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  1. [Free] Vanilla 1-60 Horde

    This was originally created as a paid profile, but due to work and life I was never able to perfect it and clean up the various issues it had.
    I am posting this as I saw the Project Wholesome thing, and I wanted to at least contribute since I have been away for quite some time.
    This is certainly not as high quality as other PAID options out there, and I fully recommend purchasing those options for a complete and viable solution.
    I would recommend starting from Durotar with this profile.
    I have not touched the files in a year, nor have I had a chance to see if they are still able to run.
    They were originally using auto-updater along with encryption, so there could be an issue with it trying to pull a version that may not exist.
    If there is an issue you can remove the updater line at the beginning of the file.
    Please let me know if there are problems and I will get it back in a running state.


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  2. [FREE] [PVE] 1-40 Enraged Frost Mage Vanilla

    Hey guys, 
    This is a simple fight class that I started working on to get used to WRobot libraries and systems before I start making more feature rich classes.
    The point of creating this when other great ones exists (Matenia's Vanilla Frost Mage), was to include feature options and test my limits.
    If the reception is good on this free demo class, I may produce a few more, or devote more time and create high quality paid classes.
    This has been tested to 40, at which point it will still function, but will not add new mana gems or NEW abilities learned (New ranks should still be fine) to its arsenal.
    I have to thank Matenia's Vanilla Frost Mage profile for the inspiration, and highly recommend his if you are looking for a fully functional quality paid profile.
    ** If using HMP or other plugins that manage Food/Water, you will need to disable the Food/Water options in those plugins for conjured food/water to be used and updated automatically**
    Frost Mage basic casting Customizable Rotation options Fire Blast on CD Scorch on target Low HP Counterspell on spellcast Able to use wands (*Still testing stability) Uses racial passives when applicable (Current: Undead / Troll ) Uses latest Armor Types (Frost / Ice) Move's skills required to Action Bars (Two Right Bars & Bottom Right Bar) Move's new skills to Action Bars as you train them (*Still testing stability) (Checks every 15 min for update) Frost Nova and Kite Blink Kite with Nova if enabled Mana Shield on hp loss Create latest Food/Water/Gem if enabled Automatically will update General Settings to use Food/Water/Gem TODO:
    Make Ice Block optional Make Mana Shield optional Improve Kite pathing Add Sheep feature Add AOE features Update Action Bars to reflect Spell Rank being used Add Potion use in addition to current Mana Gem usage Include spells for 40-beyond Include option for additional Talent/Specs  
    Thanks for testing it out, and let me know what problems you encounter so I can improve upon this!


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  3. [FREE][PVE] 1-40 Enraged Warrior Vanilla

    Hey guys, 
    This is an extremely simple leveling Arms Warrior fight class that I am posting as it was requested.
    I did not spend much time on this one, and will likely post a much more updated version in the near future.
    It was tested and used to mid 40's, so it won't use new abilities although it still should function decent beyond that.
    This will move abilities needed to Right action bars if not present.
    Arms Warrior basic routine (Stays in Battle Stance) Uses Blood Fury (Orc) or War Stomp (Tauren) situationally Ability to pull with Charge Bloodrage opener/refresh Maintains Rend / Demoralizing shout debuff Maintains Battleshout buff Overpower on dodge Choose between primary rage spender (Heroic, Slam, Mortal) AOE situational usage of Sweeping strikes, Cleave, Retaliation, Thunder clap Demoralizing Shout in emergency conditions (Cooldowns of AOE / low HP) Execute on less than 20% Adds abilities to action bars when trained as needed [Right two Action Bars] TODO:
    Implement Range Pulling option Allow Multi-spec options (Fury or Arms) More situational AOE (Berserk WW) Better Rotation /Sit build for maintaining crit buff if spec'd Again, this is a very quickly thrown together version. It may not be pretty, but it should hold you over until the real one is released.


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  4. [FREE] Enraged OmniBot

    Hello all!
    New Information 4/9/2018
    The plugin has been completely rebuilt from the ground up.
    I am not including an updated version of the plugin directly on the site at this time.
    Reason - There are some new features in the current Settings section that may cause unexpected results to users changing without knowledge of what they do.
    I will continue to update the changelog here when I can, but I will be logging changes in more detail directly in my discord channel.
    If you are interested in testing the current updated Alpha version please refer to the link below, and send me a private message, I will get to you ASAP.
    Discord Channel
    Resize Ability

    New Settings section

    I am uploading a plugin with hopes that some people can try it out and tell me what they think, as well as test for errors/bugs.
    This plugin was and is being designed for Arcangelo's quester profiles (IN VANILLA), but will also work outside of vanilla.
    This is a very early version of the plugin, with less than a weeks worth of work put into it, so please be reasonable :D
    Currently this will close(the window, not your bot) after 2 hours of use for testing purposes.
    Current features of this product:
    Introduce a new more user friendly UI for navigation Allow you to gather more information with a glimpse at current status of running bot Color changes on certain events (Low HP, Close to Level, Death) Shrink window so minimum room is taken up to monitor Load profiles directly from plugin (Select step/quest is currently disabled) Start/Stop bot Track/Reset Statistics Quickly set up General settings from a preloaded list This product is going to be continuously developed until it meets all of the following:
    Remote API for control from Web/Mobile platforms Expand to beyond Vanilla Addition color changes such as (Whisper, Teleport, Low xp/hr) Monitor/control multiple bots in one interface Able to search and select quests from all profiles in your (Quester) directory Track completed quests and organize "steps" Manage plugins  Allow users to quickly preload and edit lists of settings, or even download other users recommended settings More tools such as (Travel to town, Travel to Bank, Travel to Trainer, Travel to City, Travel to Dungeon) Depending on traction, I may expand beyond Quester profiles Current known issues:
    Color format upon death is incorrect Pause bot not functioning correctly Fightclass/Plugins/Tools disabled Allow profile to save General Settings && Skip Pickup quest timer not saving settings in certain scenarios Logging is limited to General at the moment (no debug,etc) Must go to plugins->settings to open Thank you for taking the time to test out this plugin, and I hope to provide you with regular updates


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