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Found 24 results

  1. Version 1.0.1


    Hello everyone, Today i wanted to share my new farming Druid Feral Fight class. I will be adding lot more options upon request. Features: Rotation (cooldown control management.) Buff rotation. Attack Range (Added Range option, Default set 5) Healing rotation added. (No options at this time, Maybe at a later date.) If you find any bugs or want me to implement anything, Join my discord server and send me a message. : https://discord.gg/ppm8Ufc
  2. Apexx


    Version 0.5


    Never miss another game object or rare spawn again! This is a simple plugin that uses Radar3D to draw text, circles and lines to WoW game objects and NPCs that you specify in lists. WRadar [Image: Settings Window] Hotkeys [Insert] = Add (Will add NPC if you have it targeted or nearest Game Object if you do not have a target.) [Delete] = Remove (Will remove NPC if you have it targeted or remove nearest Game Object if you do not have a target.) Alert Sound File Download here (Be sure to place the sound file inside the "Plugins" folder. If you enter the names yourself into the lists, be sure to separate each game object on its own line. Example: Bloodthistle Briarthorn Bruiseweed Earthroot Fireweed Fool's Cap Frostweed Please let me know if you have any issues with the plugin. Happy Farming! Download My Lists
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is a profile for farming Icy Dragonscale, an item mostly used for leatherworking. DETAILS *********** Zone: Sholazar Basin Min-Level: ~75 Mobs: Primordial Drake Mail/Repair/Vendor: No/Yes/Yes Fraction: Alliance & Horde Created on: Rising-Gods 3.3.5a Other: Will also farm a lot of Borean Leather Feel free to edit my profile.
  4. Version 0.9


