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  1. Quest type followPath. I need step [0] to do with c#
  2. I badly understand, write please full string the code like it: wManager.Wow.Class.QuestAction.Reset
  3. <QuestsSorted Action="Reset" NameClass="Step" /> How write it for C#? wManager.Wow.Class.QuestAction.Reset("Step")?
  4. hello, where can i find all functions or methods of GoToTask.ToPosition(!!!here!!!); ?
  5. Oh sure, i can use coordinate... Thanks!
  6. How to get information about where the location of party members if they are in different location? Party.GetParty().Where(o => o.Location == "A")?
  7. What does this feature do?* Party.GetPartyGUIDHomeAndInstance()
  8. how to save this list so all my bots can see it? //For example: string myNameIs = ObjectManager.Me.Name; List<string> nameOtherPlayer = new List<string>(){}; if (myNameIs == "Putin") { nameOtherPlayer.Add("Trump"); } //save the list in order to another chars can use the list //OR string myNameIs = ObjectManager.Me.Name; List<string> nameAllMyBots = new List<string>(){}; if (!nameAllMyBots.Contains(myNameIs)) { nameAllMyBots.Add(myNameIs); } quest type (overidepulsecsharpcode)? - yes.
  9. I create list string, charN1 add into the list some strings. How another char can use this list<string>? I use quester product. Quest type override pulse c# code
  10. bool need = true; wManager.Events.FightEvents.OnFightLoop += (unit, cancelable) => { if (ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitAttackables().Any(o => o.IsTargetingPartyMember) && need) { WoWUnit unitWhichAttackMyPartyMember = ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitAttackables().Where(o => o.IsTargetingPartyMember).FirstOrDefault(); if (unitWhichAttackMyPartyMember != null) { cancelable.Cancel = true; Interact.InteractGameObject(unitWhichAttackMyPartyMember.GetBaseAddress); Fight.StartFight(unitWhichAttackMyPartyMember.GetBaseAddress); } else need = false; } }; Write pls code how to force tank attack unit which Attack My Party Member. The code dont work
  11. arturn, nu 4to podelat, s volkami jit' po vol4'i vit'
  12. ohh, sure.. how check without target only in range?
  13. Hello, why bot dont see the unit when i use CreatureTypeTarget? Without CreatureTypeTarget work is good. Unit is 100% Humanoid. var unit = ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitAttackables() .Where(o => o.GetDistance < 6 && o.CreatureTypeTarget == "Humanoid" && o.IsAlive).OrderBy(o => o.GetDistance).FirstOrDefault();
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