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  1. nfx

    Mesh Issue BC 2.4.3

    Its for ground mounts. I have a lot of stuck issues in Shattrath. Not the only point.
  2. nfx

    Mesh Issue BC 2.4.3

    [N] 09:26:32 - [MovementManager] Report navmesh poly to avoid it [N] 09:26:32 - [Path-Finding] FindPath from -2300,425 ; 5483,063 ; 11,89418 ; "None" to -2183,15 ; 5544,87 ; 64,07245 ; "Flying" (Expansion01) Bot will stuck and get 99% banned
  3. I have the same issue on rogue. It seems that the combat routine is always starting to attack. This makes Sap -> Pickpocket kinda challenging.
  4. I deleted all combat code. I have an empty working template now. However i encountered alrdy issues with stealth, seems some spells not working fine in vanilla or im doing it wrong empty template.cs
  5. Is the this: Another C# Fight Class structure: ( http://pastebin.com/krBv3QCD ) still usable? Because i tried to use it and it shows: [E] 11:44:51 - Fight Class Loading error. What is the best way to debug a fightclass?
  6. Hi all, i cant get pickpocket to work. It will not get looted. Any solution to this? Kind regards, nfx
  7. i have the same issue. It seems to reload ui every minute. So the bot freezes for 5-10 sec.
  8. additionally the quest is repeatable... als long as you dont have a candle in the inventar... item 3080 even if turn in would work the bot will always try to accept it again.
  9. Doesnt work, there is no pickup step or something. I use pickup but in the pickup step it has to be turned in.
  10. Hallo, i notices following issue: I have an Object that i have to rightclick (interact with) and complete a quest directly after interacting. http://db.vanillagaming.org/?quest=431 How can i do it?
  11. Hallo, i am trying to force the bot to run on the road between two quest givers. How can i do it? In Vanilla the best way is often the way the bot dies over and over again.
  12. Hallo, im wondering a bit. The bot always runs from Ashenvale to the Barrens instead of taking the flightmaster. "Use Flight Master" is enabled. I can start it right beside the flightmaster and it starts running a retarded way. Same happens also when inside the same zone. Crossroads to Camp Taurajo as example. Any ideas why?
  13. Hi, i cant either use "Lua(return value in 'ret') nor Player/Target Buffs/Debuss. Also Me/Target Position also not working
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