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  1. @DroidzDo you plan to fix this issue?
  2. Cultivation in wotlk gives +15 to herbalism https://wotlkdb.com/?race=6#racial-traits
  3. so im leveling herbalism with another druid which has +15 herbalism bonus and the problem appeared again, bot wont pick herbs until has required skill+15, any idea how to fix it?
  4. It can be used for other stuff 😉 But i guess you are right with druid
  5. Trying to make complex fightclass for my druid without coding. Mangle can have 3 different costs of energy which depends on Improved Mangle Talent, every time i lvl it up i need to change condition manually, would love to avoid it. Other way to work could be something like "use this skill only when it costs x energy" but there is no such way in coditions list. Is is possible to use specific skill only when specific talent is selected/not selected?(without using c#) Checked whole list of spell condition and couldn't find anything
  6. I thought it might be problem with profile, so i created new one, added npc to the profile where wrobot should sell stuff, now its not even selling trash.... the same NPC, same settings. whats going on?
  7. How to do it? there is no button for that, i cant remove entries, can only check/uncheck "can fly to, save, current profile npc, active"
  8. Hello, sure but can i do it the way nobody except you can see it?( it reveals what mobs im fighting and this way its very easy to find me 😛 )
  9. Wrobot don't semd mails, despite i set everything correct, on other computer with same settings works perfectly;;d Mail is lik 100 yards from vendor i sell trash and it even doesnt try to mail anything
  10. yeah guys, i have like that, running 2 bots on 2 different computers, one sends mail, another not....
  11. As in topic, my wrobot doesnt send loot, checked green items, added specific items, bot doesnt even fly to mailbox. Mail box its not near any blacklisted zone SOLUTION :
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