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    @Droidz why dont you use the OpenStackSplitFrame function and buy all that is needed?
  2. if you want to buy a item that has a buy of more then 1 like "Buy 5 per click" but you only want a number of them (like 3) i wrote this function, i know it looks like crap, it kinda is but it works. enjoy . public static void BuyItem(String ItemName, Int32 quantity) { Memory.WowMemory.LockFrame(); try { var MerchantItemSlot = Lua.LuaDoString<Int32>(@"for i=1, GetMerchantNumItems() do local name = GetMerchantItemInfo(i); if name and string.find(name, '" + ItemName + "') then " + "return i; " + "end " + "end " + "return 0;"); if (MerchantItemSlot > 0) { Lua.LuaDoString("OpenStackSplitFrame(" + MerchantItemSlot + ", MerchantItem" + MerchantItemSlot + "ItemButton, 'BOTTOMLEFT', 'TOPLEFT') " + "StackSplitText:SetText(" + quantity + "); " + "StackSplitFrame.split = " + quantity + "; " + "StackSplitOkayButton:Click();"); } } catch (Exception ex) { Logging.WriteError(ex.ToString()); } finally { Memory.WowMemory.UnlockFrame(); } }
  3. You can do all of this with very little knowledge of Csharp, there are tones of help on this forums, just gotta do a little bit of research.
  4. this is pretty much false, @Dreamful warmane uses a 2 / 4 ban type, if you are using a bot and you get banned you can appeal 2 times, first time at 7 Months after the first ban, then 2 years after the second ban, they will unban you and say Dont let this happen again. for hacks / lua unlocker warden will ban you first 15 mins, 2nd 60 mins and 3rd for 7 days, after that you will get perma banned which appeal after 3 months youll get your acount back. so all together you can get your acount back but dont push the 3rd / 4th rule they have. because after that, there is no more chances.
    Hey @Dreamful, Good job on this profile. i liked it, i went ahead and make a custom profile off this and made it more custom, here is the source code : https://github.com/TheRaven-dev/Netherwing-Egg/tree/master enjoy, feel free to use it if you like it.
  5. you could hook onto the Captcha event (I am guessing they added a custom event ) with /etrace amd see what args they are and see a by pass that way.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Hello, Here is a simple plugin that handles a few problems that occur while botting, i hope this helps yall, Features : Avoid Elite Mobs This will stop you from dying to any Elite mob, Most elite mobs are over powered and can kill you with hits, often causing you to release and run back to just die again. chain deaths, this will stop fighting with them. Ground Effects This function will handle ground effects on your like Volly, Death and Decay. it will move you out of it and continue fighting the target. this will help keep you alive (Needs testing,) Evading mobs This will stop you from fighting mobs that are evading you, Enjoy.
  7. Hey, i hope i am not bothering you but everything ive tired isnt working. Can you provide a sample if you have time. i got everything working but i need to get submap of the last vector of a list without bring there.
  8. Can you post a screenshot of your error? i cant really help without seeing the error.
  9. Are you using using wManager.Wow.Helpers; using wManager.Wow.ObjectManager; use these references
  10. Simple google search with words Wrobot Aoe Death and Decay will find a lot of help for you.
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