can say whatever I want as well. I try to use your free product, and I am giving you issues, that have gone unchecked for a long time now.. Free move is on, straight pipe is on, and all your fight classes still move without my input.. it's nerve racking. I have a tone, because every time I say something about AIO, you all get butt hurt and uptight about it. My fight classes are superior.
  11. Just let the USER decide what they need from it.. sheesh
  12. Of course I looked at the settings... wtf? I disabled and the fucker still spams prayer buffs....
  13. Please, please, and please... disable auto buffing as priest! ugh!! edit* Mass Dispel should be a toggle as well, please!
  14. That is what the function above checks for, yes.
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