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  1. How to check what a flight master is active in the list at the char? if (Taxi.TaxiList.Nodes.All(o => o.Name != "AAA")) { flyMasterEntry = 2941; flyMasterPosition = new Vector3(-6555, -1165, 310); nodeName = "AAA"; } The code only add in to data base of flight masters, but without mark of active.
  2. Any know how to get value of armor from item? In format like: Lua.LuaDoString<string>(" _, _, _, _, _, _, i = GetItemInfo(GetInventoryItemLink('player', 12)) return i")
  3. How to autoclear log files in folder of wrobot ?
  4. for ver wow 3.3.5 when char looted outland or northrend items Butler Absolutely wrong sees the stats of item and dont equip it, can you create PAID work fine plugin like it? Butler is very very bad
  5. Hello, i very need it for druid, becouse druid have 3 spec (rdd/mdd/heal). when i lvling i use mdd, but when i reach 80 lvl i use rdd, range 5 yards in FC, RDD constantly starting run to target... Do you can add a new function in FC editor for change of range? I dont want create clone of fight class with range 30 yards.
  6. How to get name of quest in Easy Quester Editor with C#? I need it for: Logging.Write(questName + "text");
  7. is have an easy method for create new acc with hide of data of browther?
  8. if i use in the GoogleChrome mode: incognito, it hide my data of the browther when i create new account?
  9. Get msg from wow chat like condition for FC spell. It is possible?
  10. If char dead in instance or jast teleport between continents every time wow error, please fix it, thanks for your job, it is really good plugin
  11. How do you think, admins check how many quests bot's done at a some lvl? (wow version: vanilla - BC - WoTLK)
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