    Seu's Ore Gatherer 0.9 This new update brings a more successful farm rate bringing to life the jade forest, vale of eternal blossom and valley of the four winds. Expect great results from this profile! This version support mailbox for both Horde and Alliance. 0.7 This profile is the newest up to date profile which support mailbox for alliance and horde. This profile has the new ore farming path. Classic This profile is the old ore farming path and has an up to date profile of blacklists. This version does NOT support mailbox. Thank for supporting my profiles, I hope you continue to use Seu's Ore Gatherer and be on the look out for my Herb Gatherer which is coming soon. Please report any trees/rocks with the blacklist location so I can keep this up to date for everyone.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Hey Guys, this is my first Fight-Class. After i didnt found any file with a working moonkin form i decided to try it myself. - always cast Moonkin Form when not mounted and entering combat - casting moonfire and sunfire once per target - added new moon, half moon and full to rota - prioritized starsurge at 50 astral power - casting Regrowth at 40 % health - casting barkskin at 20 % health Feedback and reviews are welcome and help me out to find better ways for rotation and more
  6. This subject hasn't been directly addressed in a while. While it is obvious with todays market that Legion herb / skin / mine bots are what will make you the most Gold Per Hour. There inst much to be said on this forum about WoD bots (non legion bots). The following was based on my server economy and token prices- yours may vary. $15 USD ( or less if your lucky) isn't much to get started with WoW botting. Once you start a bot on an account- you essentially say " bye bye " to it... so 15 USD inst bad for a little experiment. Since the 7.1 banwave rolled in- this is the WoW game I have been playing. getting started: This is rough- you want to level as fast as possible. Once you buy the game you have 30 days to scrape together enough gold for the 30 day WoW token.... unless you want to pay $$ for another 30 day sub. I Honestly struggled here. I started levelling two bots per account with relogger swapping between them and at ~ lvl 65 trimmed it down to 1 bot per acc with sped things up nicely. Still, this was just after the 7.1 banwave so i was taking it slow. It took ~9 out of the 30 days of staggered play to get to lvl 80 (using my horde levelling profile). Gold farming LVL 80-85 Once you hit lvl 80 you start making some OK gold. You should have ~5K from pre CATA levelling. In CATA I set the bot to sell EVERTHING with the exception of: Embersilk Cloth Volatile Earth Really... nothing else sold on my Mid Pop Oceanic server AH. Still the 'man hours' of posting auctions at any level is substantial. I made a few K from lvling, however no-where near the rate that was going to buy me a WoW token at the end of the month. Gold farming LVL 85-90 Pandaria: there is a LOT of gold to be made here... just at lvl 85 you cant make it yet. I went the Mining / Herb route and found only Mining was worth a damn. Even then it was VERY easy to saturate the AH market with botted ores. http://www.wowhead.com/item=89112/mote-of-harmony is your friend here. Its 'hard'/tedious to farm so people buy it from the AH and its hovering around 10 gold per mote (100G for a spirit). motes were easy money- and the mobs drop decent vendor trash too which gives a bump to the GPH. I hit 90 (bought pandaria flying) and ran Seu's ore gatherer for a night ~6-8 hrs. Its a seriously good profile which netted me just over 1000 ghost iron ore which I cycled through the AH over a few days. 10K towards the token. Gold farming 90-98 I Took levelling as a priority in this bracket. I left the bots in grind loops of mobs that drop http://www.wowhead.com/item=111557/sumptuous-fur . Sells very stably at ~2g per unit on my server ( thanks to the bag market). Never had much issue shifting units though the AH on my bank toon. With the fur and drops bots were running at 600G / hour at this point which was nice. Gold farming 98-100+ This is where "Meatgut needs needs bones" comes in. its just like farming sumptuous fur, except each bone is 0.35G. Most mobs drop 1-3 bones so it bumps up the GPH nicely. at this point I was running my BM hunter and Feral druid at 550-650 gold per hour. In the first month I just scraped by. Both accounts got their 30 day WoW token @56K gold a pop with a few K to spare. the next month is looking good as both acc's have a lvl 100 to farm the gold for the next token. Still im yet to have a substantial 'return on investment' to my main account. Gold farming at lvl 100. Balance is key here. unfortunately: balance requires a LOT of human intervention with the bot... Im currently cycling 4 profiles on each bot on my 2 accounts. On a good day i may pull in ~ 10K per account while botting 6-8 hours. On a normal day its in the realm of 5-6K. I'm lvling up other bots so i can have each bot tied to a specific profile, which will stop me manually swapping profiles. however to do that i will need 3 lvl 100's per account so at this time i just swap the profile out each night. The 4 profiles im Currently using are - Isle of giants by XCow. Easy to farm a few thousand bones and throw them n the AH. they dont sell quick, but people will often buy them in the 1000's when they do. - Stonecore goldfarmer by Eeny. just RAW stable gold. Even without AH'ing the Embersilk or Volatile fire its 700-800G an hour from boss / vendor trash. - Meatgut needs Bones- by Droidz. Once agin easy stable money and very solid AFK-able profile 550-650g/ hour. More once you factor in putting Sumptuous fur through the AH. - Seu's Ore Gatherer- by Suemas. Solid profile buy cant run 100% of the time due to AH saturation. I run it once every few days after my Auctions sell. Amazing GPH, just not sustainable. Conclusion: this was a bit of fun, however If you do this you will be waiting 30 days + before you see any real return of gold to your man account. If you are looking to make gold to sell to gold buyers- stick to lgion farming. if you want a low cost / low return gold stream for your main account. WoD bots are a bit of fun and cheap if you get a ban. If anyone has any additions / tips / tricks let me know and ill add them.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    First profile ever! -Designed for farming light leather -100% afk -Wolves are levels 19-20 -No vendors or repair added because I don't know how
  8. Why is it that when my bot goes up to each node, he goes back a step, then goes to the node?
  9. I'm actually looking for primal air farming with ingenering, but i don"t really see how to farm with it. Someone of u had already do that ? Best regards
  10. I've been using a grinder profile up til L27 now, and I have'nt had any problems with it taking herb nodes as it goes, but now it goes to the nodes starts to harvest but 1 second in to harvesting it just goes away and keep on grinding, it says farm successful in the log.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    These profiles will need you to modify them to work well for your bot. You need to look at the profile prior to loading it to see what it does. If you want a simple grinder look at my other Beast Grind pack. For the rest... These are profiles that i use to keep my bots truly AFK while farming leather. The profiles are built to allow the user to not have to log into the bots every day to clean them out. Each of these files are actually questers. The profile will get the bot to farm 2500 STONEHIDE leather. After which will use the Dalaran Hearth, use scavenged good(from boon) / scrolls / pages (for artifact power) ect... Then attempt to mail all whites / greens / epics, Vendor all greys then reload the profile to start again. you will need your mail recipient to be on your bots "friends list" to avoid the mailing popup. The bot decides what it does depending on the amounf of stonehide leather it has in its bag. less than 2500 it will farm, More than 2500 it will hearth and to go dalaran. To make the bot vendor i use wrobot run codes to modify the min bag space to go to town. You may need to change this value depending on the bags you have. You may also need to change the stonehide collect value depending on the bags you have! ############################################################################################################### you need to define a mail recipient for these profiles or they wont work!!! < holy shit im not kidding here... ############################################################################################################### I have put the following runcode default for all profiles /console maxfps 20 wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.Selling = true; wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.SellGray = true; wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.SellWhite = false; wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.SellGreen = false; wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.SellBlue = false; wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.SellPurple = false; wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.UseMail = true; wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.MailGray = false; wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.MailWhite = true; wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.MailGreen = true; wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.MailBlue = true; wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.MailPurple = true; wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.FlightMasterTaxiUse = true; ======================================================================================== modify as you see fit. I hope you have a mail recipient that can Disenchant Legion greens... If not set up a CoD deal for legion greens with an enchanter on your server so some easy gold any (smart) enhancement requests welcome as always. Cheers Eeny
  12. So I have 2 different issues the first being I am having issues with my bot going through periods of not being able to mount. When it goes through this period it will mount then dismount and just run around on foot to farm. It's really annoying and effecting the amount I can farm I have been trying to run multiple sessions but it is not working for some reason. I tried running multiple session on the same PC but when that didn't work I tried running multiple sessions on different PCs but same IP network. What typical happens is they will both will run for a while then one will stop working randomly. any suggestions? If you need any more info let me know and I will update the post
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Hi guys. This profile is awesome for farming Giant Dinosaur Bone, Pets and green Transmogitems. I already used it for more hours than I can count and it works flawless. I would recommend setting search radius to 50 and activate “Start fighting with Elite” in the advanced settings. In 1 hour you can expect to farm up to: (Prices are EU Avg.) 3650 Giant Dinosaur Bone x 1,37g = 5000,50g 2 Spirit of Harmony x 57,97g = 115,94g Selling trash and worthless greens = 330g + Transmogitems and Pets = 3000g Total Gold per Hour = 8446,44g I hope you like the profile and if you have any suggestions, just let me know
  14. Version 1.0.0


