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  1. Hi, i´ve downloaded the bot again 2day. all ttols needed (like net framework etc. ) r installed. when i start the updater i can´t see anything within the window which openes. its just black. any ideas ?
  2. in my case it works good. thx 4 this profile pack
  3. Version 1.0.0


    For an English description scroll down 😉 Hi zusammen, ich habe ein einfaches Kräuterkunde Profil erstellt auf Seite der Allianz. Ort: Azurmythosinsel Skill: 1-125 Einstellungen im Bot: Radius zwischen 300 - 500 setzen. Mob´s looten sollte man auf aus stellen, sofern keine großen Taschen vorhanden sind. Attack b4 attacked sollte man auf on stellen. Derzeit ist noch kein Kräuterkundelehrer inbegriffen kommt aber noch. English: Hi everyone, I've created a simple herbalism profile on page of the alliance. Location: Azuremyst Isle Skill: 1-125 Settings in the bot: Set the radius between 300 - 500. Mob's loot should be put on out, if no large pockets are present. Attack b4 attacked should be set to on. At the moment, no herbalist teacher is included but is still coming.
  4. Hi, schau mal welche Version Dein Client hat, also ob 64bit oder 32bit, das war mein Problem. Der Bot läuft nur mit 32bit Clients LG
  5. Hi, sorry it was my failure. i´ve signet the foldernames wrong. i did a misstake with 32 & 64 bit. now when i choose the right one, all works great. sorry
  6. Hi, i know and i´ve testet out with my other Clients, but still the same. I try a complete reinstall of Pandaraia & Lgeion. regards
  7. Hi, here r 2 screenshots regards
  8. hi, sure i can. but i cant get a log from inside the bot, cause the bot tells me game version incorrect. maybe u can use the generatet file but there r no errors. iam using the right version of legion and pandaria, but when i try to start the bot tells me incorrect gameversion 18 Aug 2018 14H55 - ODsycew.log.html 18 Aug 2018 14H55.log.html
  9. Hi @all, i´ve started the Legion Bot, 1st alle updates installed. My Gameversion is 26972, but when i start the the bot, it tells me wrong version 13692 ? whats wrong? regards
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