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  1. Hello, i have problem - sometimes after dead i dont see body and Spirit Healer on the map. When this happens my bot just cant ressurect - he just dont move. log: ... 19:34:02.301 - [Resurrect] Player dead 19:34:09.467 - [Resurrect] Player dead 19:34:16.632 - [Resurrect] Player dead ... Do anyone know how to fix this?
  2. Floood0

    How to log GM messages

    Hello, how we can log GM messages, i dont see this messages in wrobot chat window? UPD I mean global GM messages, this red strings that says " Hello word, acc ****** banned " (On 243 warmane)
  3. Floood0

    [TBC] Memory leak?

    So, what we should do now? Botting with 3 bot or writting addon what will restart wow every 30 min?
  4. Floood0

    [TBC] Memory leak?

  5. Floood0

    Wrobot CPU usage depend on ... ?

    Yep, i saw, sadly but closing wow every time when CPU usage is high does not seems like good solution, but thanks, now i at least know where is problem.
  6. Floood0

    Wrobot CPU usage depend on ... ?

    Yep, i use HMP. PS as i said, in this situation only WoW client relaunch helps
  7. Floood0

    Wrobot CPU usage depend on ... ?

    I tryed this without plugins. Actually i had 15% in storm with pure Wrobot client and 0,7% with Wrobot + Plugins, so this is very weird. nice ...
  8. Hi everyone, i made some tests with CPU usage of Wrobot, and found what CPU usage depends on where charster was duruing that session. Let me explain myself. We will take 3 points: Stormwind, starting point of humans, and point somewhere in evelyn forest. When i start boting in Stormwind i have 10-15% of CPU usage with my bot When i start boting in starting point of humans i have 4-8% of CPU usage with my bot When i start boting in point somewhere in evelyn forest i have fucking 0,7% of CPU usage with my bot If i i start in point somethere in evelyn forest and will go in Stormwind my CPU usage will increase to 10-15%, and when i will back to point somewhere in evelyn forest CPU usage still will be in 10-15%. I dont know why. I dont know why 2 Wrobot processes with same options, fight class, level, location in same time can use 3% of CPU and 20% of CPU and doing same things. Also, looks like just relaucnh of Wrobot dont helps, reloading of wow needed to reduce this effect. UPD: Verion of client TBC
  9. Floood0

    Run in specific time (schedule)

    This will work if I have only one time group, but I have few time groups (About 5) - 1 (Start in 2:00 end at 1:30) 2 (Start in 10:00 end at 9:30) and etc. So this will not work.
  10. Floood0

    Relogger error

    Hi, have Relogger error [E] 22:32:47 - MainWindow > MainWindow(): System.NullReferenceException: Ссылка на объект не указывает на экземпляр объекта. в Relogger.MainWindow..ctor() google translite - "A reference to an object is not on an instance of the object."
  11. Floood0

    Run in specific time (schedule)

    Probably adding something like "Goto" task is the easiest solution. i mean 1) 2 hours wait2) 23.5 hour to work3) 30 min wait 4) Goto step 2
  12. Floood0

    Run in specific time (schedule)

    Hello, now this is impossible to run wow on schedule. For example, I want to run wow from 8:00 am to 6:00 am. You can say what we can do it with "wait" but in work not always. For example now is 18:00 (6:00 pm) I wanna to run wow from 20:00 (8:00 pm) to 19:30 (7:30 pm) (23,5 hours in a row). I will set 1) 2 hours wait 2) 23.5 hour to work 3) And there I should set 30 min wait but... But it will repeat from first row - "1) 2 hours wait", so my cycle will be 23.5+0.5+2=26 hours. So I just can't set to reloger work on schedule. We can set 3) as - 90 min (Minus 90 min) but ofc this will not work.
  13. Floood0

    Profession helper

    DE fork only when looting, not very usefull for charsters who in sity 24/7