    This is a FightClass I used to level two Arms warriors from 1 to 110 and then to farm gold after. It checks to see what spells are usable so it will work for any level. Regular spell rotation: Charge Victory Rush Colossus Smash Overpower Mortal Strike Slam Execute (when target is below 20% health) If target is casting: Pummel If there are 2 or more attackers within 8yrds: Warbreaker Whirlwind If there are 3 or more attackers within 8yrds: Bladestorm If you get below 50% health: Battle Cry If you get below 25% health: Die by the Sword I’ve enclosed a snapshot of the talents I used. As I mentioned, it checks to see if each spell is usable so if you didn’t spec this way or don’t have the artifact weapon ability Warbreaker yet, it will just skip over those. Feel free to test it out and let me know your feedback. If you like this FightClass, please give it some stars.
  15. An issue for me with legion is that i cant find and zones with mailboxes to farm. The only mailbox i can find is in Dalaran. For me this leaves a problem as an unattended bot has very few methods of moving farmed items so they eventually will fill up. This means i need to log in and empty every single bot every 1-2 days. I'm working on this project because im going away for a week and wanted to leave the bots running with relogger (With conservative wait times) . The issue i can foresee is that eventually after a few days my bots are going to be full of leathers / herbs / boons and scrolls... I need to a way to get the valuable stuff off my FarmBots which isnt a vendor. In WoD i managed to do this with mailboxes for legion i can only come back with this **Do not use the profile unless you look at it and understand what it does** Atm i wont be assisting with "this doesnt load" - if you get stuck there, do not test this profile. Being me- i made this profile as its the only way i saw i could do what i wanted to do. The idea was to incorporate my grinding / gathering profiles into the pulses and once i hit a threshold of primary farm items, that pulse would be complete and the bot would attempt to hearth to Dalaran and MAILBOX / vendor items. then go back to farming. If you want to use this you will need to set up your mailbox recipients and items and maybe do some balancing with the min-bags run code to fit your Farmbots bag size. This is an Azsuna skinning profile. Once the bot hits 2500 Stonehide leathers it will port, use all boons and scrolls of aeons / ages and attempt to mail/ vendor. once its vendor-ed it should go back to farming. ATM im banking on the user defining all the stuff they want to mail and then having the bot sell the rest- at this time i have not put the WRobot run code in to automatically sell grey / white / green items. Asking for assistance: Any additional smarts that should be incorporated into the profile Reliability- its a minimal profile atm but it works. is there anything else that can be included to make it bulletproof. Flighmaster- NIL() when trying to direct the bot to go down to aszuna-Does not work bot just jumps and runs. il thank anyone that can fix that. General ideas on other stuff that would be cool. If you still reading - load it as a quest profile... AFK_FARM.xml
  16. Version 1.0.0


