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  1. yes i have been contantly having this problem for a full year of using wrobot now 😞 super annoying and almost impossible to minic that behaviour yourself so it screams bot 14 Oct 2020 14H08.log.html
  2. absolutely love your pally fight class, ive just come back from a 3 month break from wow and i updated the fightclass and ive noticed that is no longer buffers blessings of might nor does it swap into crusader when mounted.
  3. sorry if already a topic post i did try to look for one first. ive just come back from a 2-3 month break from wow and as my title says. when im using relogger and im running a couple bots im noticing that the bots behaviour is very janky and very bot like. also seems to miss buffs and proper food and drink times and also very slow. wrobot itself also crashing rapidly like sometimes i get couple mins but sometimes its every 30 seconds or so. is this a bug i did run the wrobot updater and thats kinda when things started to go bad. i cant update it further is there a way to fix this issue?
  4. i did both and it seems to successfully move to land, mountd and fly into the sky. tyvm😄
  5. in the logs he just gets stuck in this loop of being stuck in the water, going to run out then manages to run to the land but then seems to just turn back and run back into the water and spams jump just like a stuck bot would and it screams bot. sometimes it manages to get out if the herb spawns then it runs collects the herb and then mounts and away it goes but until that herb spawns he jumps in the water like a goose :S 11 Jun 2020 17H56.log.html
  6. ahh, yes i understand now. youve put this ip thing in to stop me just sharing it round and you not getting any money for your hard work. 🙂
  7. tested, doesnt work. seems to just endlessly try and spam rend getting an error saying already more powerful spell on that target when im fighting 1on1. never used overpower
  8. if i currently bot 10 shadow priests, do i just buy this once and i can use on all my bots at once?
  9. well there you go, thank you very much i knew it was case sensitive but when the form worked i jsut shrugged my shoulders haha! thats why youre the man! 😄 thanks again
  10. interested too, would love a human ret pvp fight class willing to pay $ specially if i can control the movements and it does the rotations. kinda like honnorbuddies raidbot they had once many many years ago
  11. they havent ip banned me and ive had 3 accounts banned in total 2 were at the same time whilst i have bots on in other areas ( the 2 were in the same area but different paths ect.
  12. hey when I bot herb on my druid after it successfully gathers the herb is pauses dismounts and then birdform flys away, screams bot. how do i make it just fly onto the next herb without dismounting? 18:12:36 - [Farming] Farm Tiger Lily > 5501.91 ; 5499.87 ; -99.9575 ; "None" 18:12:46 - [Farming] Farm successful 18:12:46 - [Mount] Dismount 18:12:46 - [Mount] Mounting fly mount flight form is the logs and there was no other mobs around no combat nothing and ever time dismouints and then remounts i have no plug ins for wrobot and ive tested multiple fight classes a
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