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  1. long time ago since i run it last time. normaly u should have lvl 8-9 when leaving start area, u must have been unlucky with mobxp.
  2. ts grinding cuz it needs to find qitem. try to disable flymaster atall, should be an interfaceoption. (if no solution u can run manual to central village in delsolace and start running bot again) as described, flying will be buggy at some point (till 60). buy mount and disable flydmaster. try not to interrupt bot in desolace, its not running well. any other problems so far with profiles?
  3. Version 1.0.0


    A Quester i did for WarmaneOutland(3x) Download files, select fc and run them. BOT IS DOING QUEST till level 60! no grinder! Bugs!! there are some. at some point bot wont use flightmaster anymore(i'd recommend turn off use trainer and do it manual) and also Desolace got some mapping problems. if u like it mb ill upload 60-70 ;)
  4. Hello. Im running a TBC Bot, reinstallt moments befor and Bot Quest Profil and also Battlegrounder wont work, because of pathfinder. Bot was running hole day, since 2 hours around it stopd working. Log attached. Thanks :) 5 Nov 2017 22H52.log.html
  5. Same problem. Tbc Version. No Addons. Bot dont drown when just follwing path (on his way to something) but will die to drowning when doing grinder underwater.
  6. ty 4 response let bot discover fm crossroads set him to og and started profile. 1 Sep 2017 13H09.log.html
  7. where i find" continent id " for taxidb ?
  8. same problem here. im looking for solution since then. here are some facts u may wanna check: -wrobot, main quester - product settings "easy profiles creator". In creator u go tools "helper tools". target Flightmaster ingame, then in creator "target npc info" then u go wrobot-tools-taxi database here u can campare values now with each FM if u use npc in profile u want to travel to. u wanna check if bot is able to fly to them. -go to "easy profiles creator" - load your profile- tools- "npc quest giver editor"/ Vendor....
  9. creating my own questprofil. recognizing bot wont use flightmasters anymore, even in profiles he was using. taxi db is reset and he discovers fm on his owm, but he wont use flightmaster and wont add them to taxi db. no profile is using them...
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