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    Sye24 got a reaction from happiness7 in How to get Rolled item as WowItem?   
    @happiness7 i went a head and pushed a update to the github of the AutoRoll code, i made it to where you can print out the main stats from the item. here whats done so far, ill work on it more when i get time.
    next update : ima clean it up, the code looks like crap but after work and packing etc. this is what i got done so far, 
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    Sye24 got a reaction from happiness7 in How to get Rolled item as WowItem?   
    Here is something basic i put together real fast, it will get the item ID and print out the lines of a item via ToolTip to the Ingame chat frame, ill work on it once i get home from my vacation.
    - Raven Will Never Die !
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    Sye24 got a reaction from happiness7 in Bot.States   
    Sample Source code : https://github.com/TheSmokie/SampleState-Plugin-Wrobot
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    Sye24 got a reaction from BrewingCoder in Quest Turn-Ins Not really working all that well   
    try something like this 
    using robotManager.Helpful; using System; using System.ComponentModel; using wManager.Events; using wManager.Wow.Helpers; public static class QuestCompleteHelper { public static void Start() { OthersEvents.OnSelectQuestRewardItem += _QuestCompleteHandler; } public static void Stop() { OthersEvents.OnSelectQuestRewardItem -= _QuestCompleteHandler; } private static void _QuestCompleteHandler(CancelEventArgs cancelable) { try { cancelable.Cancel = true; Lua.LuaDoString(@" if ( not QuestFrameRewardPanel:IsVisible() or QuestFrameRewardPanel:IsVisible() == nil ) then local gossipTable = {GetGossipActiveQuests()} local numOptions = table.getn(gossipTable)/4 local nameIndex, completeIndex = 1, 4 for i=1,numOptions do if gossipTable[completeIndex] == 1 then SelectGossipActiveQuest(i); CompleteQuest(); GetQuestReward(1); end nameIndex, completeIndex = nameIndex + 4, completeIndex + 4 end return"); } catch (Exception ex) { Logging.Write("QuestCompleteHelper > bug " + ex); } } }  
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    Sye24 reacted to Apexx in Captcha on wowcircle (private server 3.3.5a) / Капча на wowcircle   
    It seems to me, it sounds like it is time to find a new server to enjoy WRobot on. That is obnoxiously intrusive on gameplay even if I was not botting, that would get annoying real quick!
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    Sye24 got a reaction from jiraiyasm in correct code for debuff   
    @jiraiyasmHello, i went ahead and cleaned up some of your code, this should work. let me know if you need any help.
    public static void EnchantWeapon() { try { if (hasMainHandEnchant || Fight.InFight || ObjectManager.Me.InCombatFlagOnly || ObjectManager.Me.IsDead) return; IEnumerable<uint> MainHandEnchant = InstantPoisonDictionary .Where(i => i.Key <= ObjectManager.Me.Level && ItemsManager.GetItemCountByIdLUA(i.Value) >= 1) .OrderByDescending(i => i.Key) .Select(i => i.Value); if (MainHandEnchant.Any()) { var MHPoison = MainHandEnchant.FirstOrDefault(); ItemsManager.UseItem(MHPoison); Thread.Sleep(10); Lua.LuaDoString("PickupInventoryItem(16);"); Thread.Sleep(5000); } } catch(Exception ex) { Logging.Write($"{ex}"); } } private static Dictionary<int, uint> InstantPoisonDictionary = new Dictionary<int, uint>() { { 79, 41196 }, }; private static Boolean hasMainHandEnchant => Lua.LuaDoString<Int32>("local GetWeaponEnchant = {GetWeaponEnchantInfo()}; return GetWeaponEnchant[1];") == 1;  
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    Sye24 reacted to Droidz in Help Lua Avoid ground AOE from bosses?   
    For the moment the possibility to avoid ground AOE spell is not implemented.
    To target same mob of the party leader, you need to use c# code like this:
    if (wManager.Wow.Helpers.Party.IsInGroup()) { var playerLeader = new wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.WoWPlayer(wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.ObjectManager.GetObjectByGuid(wManager.Wow.Helpers.Party.GetPartyLeaderGUIDHomeAndInstance()).GetBaseAddress); if (playerLeader.IsValid) { var target = playerLeader.TargetObject; if (target.IsValid && wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.ObjectManager.Target.GetBaseAddress != target.GetBaseAddress) { wManager.Wow.Helpers.Interact.InteractGameObject(target.GetBaseAddress, !ObjectManager.Me.GetMove); } } }  
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    Sye24 got a reaction from Apexx in Looking for assistance with a method idea   
    Something like this will need constant updates of targets Heath % into seconds.
    100 % seconds from 100% to 99 = 2 seconds, if party members dies recalibrate health % - 1 etc.
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    Sye24 got a reaction from zhxwbr8 in How to use macro command to store keywords in bank?   
    /run SetCurrentGuildBankTab(SlotNumber) for Bag = 0,4 do for Slot = 1, GetContainerNumSlots(Bag) do local itemLink = GetContainerItemLink(Bag, Slot); if itemLink then if string.find(itemLink, "ItemName") then UseContainerItem(Bag, Slot); break; end end end end  
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    Sye24 reacted to Bohica in Help Required   
    yeah its of i basically re installed or the required programmes and restarted pc and seemed to work.
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    Sye24 got a reaction from zhxwbr8 in How to store the goods of specified quality into the bank?   
    Hello, here is the Csharp method i made, (Untested) : https://github.com/TheRaven-dev/Craft-Code/blob/master/Craft Code/BankLib.cs
    if you want to mainly use Lua, i also made a simple lua Script.
    local function PlaceItemInGbank(BankSlot, ItemName) SetCurrentGuildBankTab(BankSlot); for Bag = 0,4 do for Slot = 1, GetContainerNumSlots(Bag) do local itemLink = GetContainerItemLink(Bag, Slot); if itemLink then if string.find(itemLink, ItemName) then UseContainerItem(Bag, Slot); break; end end end end end  
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    Sye24 got a reaction from zhxwbr8 in Want to make little contribution for WR   
    I love the idea, but most top servers have detection for this and can cause insta ban. also should not notice are you using wrobot as the bot or are you making your own program with wrobot References ?
    id recommend (for learning reasons) building a endscene hook (yourself, dont go copying from other websites. note @Droidz hook still does work if you fix the offsets to win 10 etc.) and start trying to build yourself your own API + you should make something simple like a rotation bot, then work on ObjectManager readings. there is a lot of information on Ownedcore Wow memory Editing area. for you to read and understand, i would also recommend getting some CSharp and or  C++ books off amazon or somewhere (no idea where to get free pdf copy's on the internet. haven't looked.) 
    its all really fun learning and building a bot from scatch (for learning reason ONLY.) (Blizzard please dont send the big hard law suit at me.)
    id also recommend Ida pro over cheatENG because it gives you more information. (i wont go into detail, i could write a book on why IDA is better but who needs that.) 
    i have this problem but idk if others do, i normally use LUA a lot so i tend to use Lua over Memory reading but most of the time i force myself to go back and read from memory because using LUA is kinda slow and can cause problems if you dont build your Lua.DoString<Type> correctly.
    last but not least remember its not able beating the game and build a omg bbc wow rotation bot. its amount learning and sometimes you make simple mistakes that causing a big but and sometime you come out with no buts. but the big important thing is learning.
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