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  1. @maukor I have never tested this for tbc. I may rework this plug-in in the near future.
  2. In Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Other tab, make sure to match your in game latency. This may or may not help. If that doesn't fix it, it sounds like an issue inside the selected Fight Classes.
  3. But.. if anyone needed code for this: Boolean method: internal static bool PlayerKnowShadowWeaving() { return Lua.LuaDoString<bool>(@" local numTabs = GetNumTalentTabs(); for t=1, numTabs do local numTalents = GetNumTalents(t); for i = 1, numTalents do nameTalent, _, _, _, currRank, _ = GetTalentInfo(t, i); if nameTalent == 'Shadow Weaving' and currRank > 0 then return true; end end end" ); } Usage: // Shadow Word: Pain- Only if player
  4. Glad you were able to figure it out. Would you mind editing the post title to, "[Solved] title here". It helps a lot for people searching for similar issues and shows, "Solved". Thanks!
  5. Awesome idea here! I will have a look into it tomorrow and try it out. I will also report any issues and findings and or ideas to the table (so to speak).
  6. Try again after adjusting the following General Settings -> Enter advanced settings... -> Vendor (Selling or Buying) -> Min free bag slots
  7. I am not quite sure if WRobot is able to distinguish between quest objects from any other game object that is interactable. You may need to make a list, or dictionary with quest id, and quest item id.. but you can just compare the nodeNearMe by the name of the object, aka Quest item. var nodeNearMe = ObjectManager.GetObjectWoWGameObject().Where(t => t != null && t.CanOpen).OrderBy(u => ObjectManager.Me.Position.DistanceTo(u.Position)).FirstOrDefault(); if (nodeNearMe != null && nodeNearMe.Name == "Quest Item Name Here" && ObjectManager.Me.Position.DistanceTo(
  8. Version 0.3


    Check out the promo video! Tracker++ is a plugin for WRobot that has been in development since 2018 when it’s original release was known as, “WRadar”. Tracker++ will allow the user to use two basic key-binds, [Insert] and [Delete] to add and remove Target object names, or Game Object names to a list in memory (unless the user specifies to keep their lists saved to text files for each character logged in). If the player is near any of the added entities and the settings allow it -- WRobot’s Radar3D will draw lines and circles to the entities’ position from the player’s position.
  9. I have to say that this occurred for me as well when flying the path I had setup for Fishing. Once Pathfinder has a problem finding a direct "route" to the nearest path "node", it will fly up and spiral until the bot is stopped.
  10. I stumbled across a website the other day, while looking for an alternative to Rocketr to process payments, and validate plugins, fight classes, etc. when I found, cryptlex (Powerful software licensing API). Quick Start Using LexActivator with C# After working with the code a bit, I wanted to share a demo project, along with a demo product online, as well as license keys if anyone would like to test it out for themselves. This project may have bugs and may not work 100%. I am hoping if other programmers check out the code they can offer ideas, comments, and even constr
  11. Shadow Priest FC: First time trying it -- [F] 22:04:47 - [RTF] Casting Vampiric Embrace (Vampiric Embrace on Iron Sentinel with guid 17379391465070812334 [F] 22:04:48 - [RTF] Casting Vampiric Embrace (Vampiric Embrace on Iron Sentinel with guid 17379391465070812334 [F] 22:04:50 - [RTF] Casting Vampiric Embrace (Vampiric Embrace on Iron Sentinel with guid 17379391465070812334 [F] 22:04:51 - [RTF] Casting Devouring Plague (Devouring Plague on Iron Sentinel with guid 17379391465070812334 [F] 22:04:53 - [RTF] Casting Vampiric Embrace (Vampiric Embrace on Iron Sentinel with guid 17379391465
  12. Auto-accepts are not built into World of Warcraft on their own. This feature you are talking about sounds like an addon issue.
  13. I was using the Holy Priest FC giving it a try. I don't have a log, sorry.
  14. @Talamin - I have enabled the WRobot setting - Ignore fights when traveling, but your FC seems to ignore this feature and turns to fight..
  15. Perfect! That is all that matters. I lead you into the correct direction. Have a nice day!
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