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    Seems to work ok, guy with other review probably didnt run it as Grinder and maybe thats why it didnt work for him? Working ok for me 🙂 Thanks
    Love this FC, excellent piece of work, Recently been making a fire mage, and have noticed unlike frost mage, the fire mage does not use sheep, does not back peddle on frost nova, and does not use flame strike, it does however back peddle if I manually cast frost nova. Other than this, and even with this its worth getting guys. **Update** Ok downloaded newest version, can confirm frost nova and back peddle works on fire mage, however the targeting just cycles between the enemy and doesn't cast anything, so basically just spams targeting and dies, have not seen it use sheep i think due to the targeting spam, also when fighting more than 1 mob the mage uses melee, currently fire mage is unplayable.
  1. ok thanks for responce, cant remember what i purchased lol nm figured a couple out. ty anyways
  2. yeah its of i basically re installed or the required programmes and restarted pc and seemed to work.
  3. So when i go to open wrobot i get an error message saying the server id down or my anti virus or firewall is stopping connection to the server, so my question is the server down as my anti virus and firewall are off
  4. Hey all returned to Wrobot after a long break, how if at all possible do i get my profiles i have previously paid for?
  5. Bohica


    guys is there anything out there that can help with pvp? need something to force bot to at least try and defend itself, bot just feeds enemy honor!!!!!!!!
  6. Bohica


    Is there a profile/plugin that will help your bot in pvp combat? Ie, on a pvp server 99% of time a player will attack you when your in combat with a mob and bot just carries on combat with mob while player attacks you for free kill, is there anything that can force a switch from mob to player and at least try to defend? Or is there anything that can force pvp with another player in your area of a certain level range to honor farm in world pvp?
  7. im sorry i have been trying to get this set up all day, the resto druid is following my party, but heals himself over tank and doesnt buff tank , MOW or thorns, not sure what im doing wrong tbh
  8. can you delete this thread please found what i think was causing the issue
  9. hey there, just purchase the resto druid FC, i have set it all up, but doesnt seem to do anything, i placed him in a 2 man party to test the FC and he does not buff tank or himself and does not heal the tank, i have them both on patyhelper plugin and druid follows the tank nps, but doesnt do anything, i even tried just running druid as Wrotation and still does nothing, appologies for contacting you, but at present nothing is working.
  10. if its the profile, and the file is encrypted, how do we change the settings?
  11. Apologies it did state shaman fc would work across expansion, and fullest apologies for contacting you, wont happen again so sorry
  12. Was also wondering is there anyway to make a fightclass that will switch target to another player if you start to be attacked in pvp or if you scan other players in area to pvp over npcs?
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