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  1. Any Updates for the rewrite progress ? Still waiting for it then gonna buy it
  2. I dont think the AI logic for the pulling code is the CC
  3. I mean come on its garbage... some examples 1. Bot needs to repair no problem lets run trough all mobs ignore all blackspots etc... 2. Pulling by far is the worst, he simply ignore all mobs in front of him to pull mobs further away
    Great profile, best I've tried so far for 60 to 70. Bambo is also very fast in fixing Bugs. So far i made it to 66 without any trouble.
  4. Server crashed... so ofc the relogger wont work then
  5. catrix555

    Fight class Settins Startet nicht

    Fight Class einfach Kaputt.... musst dir schon eine kaufen die auch aktuell ist.
  6. Then report the Error to get it fixed....
  7. Tested with a Level 14 Druid... not changing into bear form after pulling at all
  8. catrix555

    wow retail + wrobot

    no its safe to use
  9. catrix555

    warmane icecrown ban is getting serious

    Fuck warmane... its a shitty p2w Server with bad scripting