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Pathfinder Z coordinate tolerance


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What is tolerance for Z coordinate inside pathfinder for each type of TypeArea ?

In my experiments POLYAREA_BIGDANGER has not infinite height of cylinder, so I forced to play with Z on Blackspots for make Pathfinder avoid it in mountains or oceans

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Can't understand why pathfinder goes through blacklisted by POLYAREA_BIGDANGER zones.

For sure Z tolerance I'm testing by folowing code:

bool result;
var path = PathFinder.FindPath(new Vector3(4674.098, 3099.332, 352.9073), out result);

var miniMapLandmarkName = "m";
if (path.Count > 0)
     wManager.Wow.Forms.UserControlMiniMap.LandmarksMiniMap.Add(path[0], miniMapLandmarkName, System.Drawing.Color.Aquamarine, 10, miniMapLandmarkName, true);
foreach (var vector3 in path)
    if (wManager.wManagerSetting.IsBlackListedZone(vector3))
    wManager.Wow.Forms.UserControlMiniMap.LandmarksMiniMap.Add(vector3, miniMapLandmarkName, System.Drawing.Color.Blue, 10, "", true);
    wManager.Wow.Forms.UserControlMiniMap.LandmarksMiniMap.Add(vector3, miniMapLandmarkName, System.Drawing.Color.Aquamarine, 10, "", true);

And i get image.png.95f438ff3d8722bbdea728e4d23e5c3f.png

Zone is too big to find 100% alternative path.

So what should I do to avoid blacklisted zone?

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In POLYAREA_BIGDANGER cost is 500 yards by yard.

If crossing the BigDanger zone has a lower total cost than going around it, the bot will cross the zone.

		m_filter->setAreaCost((int)PolyArea::POLYAREA_GROUND, 10.0f);
		m_filter->setAreaCost((int)PolyArea::POLYAREA_WATER, 120.0f);
		m_filter->setAreaCost((int)PolyArea::POLYAREA_ROAD, 1.0f);
		m_filter->setAreaCost((int)PolyArea::POLYAREA_DOOR, 1.0f);
		m_filter->setAreaCost((int)PolyArea::POLYAREA_GRASS, 20.0f);
		m_filter->setAreaCost((int)PolyArea::POLYAREA_JUMP, 15.0f);
		m_filter->setAreaCost((int)PolyArea::POLYAREA_DANGER, 40.0f);
		m_filter->setAreaCost((int)PolyArea::POLYAREA_BIGDANGER, 500.0f);

You can try to bypass the area (BigDanger area) with "ROAD" type.

By default, "Ground" type is used (with cost of 10)

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The fact that the zones overlap does not change anything.


1 - If to reach the destination, the character must do 50 yards in normal areas (ground) and 15 yards in bigdanger areas, then the total cost will be 50*10+15*500 = 8000
- If to reach the destination, the character must do 850 yards in normal areas (ground) (to  cross the bigdanger zones), then the total cost will be 850*10 = 8500

The bot will choose option 1 (less costs).

This system is not 100% reliable, especially if you are close (flight distance) to the destination


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Well it seems to be a good new feature - to test not just whether a coordinate belongs to an blacklisted areas as sum of all.

But new difficulty appears: path will more complex to avoid overlaps :-) So.. maybe add custom zone with overlayed AreaCost property in new versions?

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Is it possible to add a new type, "IMPOSSIBLE" or something, with cost 2000?
There are scenarios where going around is the only way. BigDanger is good as is. It shouldn't be changed.

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wManager.wManagerSetting.AddBlackListZone(new Vector3(3437.02344, -2807.998, 231.762161), 100, ContinentId.Northrend, RDManaged.RD.PolyArea.POLYAREA_BIGDANGER, true);
wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.AvoidBlacklistedZonesPathFinder = false;

bool result;
var path = PathFinder.FindPath(new Vector3(3215.589, -2845.045, 146.3819), new Vector3(3583.113, -2798.588, 175.9346), out result);

var m = "m";
wManager.Wow.Forms.UserControlMiniMap.LandmarksMiniMap.Add(path[0], m, System.Drawing.Color.Aquamarine, 10, m, true);
foreach (var vector3 in path)
    var color = wManager.wManagerSetting.IsBlackListedZone(vector3) ? System.Drawing.Color.Red : System.Drawing.Color.Aquamarine;
    wManager.Wow.Forms.UserControlMiniMap.LandmarksMiniMap.Add(vector3, m, color, 10, "", true);


@Droidz test it please, smth broke

Here is POLYAREA_AVOID result:


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