    This bot Kills all Anguished Highborne which drop Azure Whelpling in Winterspring. It also kills a few mobs in the area to avoid downtime but shouldn't affect the Anguished Highborne kill rate. INCLUDES MAILBOX for Alliance and Horde! This is my first profile and let me know what you think :). Flying to get to the spot seems to be glitched, idk how to get that to work. WoD 6.2.3 -meepzlol Also im on trial so if anyone wants to donate with a gift card im down :)
  17. So I was farming in Valley of the Four Winds, and found that with the option "Detect nodes stuck" marked, your character won't farm the nodes in water and also won't enter the caves( which is okay). But I want to know if there is an option so my character farms the nodes in water but at the same time doesn't farm the ones inside caves ( I know that I can blacklist zones, but I don't want to do it in every zone, it would take a lot of time). I'm a druid so I don't take much time to get these nodes. If the option doesn't exist maybe ( if developpers want it of course) it could be added in the future. Thanks.
  18. 828 downloads

    this is a skinning leveling and sumptous fur farming spot where you can get 1-700 skinning in 2 hours and alot of sumptous fur
  19. When your farming or herbing what ever your doing I would like to get some idea's for making a pluging for Rare's NPC's for the bott to start attacking like the Tlpd or camel in uldum or many other's. Tell me what you would like to coming with this plug-in.
  20. Version Version # 1.1


    Townloong Steps Exotic Leather Farming Profile. *****MUST BE RAN IN GRINDER MODE**** You can Start this Profile In Townloong Steps at the Shadowpan Garrison. This Profile Contains, Mailbox , Vendor , Repair This Profile Will Skin, Mine, Herb Lots of Exotic Leather, Lots of Green Tea Leaf, Not ALOT for Mining *****Please Report back with any bugs, Stucks, With your log. That is the only way i can Fix any Profiles i create.***** THIS PROFILE IS NOT BROKEN! IF YOU RATE MY FILES LEAVE YOUR NAME AND CONTACT INFO SO I CAN REACH YOU TO TALK ABOUT THESE ISSUES YOUR HAVING THANKS! HAVE A NICE DAY ! NETWORKZ
  21. Hi guys i am just wondering if anyone has a profile for farming motes of harmony? Or a good location that i might set on up in. Thanks :)
  22. Version v1


    [Nova-H] Gatherer Pandaria Ce profile a été fait entièrement par l'équipe de Nova pour les utilisateurs du bot WRobot. Dans ce profile, vous y trouverez un chemin complet et sans blocage pour le farming de minerais. Information : Par : Nova Team Émulateur : WRobot Site Web : http://nova-wow.zz.mu/ Bot 100% AFK, explore toute la pandarie à la recherche de n'importe quel minerai (ectofer, trillium, kyparite). Le bot ne se stop jamais, uniquement par intervention du joueur. La mailbox est intégré ainsi que des vendeurs pour vendre vos objets. Conçu pour la Horde et non pour l'Alliance ! Environ 300-400 minerais en 1h & 2000-3000 minerais toutes les 10h English : This profile was made entirely by the team for Nova users WRobot bot. In this profile, you will find a full path without blocking for farming ore. Information : By : Nova Team Emulateur : WRobot Web Site : http://wrobot.eu/ Bot 100% AFK explores all Pandaria looking for any ore (ectofer trillium kyparite). The bot will never stop, only by action of the player. The mailbox is integrated and sellers to sell your items. Designed for the Horde not for the Alliance! 300-400 minerais in 1h & 2000-3000 minerais all 10h Suivez-nous : http://nova-wow.zz.mu/
  23. Version 1.0


    This is a path made for both Mining and herbalism. You will get higher levels via this, and a hefty bit of gold to boot! PLEASE SUPPORT ME BY SIGNING UP FOR POINTS2SHOP IF YOU LIKE MY PROFILES AND WANT MORE: http://www.points2shop.com?ref=uin1366427227
  24. Hi guys, I am looking to make a custom profile that will farm Sunsong Ranchfor me. I have seen this function in other bots and was wondering if it was possible with WRobot. Thanks for all your input...
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